How to do your eyeliner according to your eye shape?

Applying eyeliner effectively might also depend on the position, width, and other characteristics of your eye in addition to utilising the appropriate colors and maintaining control of your hands. Knowing these features will make it easier for you to select the right products and create the ideal lines to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. You simply cannot beat eyeliner. It is a common component of makeup procedures and serves as the ideal finishing touch for eyeshadow looks, but it may also stand alone and be worn with volumizing mascara. There is no one solution that works for all eye shapes when it comes to eyeliner. While there isn’t a shape or eyeliner style that won’t look good on you, sometimes working with what you already have is the greatest way to improve your eye appearance. Continue reading to learn how to do your eyeliner according to your eye shape.

How to do your eyeliner according to your eye shape

How to check the shape of your eyes:

Almond-shaped eyes: Almond-shaped eyes often have a smaller upper eyelid, are wider than they are long, and have a slight upward curve at the corners.

Round Eyes: Check your crease in the mirror to see whether you have round eyes. You will always be able to see your crease if you have round eyes.

Monolid Eyes: If there is little to no crease where your eyelids meet the skin beneath your brows, you likely have monolid eyelids.

Inverted Eyes: Your eye shape will be determined mostly by the mirror. If your outer-corner is pointing downward when you gaze in the mirror at your eyes, you have down-turned eyes.

Hooded Eyes: In order to conceal more of the moving eyelid, hooded eyes often appear as a little flap of skin under each brow.

How to do your eyeliner according to your eye shape

Eye Liner for every Eye Shape

Almond-Eyed Eyeliner

This eye form resembles an almond. This indicates that your eyes have a small lift and are nearly symmetrical. The most preferred eye shape is this one because you can experiment with numerous styles. The cat eye and winged liner, which range from dramatic to subtle, are the finest two eyeliner designs for this eye shape.

In the inner corner of the eye, both styles use delicate lines. As you go closer to the outer corner of the eye, the line gradually becomes thicker. Avoid using heavy eyeliner along the waterline if you have almond-shaped eyes because it can shut the eyes and make them appear smaller.

Eyeliner for Round Eyes

Large, bright eyes with a round shape. With eyeliner, you can improve or even alter the contour of your round eyes. The key is to bring attention to the area around the outside of the eyes, whether you use liquid eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil. Create the appearance of almond-shaped eyes by beginning with a line one third from the outside corner of the eye and tracing it just past the corner into a flick.

If you have rounder eyes, you should elongate them by drawing eyeliner past the tear duct and using a light-hued eyeshadow or white eyeliner to open up that area. Your eyes can also stand out if you use a winged eyeliner with a thick base that runs the full length of your lash line. Maintain a thin, crisp wing for a retro-glam appearance. Using a gel eyeliner will give you more time to play around before it totally dries.

Eyeliner for Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are those with a single eyelid without a distinct crease. A bold eyeliner is the greatest look when it comes to the monolid eye shape. Make a faint smokey eye by outlining your top lid with an eyeliner pencil and smudging it upwards. Applying eyeliner from the inside corner and extending the wing form upwardly is a crucial tip. When it comes to eyeliner, the thicker, the better for the monolid eye form.

Inverted Eyeliner

Down-turned eyes indicate that the outer corner of the eye is slightly lower than the inner corner. The goal of using eyeliner on downturned eyes is to elevate the eyes. You may accomplish this by adding a 45-degree flick at the end of your lash line. Simply draw a thin line from the inner corner to the middle of the eye, gradually thickening as you reach the outer corner. Use the outer corner of your eye and the end of your brow as a guide to establish the length of your flick.

Hooded Eyeliner

The goal with hooded eyes is to open them up and draw attention to the outer corners. Draw a narrow line one-third the way into your eye, then add a thick vertical wing to the outer corner. To have better control over hooded eyelids, use a fast-drying eyeliner with a precision tip.


Everyone’s eyes are asymmetrical, although some of us have more obvious asymmetry than others. If you want to try to make your eyes look more similar in shape and size, eyeliner is a terrific technique. To create the illusion of width, simply apply a heavier liner to the outer portion of your smaller eye.


To generate more distance between your eyes if you have a close-set eye, keep the inner side of your eyelid clean. Start with a tiny line in the middle and work your way outwards, staying close to the lashes. Give it a tiny flick, but not too much. Make it more intriguing by using a lot of mascara on the outer lashes.


A wide-set eye requires the same strategy as a huge eye shape. By putting a dark colour along the lash line and in the waterline, you can close in on part of the gap. Begin by drawing the eyeliner across and out from the tear duct, raising it with a good flick at the edge. Apply the same technique to the lower lash line and smear it with a cotton bud before it dries. Not many eyes can get away with what you can, so apply with zeal and have fun!

How to do your eyeliner according to your eye shape

All Eye Shape

There are several eyeliner alternatives for all eye shapes. If youre basic skills with an eye pencil or eyeliner brush may use some work (for example, getting the line straight), try the connect-the-dots method or smearing the liner out for a smokey shadow look. Dot the liner as near to your lash line as possible, then blend the dots together to form a single smooth stroke. This approach will produce a straight line regardless of your eye shape.

Some eyeliner designs to try based on your eye shape! Always remember that comfort comes first, but never be afraid to experiment with your appearance. Who knows, you might just find a look you want to keep for the rest of your life. Best wishes!

How to do perfect eyeliner look for every eye shape

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