How to do French nail art?

Are you tired of waiting at the beauty salon just to get your French nails done? Good news – you can achieve that salon-quality French nail art at home! With a little patience and a few simple tools, you can create the classic pink or beige base with a crisp white tip, featuring a squared nail shape for that straightforward look. Spice it up by adding gold glitter on the ring finger and a classy golden line across the others. Want to know how to do French nail art effortlessly? This article will guide you through the process, ensuring a quick and tidy result. Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary items ready for a smooth nail-painting experience.


  • Nailing Filer
  • Remover of nail polish
  • Nail Polish in White
  • Nail Polish in Light Pink
  • Silver nail polish with transparent glitter
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Q-tips or Cotton Buds
  • The cotton balls


  • Use a cotton ball to remove all of the nail polish from your fingers after dipping it in nail polish remover.
  • Apply the desired shape to your nails using a nail filer.
  • As soon as you have finished filing your nails and removing the nail polish, start putting the white nail polish onto the tips of your nails. Let it dry for a while after applying it to all of your fingers.
  • You need not worry if your strokes are not flawless since we will smooth them out using a Q-tip. You only need to dip a Q-tip or cotton bud into a small amount of nail paint remover in a cup.
  • Apply it now to your nails’ tips to clean up any extra white paint.
  • Apply the light pink nail polish now to each of your nails, then wait for it to dry.
  • After drying, tidy the ends once more with a Q-tip dampened with nail paint remover.
  • As a last step, paint a thin layer of transparent nail polish as a top coat over each of your fingers’ nails, working your way up to the tip.
  • Your French nails are virtually finished at this point.
  • Applying a glitter line beneath the white coloured stroke will add some shine to your nails and give them a slightly more elegant appearance.
  • You may create any desired French nail art design with this straightforward method.

How to do French nail art?

Here are some other French nail art/manicure ideas:

 Gel Manicure

Right now, Gel Manicure Girls are suckers for this. This nearly permanent manicure is done before a wedding or vacation. This involves painting your nails with a specific nail polish in the colour of your choice, followed by UV light curing. It is permanently sealed by this technique. You will need to return to your nail salon for the removal or reapplication. It is indeed lasting.

Nail Art In 3d

A true lover of manicured nails and a skilled nail technician are needed for this craft. This is the most intricate and pricey type of nail design, and only a true nail artist can pull it off. The options include butterflies, flowers, bow ties, hearts, and more. It resembles having a work of art painted on your nails.

Stunning Manicures

Here, you’re free to be creative with your nails and express yourself. You have all the tools and resources necessary to put your wild nail ideas into action. Just let your thoughts wander. You may choose how glittering you want your manicure to be, so don’t worry. It is manageable. Some nail professionals only use glitter on the edges, while others paint the entire nail glitter, or give it a half-glitter, half-matte look. You are in control. Here are some straightforward glitter manicures.

  • Paint your nails in two colours, half of which should be a glittery colour.
  • Apply a coat of glitter nail polish to your nails once they have dried, then wait for them to fully cure. This manicure is fairly simple to do and can be carried out effortlessly at home as well.

How to do French nail art?

Glitter Manicure

You still enjoy glitter as much as you did in school. Next, apply it to your nails. This glitter manicure, which is also quite simple and gives nails a polished appearance, only needs some glitter and a light nail colour for the foundation and shiner on top. Simply paint your nails white for Christmas and decorate the top with green and red glitter. Halloween calls for some sprinklers in the shape of stars and a dead black nail polish. You can adorn the stars however and anywhere you choose.

  • Apply your base coat first, then your nail polish.
  • Before the nail paint dries, quickly sprinkle the confetti on top of your nails.
  • Put the last shiner oat after letting it fully settle.

Dress-Matching Nail Manicure

If your dress has multiple colours and you want your nails to mirror that, then paint your nails in contrasting tones from your dress. Apply the primary colour to all but one of your nails on both hands. Then apply the colour that draws attention to your attire and watch as your manicure and apparel both shine. You have arrived stylishly.

Stripes Manicure

This type of manicure can be done in a variety of ways. You can create the stripes glitter manicure with tapes, paper, etc. Here, you may also have a lot of fun with colours. Select two or three, or give each stripe a unique colour. Everything hinges on you. If you’re planning a theme party, without a doubt, get a manicure. Color your nails in various pink stripes with one or two glitter stripes if you’re attending a candy stripes party. It’s best to leave this to licenced nail technicians. A skilled artist is needed to achieve the perfect stripes manicure. If not done correctly, it might at the very least make your nails appear unclean. So don’t be afraid to visit the local manicure salon and acquire the glamorous, lovely nails of your desires.

How to do French nail art?

Artificial Nails

These days, pre-made, painted nails are available with glue. Once they are correctly adhered to your nails, you apply them and feel like a nail specialist. They are also incredibly simple to take off. Simply use a sponge and warm water to carefully pull out the glue from between your genuine nails and artificial ones. Around the world, they come in hundreds of different designs.

The manicures or nail art mentioned above are just a handful of the most popular and readily available ones. The list is not all-inclusive and might continue forever. Make an appointment at your preferred nail salon or spa and let your creativity run the show.

How to do French tip nail

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