Blink produces robust smart security cameras to keep your house safe. They have a number of types available, such as the Blink indoor and outdoor, which run on a strong battery and can last for up to two years, and the Blink Mini, which needs to be plugged into an outlet. 


It is really easy for customers who wish to manage all of their smart home devices from the voice assistant to be able to integrate their Blink devices with the Alexa voice assistant and control them by voice from Alexa-enabled devices.  

These cameras include a tone of capabilities, including 1080p video resolution, motion-activated alerts, two-way audio so you can talk to and hear anyone inside your home, and infrared night vision. 

You may discover how to connect your Blink gadget to Alexa in this post. You will then be able to operate your cameras using the voice assistant. 


How To Connect Blink To Alexa? 

You can now follow along as we demonstrate how to connect your Blink camera to Alexa-enabled gadgets like the Echo Show, Echo Dot, smartphone, tablet, etc. 


  1. Choose “Skills & Games” from the curtain menu in the lower right-hand corner of the Alexa app after it is open. 
  2. Find “Blink Smart Home” and then select the talent. 
  3. The “Link Account/Sign In” window will appear after you tap “ENABLE TO USE.” 
  4. Input your password and email address for your Blink account. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit pin code before Alexa may conduct tasks that call for increased security. Finally, click “Sign In.” 
  5. By default, while using multiple factor authentication, you must validate a PIN code that was provided to your mobile device. 
  6. Click “Verify Code” after entering the code. Press the “Resend Code” button if you haven’t received a code in 2 minutes. 
  7. The “Your Blink Smart Home has been successfully linked” message is displayed by the Alexa app after connecting to the Blink account servers, which also detect gadgets. 
  8. When you tap “CLOSE,” the “Discover Devices” screen appears. It is safest to try again even though your gadgets could already have been located. Choose “Discover Devices.” 
  9. The “Setup” page shows after roughly 45 seconds, indicating that a device has been found and connected to the “Blink Smart Home Skill.” Tap “Choose Device” to start setting the device. 
  10. The cameras screen shows the gadgets you’ve found. 


Once you have completed the preceding steps, your Blink gadget should be ready to work with Alexa. 

Note: Use the same name you used in the Blink app when configuring a Blink camera in the Alexa app. You’ll be able to ask your Echo device things like “Alexa, show me the Doorbell” once the setup is finished and the names in both the Alexa app and the Blink app match. 

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