How To Connect Phone To TV Using Bluetooth 

  1. You can view your system by using the included remote to click the HOME button. 
  2. You can modify settings by using the Select button under Settings. 
  3. By scrolling down, you may find these networks and accessories. 
  4. Just click Browse after selecting Bluetooth options at this page.  
  5. In order to turn off Bluetooth, press the Select button. 


How To Connect Android Phone To TV 

  1. Use the same Wi-Fi network that you may connect an Android TV to in order to connect other devices. 
  2. Go there if you want to cast content from the app. 
  3. From the dropdown menu or the app’s menu, select Cast. 
  4. You will be given the chance to choose your television’s name after choosing one. 
  5. Cast effectively establishes contact with you as it changes color. 


Connect Android To TV Wirelessly 

  1. Your phone and TV will function together if they are both linked to a Wi-Fi network. 
  2. Then, in the TV settings input menu, key in “screen mirroring.” 
  3. From this page, you may update Android Settings. 
  4. Now you can choose TV. 
  5. Make the two of them interconnected. 


Connect Phone To TV Via USB Without HDMI 

  1. You might require a USB cord if you’re using the Android operating system. 
  2. Make sure you have a cable or adapter available. 
  3. You can send in your payment using a converter. 
  4. You can connect to other systems by using MHL. 
  5. The only port that can be utilized for connections is SlimPort. 
  6. DLNA App allows you to watch videos. 
  7. The Samsung DeX gadget is Connect With Samsung. 
  8. You can join your device to the network by using a DLNA app. 


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