How to do perfect eyeliner look for every eye shape?

Eye liner is one of the most difficult makeup components to master. If done incorrectly, it can utterly ruin your appearance. You must be aware of the best eyeliner for your eyes because it is essential to the overall look. Eyeliner is not a standard component of makeup. It can also shapeshift your eyes, giving the impression that they are bigger, more elevated, wider, or rounder. It can change your appearance from subtle to dramatic. Additionally, not all eye shapes are the same, just like skin tone and hair type. There are several application methods and products depending on whether your eyes are almond-shaped, monolid, round or hooded and accessories to best highlight them. We will explain which style is best for you today because not every look is for everyone. Continue reading to discover how to do perfect eyeliner look for every eye shape.

How to do perfect eyeliner look for every eye shape?


Almond-shaped eyes: Almond-shaped eyes often have a smaller upper eyelid, are wider than they are long, and have a slight upward curve at the corners.

Round Eyes: Check your crease in the mirror to see whether you have round eyes. You will always be able to see your crease if you have round eyes.

Monolid Eyes: If your eyelids don’t form much of a crease with the skin beneath your brows, you probably have monolid eyelids.

Downturned Eyes: The mirror will be an important aid in determining your eye form. If your outer-corner is pointing downward when you gaze in the mirror at your eyes, you have down-turned eyes.

Hooded Eyes: In order to conceal more of the moving eyelid, hooded eyes often appear as a little flap of skin under each brow.

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1- The perfect eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes

Round eyes can frequently overpower almond eyes. So how can you tell whether your body is an almond shape? Check your irises. You have an almond shape if your lids can be slightly incorporated around the top and bottom edges. While almost any eyeliner style will make your eyes look beautiful, you may emphasise their almond shape by starting with a very thin line at the inner corners and increasing the thickness as you get closer to the outer corners.

2- The perfect eyeliner for Hooded-shaped eyes

Monolids and hooded eyes are not the same thing. In actuality, a monolid is the exact opposite of a hooded eye form because a lid is a gift. It simply droops or drapes over the eye’s natural crease, making it challenging to see your crease. It’s more difficult to see thin eyeliner when you have hooded eyelids. This implies that a strong, thick wing will give your eye new definition.

3- The perfect eyeliner for Downturned-shaped eyes

The meaning of downturned eyes should be rather obvious. They adopt an almond-like shape, but in the corners they dip or hunch.

Start the line much higher than you anticipate; try leaning back and drawing a 45-tiered line from the centre of concentration outward and toward the temple. Your eyes will appear open and elevated with just a little upward flick of the liner at the outermost corner.

4- The perfect eyeliner for Round-shaped eyes

If you have round eyes, your eyes are equally curled on the upper and lower lids, giving you a naturally large-eyed appearance. Additionally, while looking straight ahead, you can see the whites of your eyes all the way around your iris.

5- The perfect eyeliner for Small-shaped eyes

Your little eyes can look bigger with a simple trick. Use a white or nude liner to cover your waterline. Avoid using black along your waterline since it will make your eyes look even smaller. Then, lightly draw a winged line coming in from the outside corner.

6- The perfect eyeliner for Monolids-shaped eyes

If you have a monolid, you should draw the liner all the way out, almost to the eyebrow. Don’t forget to give the wing a good flip as well! This will give your eyes the most definition and contour. You may make this as thick as you wish or even apply it in a colour other than black as you can’t see much of the eyelid.

7- The perfect eyeliner for Large-shaped eyes

Eyeliner can be utilised to subtly alter the shape and emphasise the appearance of large, round eyes. Keep the thickness consistent as you line the upper lid. Cut the liner off at the end of your lash line to avoid going too far. To brighten the colour of your eye while also enhancing its intensity, line the top and lower waterlines of your eyes with a soft pencil.

8- The perfect eyeliner for Turned-Up shaped eyes

What eye shape does not have a downturned, somewhat drooping appearance? A little elevated and rotated. The eyes appear to be somewhat slanted because the corners of the eyes draw upward.

While almond-shaped eyes are comparable to upturned eyes, your bottom lid stands out more than your top lid. You may do this by putting a thinner line at the outer corner after lining the upper and lower lash lines, then smudging it just a little with a smudger. By adding some colour and definition to the lower lash line, you can accentuate your tilted eyes. Enjoy yourself by buffing out a vibrant neon colour down the bottom lash line.

9- The perfect eyeliner for Deep-Set shaped eyes

The finest eyeliner for a deep-set eye is one that starts on the outer area. You don’t want to use anything too black or thick on the centre of the lid and lash line. Start dragging the liquid liner outwards from the highest point of your eye’s curve. Just as your lashes start, stop applying the liner. When the eye is meant to expand and lift, a liner that is excessively lengthy will drag the eye down.

10- The perfect eyeliner for Asymmetrical-shaped eyes

All eyes are asymmetrical but for some of us, it’s more obvious than for others. Eyeliner is a fantastic tool if you want to try to make your eyes more similar in size and shape. For instance, to give the appearance of a wider eye, simply use more liner on the outer part of your smaller eye.

11- The perfect eyeliner for Wide-Set shaped eyes

Similar strategies are needed for wide-set eyes as they are for large eye shapes. Using a dark colour in the waterline and along the lash line will help you fill in some of the area. Pull the eyeliner across and out, starting directly at the tear duct, raising it with a sharp flick at the edge. The similar procedure should be followed below the eyes. Line it closely along the lash line and smear it with a cotton ball before it dries. Few eyes can pull off what you can, so apply vigorously and have fun with it!

How to do perfect eyeliner look for every eye shape?

Every Eye Shape

For eyeliner, there are countless variations to suit various eye shapes. Try the connect-the-dots technique or smearing the liner out for a smokey shadow appearance if your fundamental eye pencil or eyeliner brush abilities may use some development. To produce one smooth stroke, simply connect the liner’s dots to your lash line as closely as you can. Regardless of the form of your eyes, this approach will produce a straight line.

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