How to access Freeaire Cooler Controller?

If you’re considering purchasing a Freeaire cooler controller, you’re making a wise decision to reduce your power bill. However, you might be wondering how to use the gadget to manage your cooler and maintain the desired temperatures. Read on to learn all you need to know about accessing and using your controller from the detailed instructions provided in this article!

Steps by Step guide to access freeaire Cooler:

Step # 1 Accessing the Freeaire cooler Control Panel 

To access your control panel, go to the owner’s manual for your Freeaire portable air conditioner or furnace/cooling unit for comprehensive instructions. 

It can be a door attached by tiny screws or a pull-out tab located on one of the plastic panels. In any case, feel free to get in touch with the helpline number provided at the back of the manual if you can’t find it; they should be able to assist you.

However, in general, here are some useful pointers. There should be two windows with plastic covering them if you’re looking at your AC from the outside. 

  • One is used for cooling, 
  • The other is used for heating. 

Simply slide off the plastic cover, which is often on top, and unscrew any screws to gain access to the controls. 

The next thing you’ll see is a row of buttons with names like “Cool” and “Fan”. These buttons correspond to temperature settings such as “Low”, “Medium”, and “High” as well as modes such as: 

  • Auto: Which means your AC will automatically switch between cooling and heating.
  • Fan Only: Which means your unit won’t heat anything up but will still blow out cold air.
  • Sleep: Which means your AC won’t turn off while you’re sleeping, etc.

Also, it has a “24-hour timer button and an Off button”. You don’t have to bother about setting your AC every day when you use this 24-hour timer to turn on and off automatically.

Step # 2 Enter the code  

Accessing your cooler controller online is the next step. Although a computer is the recommended tool for doing this, a smartphone can also be used to retrieve your temperature settings. You can also download the app by scanning QR CODE. 

When entering codes into your Freeaire controller, it’s crucial to make sure you have an internet connection; otherwise, you risk experiencing a long waiting time.

There is no specific amount of time to wait for code entry confirmation, in some cases it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes. Being patient will usually save you time instead of switching back and forth between displays and trying to enter each number one at a time. If everything works properly, you will likely receive feedback right away after entering a new code.

Step # 3 Update the system’s firmware  

You’ll need an Ethernet port on your laptop in order to update the firmware on your Freeaire cooler. For best results, choose one that also includes a built-in USB-to-ethernet converter. This will save you money since new adapters can be expensive.

No problem, if your laptop lacks built-in USB-to-ethernet connectivity; you can connect it by any powered USB hub. 

When your setup software prompts you to connect using an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi, we’ll be ready to update our firmware.

Step # 4 Connect the wireless controller

Consider purchasing a wireless controller if you don’t want to deal with a remote. These gadgets, which can be used both indoors and outside, make controlling your device from a distance simple. They are available online and at any home improvement retailer.

The only drawback is that, especially if you choose extra features like extended range or automated shutdown, they can be very pricey. Here is an illustration of a common wireless controller.

Like Titan Controls T-Control, which has an LCD screen that displays temperature and other data, is a device that attaches directly to your appliance. Because it contains an integrated light sensor, it automatically turns on in the dark and off in the light.

You can swiftly change temperature settings with only a few button presses without needing to use your machine’s controls. There are three choices

  • Two-stages, which lets you set two different temperatures
  • Four-stages, which lets you set four different temperatures
  • Six-stages, which allows you to set six different temperatures. 

Optional steps

Optional step # 1: Add additional zone 

Your thermostat can be adjusted to include additional zones if you’d like. For a new zone, just repeat steps 1 through step 4. The requirements are the same as when wiring a single-zone system; all of your zones must be connected via branch circuits (with separate 15-amp breakers). In other words, add a new outside unit rather than wiring multiple current systems together.

Optional step # 2: Change the fan speed to medium or high 

Even though you may have your preferred temperature set, you should consider adjusting the fan speed. In your Freeaire controller, you can accomplish this. The process of changing the speed setting is as easy as pressing two buttons at once.

You should then be able to tell how much more powerful each setting is than the others. Low will be weaker than medium, while high will be stronger than low. See which ones you like by trying them out for yourself! 

Advantages do freeaire cooler controllers offer

The temperature inside your refrigerator or freezer can be controlled with the use of a Freeaire cooler controller. It accomplishes this by employing sensors to monitor the temperature and turning on or off the cooling elements as necessary to keep the temperature within the predetermined range. The ability to save energy is one of the key advantages of using a Freeaire cooler controller. It can assist in lowering the total power usage of your refrigerator or freezer by only turning on the cooling elements when necessary. This may result in cheaper energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Utilizing a Freeaire cooler controller also has the advantage of extending the lifespan of your refrigerator or freezer. It can lessen the risk of harm from extreme heat or cold by controlling the temperature inside. This can increase the lifespan of the appliance and lessen the need for maintenance or replacement. 


The freeaire cooler controller is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a solution to regulate the temperature in your house, business, or other location. With this device, you can adjust the temperature to the amount you choose, and it will do so automatically. Additionally, you can programme a timetable for the cooler’s on-and-off times. Using the freeaire cooler controller is a fantastic method to save resources while keeping your environment pleasant.

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