Questions To Ask When Buying Land

It’s always crucial to ask the appropriate questions when you’re buying a piece of real estate, and that’s as true for land as it is for everything else. More knowledge is always beneficial, especially when it comes to a significant expenditure like buying land. It never hurts to be as knowledgeable as possible about the many elements that will help you decide whether or not a property is worth your time (and your money), even though your agent will be able to walk you through a lot of the specifics of what you’ll need to know. Here are eleven crucial inquiries to make before purchasing land, some of which may not be immediately apparent.

1. What zone does the land fall under?

Particularly if the area is untouched or otherwise undeveloped, you should be fully aware of what you may and cannot do there.

2. Exist any construction stipulations?

Similar to what was stated before, this informs you of any limitations you may have when making alterations to the property’s structure.

Which access privileges are available?

Make sure you are aware of any existing access roads, their maintenance status, and the existence of any rights held by other parties.

4. Do you have any hookups for utilities or utilities?

Find out exactly what is now offered in terms of water, electricity, sewage, and other important utility systems—or if you’ll have to pay to install them.

5. Are there any future plans for the area around the property?

Identify any upcoming changes that may have an impact on your land use, your views, or your privacy in advance.

6. Who the Neighbors are.

Find out, if at all feasible, who owns the properties that border the plot of land and, more crucially, whether there are any unresolved disputes with them regarding things like access rights or boundary lines.

7. Does the property have any easements?

If you have to share a section of the land with neighbours, the general public, a conservation organisation, or anyone else, you should find out as soon as possible.

8. What are the annual property taxes? Property taxes apply to even empty land. Get an estimate of the annual taxes so you can confirm they fit in your budget before paying them.

9. Does the land have any tax exemptions? Ask about any potential tax exemptions, such as those for making certain agricultural or energy improvements on the land, while we’re talking about taxes.

10. Does the vendor provide financing? Because land mortgages aren’t always as straightforward as traditional real estate mortgages, some sellers choose to finance the transaction themselves to ensure a seamless transaction. If so, find out if there are any extra seller finance requirements or concessions.

11. Is the title clear and unambiguous? You can find out if the seller has the required title rights through a title check, but you may also inquire up front to save time later.

It’s not just about convenience when it comes to asking the appropriate questions when purchasing land. Knowing what questions to ask provides you more agency to advocate for yourself, even though sellers are required to make certain disclosures. It’s also crucial to safeguarding your rights and resources as a land buyer.


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