A link to your location is provisioned by a third-party service provider as part of the Wide Area Network, or WAN, building process. Depending on where you are and what you require, different WAN technologies might be used. For instance, an MPLS network can be used to combine various physical locations into a single network, much like a VPN. A service provider agreement and your own networking hardware, such as routers and switches, are required to construct a WAN.

How To Configure WAN Interfaces

Ports P2 and P3 are preset by default. The default configurations may need to be removed if you want to configure a WAN interface for either of these ports:

  • Port P2: The DHCP dynamic network interface is first set up as the network interface for port P2. Delete the default DHCP interface if you want to configure PPTP or PPPoE on port p2 instead of DHCP or another dynamic connection.
  • Port P3: Initially, Port P3 and Port P1 are bridged. The LAN has both interfaces set up as management ports. Remove the P1-P3 bridge in order to use port p3 for another connection. However, there is a chance that your administrative PC will lose network connectivity.

Ports p2 and p3 can be reconfigured as WAN interfaces when the default configurations are removed from them. Just begin setting the WAN interface for any additional ports. The WAN interface can be set up to assign static or dynamic IP addresses.

Make sure to include the gateway when adding or editing a static network interface or on the NETWORK > Routing page in order to establish the default route over the WAN interface.


Remove the port p2 and port p3 default settings

Remove their default configurations before using port P2 or P3.

1. If you want to use port 2

a. Visite Network > IP Configuration page

b. From the Dynamic Interface Configuration section, remove the default DHCP interface.

2. If you want to use port 3:
a. Delete the P1-P3 bridge by going to NETWORK > Bridging.
b. Navigate to the page FIREWALL > Firewall Rules. Firewall rule P1-P3-BRIDGE should be removed.


Set up a WAN interface

In order to set up a WAN interface:

1. Head over to NETWORK > IP Configuration.
2. If your WAN interface has a static IP address:

a. Select Add Static Network Interface in the Static Interface Configuration section.
b. Set up the gateway address and other static interface options.
c. Select Add.
3. If your connection is dynamic, like PPTP or PPPoE:
a. Click Add Dynamic Network Interface in the Dynamic Interface Configuration section.
b. Set the dynamic interface’s options.
c. Select Add.
4. To implement the updated network settings, click the caution alert at the top of the page.

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