Nail clippers occasionally break while in use, which can be annoying. But it’s simple to rejoin the handle and assemble your nail clippers once again. You can disassemble your nail clippers and sharpen the blades if they are dull. Cleaning your nail clippers while you are repairing them may be a good idea to get rid of any bacteria that might be stuck on the blades. Continue reading to learn how to fix nail clippers.

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Method 1: Reassembly of the Clipper Handle

Put the pin in

Your nail clippers’ handle is held in place by a pin or rod-like component, allowing you to clip your nails. Find the hole next to the clipper blades, then find the pin. Take the pin and place it into the opening. Ensure that the pin’s notch is on the clippers’ upper side. Your thumb should be used to press on the pin from behind the clippers, keeping it in position.

Push the clippers firmly

Next, while maintaining hold of the pin, squeeze the clipper blades together with your thumb and forefinger. By doing so, you’ll be able to rejoin the handle and reveal more of the pin’s notched area.

If you have trouble applying enough pressure to bring the blades together, you might require assistance or to use a vice to force the blades together.

Attach the pin’s handle end by threading it

Find the opening on the end of your handle by looking at it. The notch in the pin is connected to this aperture. Take your handle’s open end and thread it through the pin’s notch. Once you’ve finished, you can let go of the pin. Due to the tension produced by the two opposing blades, the handle should remain in place.

Reverse the handle’s direction

Your clippers ought to work better once you’ve changed the handle. If you want to clip your nails, flip the handle up and over the pin. If you want to close and store the clippers, twist the handle around. You should be able to use your clippers once more.

Method 2: Polishing nail clippers

Disassemble the clippers

You must disassemble your nail clippers before you can sharpen them. Use your thumb and index finger to tightly squeeze the clipper blades. The handle should now be removed from the pin’s notch after being flipped around to the front of the blades.  While you sharpen the clipper blades, put the pin and handle aside.

Combine the blades’ squeezes

Squeeze the two blades of the clippers together by placing your thumb and index finger close to the point where the two blades meet. While sharpening, keep the blades together and continue to squeeze. If you find it challenging, try holding the clippers in place while you sharpen them using a vice.

Refine the blades

If the blades are curved, you can use a dowel covered with sandpaper to sharpen them. If the blades are flat, a sharpening stone can be used. To sharpen the clipper blades, move them back and forth along the sandpaper or sharpening stone. To make sure they are sharp, repeat this for a while.

Reassemble the clippers

You can assemble the clippers once you have done sharpening the blades. Reposition the pin through the opening, and then slide the handle’s open end into the pin’s notch. Utilize your freshly sharpened clippers by rotating the handle.

Method 3: Cleaning Nail Clippers

Disassemble the clippers

Some people are unaware that nail clippers may be disassembled, although it is very simple to do so. You must squeeze the blades together in order to disassemble the clippers. Pull the handle away from the pin after flipping it up and over to the front of the blades. When you let go of the handle, the pin ought to come out immediately. Discard the handle and the pin.

Clean your clippers

To clean the clippers, wash them with soapy water and scrub them with a manicure or nail brush. After using the clippers, rinse and dry every component.

Alternately, place the clippers under warm running water and wash the blades, pin, and handle with a little dish soap using an old toothbrush.

Use a cotton swab to apply rubbing alcohol

You only need a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean your nail clippers. Dip a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol before using it. You can try using vinegar or alcohol-based mouthwash if you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand.

Clean the clippers’ whole surface

The cotton swab’s tip should be run over the nail clippers’ whole surface area. Since this area is probably going to be the dirty, pay close attention to the area around the blades. Make sure you use the cotton swab to wipe both the pin and the handle. To avoid cutting yourself, avoid attempting to clean the blades with your fingers. It is advised to clean your nail clippers before each usage, particularly if you use them with others.

Assemble the clippers once more

You can reassemble the clippers once you have done cleaning every surface. The pin’s notch should be close to the top of the clippers as you insert it into the hole. Squeeze the blades together after that, and insert the handle’s open end into the pin notch. Spray a sanitizing tool spray on the clippers to disinfect them.


Broken nail clippers can be dangerous in addition to being annoying. Your nails may not be cut at all if you use them while they are damaged.

Only adults or teenagers who know how to use clippers safely should use these since they are sharp. The risk of damage from broken nail clippers should always be rectified right away. Therefore, if your nail clipper breaks again, just fix it instead of becoming


After you’ve fixed your nail clippers, you shouldn’t experience any issues with worn-out hinges or dull blades. Everything ought to be fixed and working properly.

The next stage is to learn how to properly cut nails! There are various ways to get those nails looking amazing, regardless of whether you want to do them yourself or whether you prefer a manicure at a salon.


It’s not at all difficult to fix broken nail clippers. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your clippers back in working order if you follow the above guidelines. Although broken nail clippers might be annoying, you can fix them with a little effort and perseverance.

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