September 26, 2022

How to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey out of Lunch Bag?

How to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey out of Lunch Bag?

Are you looking for a way to express your gratification, this Thanksgiving in a fun and creative manner? Or you want to celebrate the November holidays to get your kids involved. Check out this craft project! A Thanksgiving turkey out of a lunch bag. It’s a simple autumn craft for kids learning arts & crafts. Plus, it can also be used to decorate your home, or you can give them to family or friends to show your gratitude for them. Let’s complete a fun Thanksgiving project that you can do with your family for a cool centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table this year. It’s just a lunch bag turkey.

A Thanksgiving turkey out of lunch bags

Materials required

  • Brown-colored lunch bag or kraft lunch bag
  • Tissue paper
  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Tape 
  • Scissors
  • Glue

To make a turkey’s central body:

Take a clean lunch bag and open it. 

Make sure to remove the paper handles using kraft lunch bags.

Tissue paper stuffing

To make your turkey plump, stuff the lunch bag with tissue paper. Keep stuffing till it reaches the top of the bag. Leave a little bit of room to crumple up the lunch bag.

Twist the empty upper part of the lunch bag

This is done to avoid any opening in the turkey’s body, after twisting, tape up the twisted part or use hot glue to stick the parts together firmly.

Once the turkey’s body is all secured with tape or glue, place it aside and move towards the next step. 

To make feathers

To make feathers, use a black marker and draw out the shape of a bunny’s ear on orange-colored construction paper. Cut it out using a scissor. What you got is a paper feather.

To make a feathery part of the feather, use a scissor and make small triangular cuts along the rim of the feather. It is not necessary to make same-sized cuts.

You can make as many feathers as you want on your turkey’s tail.

Write Thanking notes on the backside of the feathers

Once you have all your desired feathers done, take them and write things you are thankful for on the backside of the feathers.

If your child is old enough to understand what being grateful is, have them tell you what they’re grateful for and write them on the feathers.

Stick the feathers to the back side of the turkey’s body

Start attaching the feather using hot glue on the central body. Make sure to attach on the opposite side that you didn’t apply glue before. The flat bottom side of the lunch bag is perfect for giving your turkey’s tail a wider and neat look. 

Once you have all your feathers attached, it’s time for the turkey’s head.

To make a turkey’s head

  • Take a brown colored construction card paper. Trace a head shape on the card paper and cut it out using scissors.
  • To make the turkey’s beak, cut a big elliptical triangle out of yellow-colored craft paper and paste it straight onto the turkey’s head.
  • To make a turkey’s gobbler,  draw a little squiggly shape of a droplet on red craft paper, cut it, and paste it right over the beak on the head.
  • Take two googly eyes and paste them on the turkey’s head. Make sure to give googly eyes enough time to dry.

As the head is ready, use hot glue to attach it to the central body on the opposite side of the tail feather.

And here you have a fun and creative Thanksgiving turkey out of a lunch bag that you can place directly on the Thanksgiving dinner table or use to decorate your house on Thanksgiving day.

Be creative this November, and have fun! 

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