Your desire for a long-lasting gel manicure may be strong, but the only way to achieve one is with patience, care, and the right planning. In addition to keeping your nails healthy throughout the procedure, preparing your nails before applying gel polish will help your new set stay longer and look better. In this blog article, we cover all information about how to prepare nails for gel polish.

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preparation for gel nail polish

Things you need:

  • An orange wooden stick
  • Grit: 100/180 Nail File
  • Buffing Block
  • Cleaner
  • Booster Prep
  • Use a hygienic spray to create a dust-free environment before painting your nails.

Before you begin the preparation

Ignore water!

The Base Coat adheres less well and lasts less time when there is moisture in the nail. Before applying the Base Coat, make sure you wait an hour and don’t wet your hands.


push the nail beds back

With the orange wood stick, this is simple to accomplish. Your nails will look longer right away if you follow this step’s instructions carefully and paint as close to the cuticle as you can.


Roughening and Filing the Nails

Now use a nail file with a 100/180 grit to shape your nails. Polish your nails with the polishing block for the longest-lasting gel nails. You can get rid of any grease and dead skin cells by polishing your nails. Continue until your nails are no longer glossy.


Making the nails dust-free

It’s time to dust your nails right now. The dust that was created during filing and polishing is removed by the manicure brush. The brush’s sturdy bristles make it simple to remove dust from the cuticles.


Cleaning the work surface

The work surface needs to be clean and sanitized just as much as the nails, which may be clean. Use convenient Hygienic Spray to swiftly and easily clean your home salon.



If you want the manicure to last, degreasing the nails is a crucial step. Therefore, use Cleaner along with a Nail Wipe to properly degrease the nails.


Preparation Booster

The best approach to complete your prep regimen is with the Prep Booster. It removes the final bits of extra moisture and fat from your nails. This enhances the adhesion of manicure. After covering the entire nail with the liquid, let it air dry for 30 seconds.

Finally, your nails are ready for a splash of colour.

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Gel Nail Polish done after preparing nails

Do I need to cut my cuticles?

If you’re getting a new gel manicure, we always advise pushing your cuticles back, but don’t be too rough! To gently press your cuticles back, use a cuticle pusher, and only ever pull away dead or loose skin. Do not pull on the cuticles in order to create a trim target. Healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails, so try not to remove too much.

How do I file my nails properly?

Select the nail shape you want, carefully file the nail in a single direction on one side, and then repeat on the opposite side until you’re satisfied. Always take it slowly, be delicate, and watch out not to over-file the nail. This may result in nail damage, which raises the possibility of chipping, splitting, and breaking. Then, using moderate strokes once more, you can use your buffer to make a flat surface for the gel polish to adhere to.

Why is cleaning essential?

The debris from your nails must then be cleaned off. All nails should be cleaned with a cleansing wipe to get rid of any leftover dirt or dust. It’s crucial to complete this step since the cleanser will also assist the gel paint cling to the nail by drying out the nail plate and removing extra oil.

You can use a primer after cleaning your nails. To aid in increased adherence, our acid-free primer is applied to the nails and allowed to air dry. This is a step you won’t want to skip if you have problems with gel polish not lasting long enough or peeling off.

What’s the best way to store gel polish?

The phrase “my gel polish has gone bumpy” or “the brush for my gel has gone hard” is all too prevalent. This is a result of keeping the gel polish in hot, sunny, or even too close to your nail lamp conditions.

The gel polish in the container can start to cure with just one of the aforementioned methods, thickening the gel and causing it to adhere to the brush. Make sure to keep all of your gel polishes cold and out of direct sunshine. A manicure lamp’s exposure to LED or UV rays can also contribute to this problem, so keep the bottles away from it.

You should carefully roll each bottle between your palms to mix the gel equally before starting your manicure. Be careful not to shake the gel vigorously as this may cause bubbles to form in the gel that will transfer to your nails when you apply them.

What is applied to the nails before gel?

Before applying gel polish, you should carefully clean your nails with rubbing alcohol to get rid of anything that can prevent the lacquer from adhering to your natural nail. You’ll also need cotton balls or lint-free nail wipes that won’t cause your nails to become fuzzy to apply it.

What method of getting your nails done is healthiest?

If you’re one of them, the following dermatologist advice will help you lessen the harm:

  • Opt for soak-off gel nails rather than artificial ones.
  • Visit a salon that use an LED curing light as opposed to a UV one.
  • Request that the cuticle trimming be omitted from your appointment.
  • Artificial nails should only be used on exceptional occasions.

What prevents gel polish from lifting?

Four techniques to prevent gel polish from lifting

  • Sanitize the nail. You must wash your nails with an antibacterial cleanser after buffing them.
  • Use a bonder and primer.
  • Clearly paint the nails.
  • After that, apply hand cream and cuticle oil.

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