How to Play A Simple Game?

You can play simple games like horseshoe games to kill time when you feel bored or want to spend a happy go-home with your family. Horseshoe game falls in the category of lawn games. It is played between two people or two teams using four horseshoes. The players alternatively pitch the horseshoe stakes in the ground 20 feet apart. These days a U-shaped bar takes the place of the traditional horseshoe. You can easily purchase a horseshoe game set online or from a supermarket.

How to Play A Simple Game?

Play a simple game like a horseshoe game

Mark a horseshoe pitch

Find a lot of flat areas in your garden and measure 30 feet using a measuring tape. Mark this area as the horseshoe pitch. When preparing the pitch for kids, mark 15 feet as a horseshoe court.

Horseshoes can be any size in casual games, but league competitions will have regulations.

Mark the pitching box

The horseshoe pitch has two ends, each of which has a pitching box.

Mark a six-foot square on one side of the pitch ground and then mark another one on another side. These two rectangular boxes are pitching packages.

Angle the stakes

Drive two stakes into the ground using a mallet, one in the middle of two pitching boxes. Make sure they are not straight on the floor. Instead should be in a tilted position at an angle of 12°.

Dig a pit to improve the stability of the pitch

Inside each pitching box, dig a smaller rectangle called a pit around the stake. It measures around three by six feet or slightly less. To minimize the number of slipping and bouncing horseshoes, you can fill the pit with moist sand.

Mark the pitching lines

Draw two strips on the left and right within the pitching box but outside the pit. These are the pitching lines where players stand and throw their horseshoes toward the other end. The player’s feet must be behind the pitching line while pitching.

The rules of the horseshoe game

The rules for horseshoe pitching can vary according to country, area, town, and even pub or fair. But the central rules are identical for all.


Toss the coin to decide who starts pitching.

The first player pitched the horseshoe

The first player throws both horseshoes at the opposite stake, one after the other. He then moves away from the court before the second player starts throwing.

The second player tosses the horseshoe.

The second player aims at the opposite stake and throws two horseshoes.

What is a ringer in a horseshoe game?

Any horseshoe surrounding the stake is a ringer, and the player will get three points.

Suppose there is some question as to whether or not a horseshoe qualifies as a ringer. Draw a straight line against the open end of the horseshoe. A ringer is scored if the straight line doesn’t touch the stake.

play a simple game

Scoring rules

  • The closest horseshoe to the stake must count at one point if no ringers are tossed.
  • If both players score one ringer each, they cancel each other out, and no points are scored.
  • If both players score two ringers, they cancel each other out, and no points are scored.
  • If one player manages one ringer, but the other player pitches two of them, three points are scored.
  • If a single ringer has been scored, that player wins three points plus an extra point if that player’s other horseshoe is the closest of the remaining three.
  • Finally, if a player achieves two ringers and the other player manages none, six points are scored.

Reverse the direction

The score for the end is then calculated, and the players play the next stop by reversing directions and throwing at the other stake.

Final score

If both players pass the winning score in the same round, they can share the victory or can play a single game again to decide the success.


  • Don’t mark points for the round until both players have tossed the horseshoe.
  • Before beginning the game, ensure everyone stands 10 feet from the court, as horseshoes are heavy and dangerous when you throw them.
  • Getting hit by a steel horseshoe can cause a lot of pain or even a trip to the hospital.
  • Wears close-toed shoes to protect your feet from dropping horseshoes.

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