November 26, 2022

How to remove tape in hair extensions

Most people want long, thick hair, especially in the summer. You may have mermaid-like hair when you awaken. Do you have any questions on how that’s possible? Within a few hours, tape-in hair extensions can give you long, gorgeous-looking hair. However, the majority of people are unable to remove tape-in extensions. We will cover all the information you require regarding tape-in hair extensions in this tutorial.

The removal and reuse of high-quality tape in extensions is simple. It will be far more difficult to reuse synthetic extensions and preserve them in good condition. Even a newbie who has never used hair extensions can easily follow this basic guide. You also need to be aware of proper maintenance and reusing techniques.

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If you feel like the plaster on your scalp is being pulled off, you’re doing it wrong. To make the process as easy as possible for you, utilize your hair oil for this.

Take a professional tape remover that can assist you with this procedure so it remains quite straightforward. It is made to take out hair extensions without harming your own hair. This oil-based, non-alcoholic tape extension remover leaves no mess and is enhanced with reviving citrus oils for damage-free removal.


Step 1: Remove them

To remove the tape, split your hair apart. After that, spray the tape remover on, and wait for about a minute. As you apply it to your scalp with your finger, give yourself a nice scalp massage. Work the two pieces of tape together with your thumb and fingers before gently pulling them apart like two pieces of Glue. The oil will also aid in removing any residue from your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Spray between the tapes and rip apart if you think there is any remaining residue; then you can comb the hair out.

Step 2: Remove the tape

We advise doing the next step in the bathroom to take care of the extensions as you recently applied oil on your roots and extensions.

While slowly peeling the tape off the roots with your other hand, hold your extensions slightly below your tape with your other hand. To prevent the ends from being hidden, try to remove the tape in one piece. It’s okay if the roots continue to be a little bit stick; leave them how they are. When you reapply your new tape, it will be easy to stick on.

Step3: Rinse your extensions

The hardest part of this phase is maintaining the unity of your hair at the roots. This will make it easier to reapply your tape later by keeping the hair level. Make sure to completely wash your hair in order to remove any product buildup and the earlier oil. To keep them healthy, let them dry naturally overnight. You can reapply the tape after letting them air dry for the night.


Glue Remover

Glue removers are utilized to eliminate all traces of our hair extensions. Your hair roots are therefore free of any sticky adhesive substances. You should be equipped to remove adhesive before applying tape-in hair extensions, especially to remove the extensions. For tape-in extensions, you need buy 100% hair-safe adhesive remover.

Adhesive remover, unlike other products, doesn’t harm natural hair. Additionally, this device comes with instructions, making it really simple to use. An adhesive remover cannot be purchased right away in an emergency. To easily delete the extensions, use the following methods. However, these techniques do not ensure the greatest results.

Use organic oil to avoid damage

You must be wondering how to use oil at home to remove tape-in extensions. The greatest alternative for removing hair extensions is natural oil. Because it harms natural hair, you should avoid using any chemical products to remove the tape-in extensions. Natural oils good for your hair include coconut oil, almond oil, baby oil, and olive oil. You must evenly spread some natural oil over the roots. To ensure that the roots and tape bonds completely absorb the oil, leave it on for at least 15 minutes.

The tape bonds will deteriorate and become easily brittle. However, using oil to remove the extensions could take longer than using an adhesive remover. Removing all traces of the tape-in extensions often takes an hour.

Employ peanut butter

Use peanut butter to efficiently remove the tape-in hair extensions if you don’t have adhesive remover or natural oil. Evenly spread peanut butter over the roots of your hair.

Leave it for at least 30 minutes to allow the tape bonds and roots to completely absorb the peanut butter’s natural oil. Peanut butter works well to loosen the bonds holding tape together and make it removable, just like coconut and olive oil.

Thoroughly rinse your hair

Even after using natural oil, some people still have trouble taking the extensions off. After taking a shower, thoroughly condition your hair with conditioner. Next, encircle your head in a towel. Give the air conditioner 20 minutes to settle. Your tape-in hair extensions’ chemical bond will be broken during this process.


  • Lasts a Very Long Time
  • Gaining length and volume
  • Makes hair more versatile
  • Simple to maintain.


Most alcohol-based removers come in the form of liquid sprays. Spraying these removers straight over the tape-in hair extension tab is how it’s done. Wait for the alcohol-based remover to soak into the spaces between the tape tabs before carefully peeling them apart. As the corners are lifted, use more spray to speed up the removal procedure.


We trust you now know how to remove tape-in hair extensions without harming your own hair. You shouldn’t apply nail polish like other people because it can seriously harm your hair strands. Purchase an adhesive remover to safely remove hair extensions.

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