You may learn how to add a birthday field to HubSpot with the aid of this blog post, which will walk you through the procedures required to do this task.

Birthdays serve as a daily reminder of our own mortality and the briefness of our existence. Birthdays are significant occasions. Birthdays are observed in a variety of ways, including parties, card-giving, and more.

How To Add Birthday Field To HubSpot

Keep track of the birthdays of your contacts by including a birthday field in your Hubspot account. It’s also a good approach to wish them a happy birthday in a special way. How to add a birthday field to Hubspot is as follows:

1. After signing in, select the “Contacts” option in your Hubspot account.

The “Create Custom Field” button should be clicked.

Birthdays should be typed into the “Field Name” field.

4. Choose “Date” under “Field Type” from the drop-down menu.

5. Press “Create Field” to create a new field.


Viewing the profiles of your contacts will now display your birthdate field. Simply select the “Edit” button next to a contact’s name and insert the date using the format mm/dd/yyyy.


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