August 29, 2022

How to change your birthday on tiktok

How to change your birthday on TikTok?

This post will explain how to change your birthday on TikTok if you’re unsure how to do so. Your date of birth cannot be updated within the app. It can be simpler to open a new account depending on your age and the age of your current one.


Social media platforms bear a moral responsibility to protect young users from inappropriate content and interactions. TikTok, for example, sets a minimum age of 13 for account registration, with an additional age requirement of 18 for sending gifts. Violating these age rules may lead to account removal due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which aims to safeguard children under 13. While TikTok doesn’t demand age verification during account creation, it’s advisable to truthfully share your age. The platform has faced concerns regarding the safety of young users participating in viral challenges, emphasizing the importance of age-appropriate content and responsible use. Ultimately, prioritizing safety over popularity is crucial in the online realm, as no amount of likes is worth jeopardizing one’s well-being.

How to change your birthday on TikTok 

On TikTok, you can change your username, but you can no longer change your birthday on TikTok. If you provide the incorrect birth date while signing up, you must contact customer service to get it changed. To do this, tap the 3-line icon in the top right corner after tapping Profile in the bottom right.

  • From the bottom menu, choose Settings and Privacy.
  • Under Support, scroll down and select Report a Problem.
  • Then select Account and Profile from the Topics menu.
  • Open the Editing profile menu from there and select Other.
  • Select Need more assistance? Contact the TikTok support staff here.
  • Write a brief note from this point describing why you want to update your birthdate on your account—tap Report when done.

TikTok team’s email response

You must prove your age when you report an issue with the app and TikTok will update it.

Sadly, you must upload a passport or a government-issued ID for verification. The only types of identification that have been officially endorsed by the corporation are those listed above, however, it never hurts to inquire about using a student ID or another type of identity.

Although TikTok’s younger audience likely lacks this kind of identification, the business uses it to update your birthday. Minors can often obtain a state ID at any age. If you lack the required identity, you can likely obtain it at your local registration center.

What if your account was deleted by TikTok?

The business has to take a position on young users as a result of lawsuits. Sadly, this forced TikTok to deactivate any accounts with an age listed that was below 13. Some online forums claim that these deletions still happen today.

What can you do, then, if TikTok cancels your account due to your age? In the TikTok app or on the TikTok website, you should first click the Report a Problem button. By doing this, you’ll be able to fill out a form and submit a complaint to TikTok. A government ID showing that you are older than 13 years old must be shown.

You will receive an email with your videos attached from TikTok if they delete your account because you are under 13 years old. Both your phone and computer can download those. A Chrome Extension is available to assist anyone having trouble downloading their videos from this email attachment.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it seems unlikely that the corporation will reactivate the accounts after the user reaches the age of 13. After 30 days, TikTok deletes inactive accounts permanently and many users had inaccurate birthdays and account creation years.

Changing Your TikTok Profile

Naturally, as we change, you’d like to update some details in your social network profile. Perhaps you typed the incorrect birth date or phone number and wished to change it to the right one.

How do you change the information on your TikTok profile? You can modify several things, including your username and profile picture. How? Read on.

Update Your Profile Image or Video

Changing your profile image is entertaining. You may always update your image in your TikTok account’s Edit Profile area.

Simple steps must be taken.

  • Navigate to your profile and select Edit Profile.
  • Choosing Change Photo (or Video).
  • To change your profile photo, pick a fresh image from your phone or shoot a brand-new shot.

Renaming Your Account

If you want to develop a devoted following, it’s not advised to change your username because it helps your followers identify your account. You can still do it, though, if you so choose.

  • Go to Edit Profile after opening your profile.
  • Enter a new username and delete the one you currently have.
  • For the following 30 days, you won’t be able to modify it once again.

The Language of Your App

Here are the steps you should take if you want to switch the language of your existing app:

  • Activate your profile.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • Open the Language tab by locating it.
  • Choose a chosen language from the list by selecting the App Language option.
  • Select your language in 39 languages available option

Deletion of Your Account

You might wish to completely cancel your account if you’re tired of making modifications. It’s an easy process that only takes a minute. Before you lose all the information and stuff you’ve been posting, though, make sure you want to do it by giving it some thought.

  • Check out your profile.
  • By touching on the three dots in the top right corner, you can access Settings.
  • Search for Manage My Account, then press it.
  • Decide to delete your account.
  • You should be aware that after you make an app purchase, you cannot request a refund.

Make new Account

TikTok thankfully allows you to have several accounts. This implies that, if you’d like, you can establish a new profile without deleting your current one. Follow these steps to create a second account (with the correct birthday) using a separate login ID:

  • In the bottom right corner, tap Me.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the three horizontal dots.
  • To add an account, scroll down.
  • Sign up again with the proper birthday, just as you did with your first account.

This allows you to preserve your account and create a new one, even though it doesn’t resolve your birthday dilemma.

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