Hair extensions can be used to conceal practically any type of hair issue. Using various lengths of hair extensions, you can alter the appearance. Women with short hair, however, should understand how to hide hair extensions in very short hair. They undoubtedly desire to have various hairstyles that can only be achieved with long, lustrous hair or extensions. We’ll go through the best ways to hide hair extensions in this article.

What are extensions for hair?

To thicken and extend people’s natural hair, products like weaves vs. extensions are used. In order to satisfy the needs of various customers, extensions are made in a variety of designs and styles.

Human hair, synthetic threads, and fabric are the major materials used to make the hair extensions. The most expensive and durable products are human hair extensions. The fact that they are produced entirely from condor hair, which would continue to have distinctive characteristics of actual hair even after fabrication, explains why.

Why don’t extensions look well with short hair?

Women who desire long hairstyles typically have hair extensions made for them. Customizing the hair extensions can be really difficult if you have short hair. With order to conceal the extensions and make them appear natural in short hair, considerable work must be made. In addition, people run into problems while trying to get hair extensions for very short hair.

Consider the desired hair extension’s length and weight first. Most people choose the wrong weight for their hair type and length. As a result, people cannot grow the hair they want. You can wear hair extensions while shopping and snap pictures to determine which ones seem most like natural hair.

Prior to learning how to conceal extensions in really short hair, pick a hair system that looks natural and blends in well. To match short hair, keep several hair extensions on hand. Additionally, one must make sure the colour of the hair extensions matches their original hair properly. Women with very short hair frequently choose clip-in or tape-in extensions.

If you want to wear fusion extensions and have very short hair, stay away from lob or harsh cuts. With these hairstyles, short hair cannot be concealed by extensions. The hair system can be styled with layers of varying lengths for better fit. The hair extensions will look artificial after being clipped in if you choose a lighter set. The extensions won’t feel comfortable on you either. To find out which set works best for very short hair, do some web study. Learn the best techniques for concealing hair extensions with short hair.

How Do You Hide Extensions In Short Hair?

1st step: Trim the hair extensions to match the short hair

The most crucial step is fusing short hair with hair extensions. Although anyone can trim hair, extra caution must be taken. You shouldn’t trim a small amount of hair accidentally to avoid receiving a bad outcome. Before beginning to trim the hair, ensure sure it is totally dry. Take a wide-toothed comb and untangle the hair of tangles.

The head with short hair should be correctly fitted with the extension. You can begin the cutting process after the hair appears to be shorter than the extensions. Discovering your natural hair’s short layers will assist you determine how much hair has to be chopped. As you check the short layers, continue to hold the scissors in your hand and move them along.

Start removing the hair extensions that you believe are the problem. The natural hair, however, should not be chopped because it is already quite short. Because they dislike layers, most women with very short hair opt for pixie cuts when wearing hair extensions. Get it professionally cut if you’re unsure and don’t want to take any chances.

2nd Step: Choose an appropriate colour

Women with blonde highlights or ombre hair should select a similar shade that will mix in with their ends. Even if the girls have dark brown or black hair, most wefts will become occupied at the top of the head.

The bottom of the hair strands should mix in with the extensions more so than the top. By clipping two wefts of various colours, you can trick spectators’ sight. For instance, one weft might be chocolate brown while another might be chestnut brown.

3rd Step: Pick a Heavier Weight Set

The hardest part of getting extensions for very short hair is choosing the proper weight set. In order to conceal extensions in really short hair, you must use extensions with 220-gram extensive weight sets.

4th Step: Curl or straighten the extensions

Any woman should curl or straighten her hair extensions, regardless of hair length. Blend a small section of the hair extension with strands of your own hair. Then, to make them appear natural, begin to curl or straighten them together.

5th Step: Curly Short Hair Extensions

Select short curly hair extensions if you want to learn how to hide extensions in very short hair. It will take you much less time to style your hair and you won’t need a professional to cut your hair extensions. Furthermore, choosing short curly extensions will let you to change styles with ease and improve the appearance.

6th Step: Storing the Bases

If your haircut makes it harder to conceal extensions, you’ll need to make the bases vanish. You will notice small edges underneath the extensions while wearing them. Use a hairpin at the base of the hair to solve this problem. Alternately, you might braid your way across the base. Ensure that the extensions cannot be seen by passersby.

7th Step: Stack them up

The ideal technique is to stack wefts one on top of the other. This technique can be used to give the wefts more volume. Clip the wefts into your hair for smoother hair.

8th Step: Create a Pretty Braid

People can immediately tell when hair is not natural, so if you notice any ungainly layers behind the extensions, cover them up with braids. Cut the hair around both ears first. After that, braid it beautifully and secure it with a secure pin.

You can move more freely and cover the layers frequently with braids if you don’t want to touch your hair. Furthermore, when women braid their hair, the hair extensions look absolutely natural.

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hiding hair extension in very short hair


We hope you now know how to conceal extensions in really short hair. The weight should be appropriate for people with very short hair and the hair extensions should look like genuine hair. If you are unsure about the layers and various hairstyles, avoid cutting the extensions at home.

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