How to do a cut crease?

Cut creases are a type of eye shadow that is used to produce a dramatic, smokey look by darkening the crease of your eyelid. This look has grown highly popular among social media superstars as well as movie stars. You can achieve this beautiful look at home with a few decent eye shadows in both dark and bright colors, some careful blending, and a little skill. Here’s how to do a cut crease.

What is a Cut Crease, basically?

The cut crease technique combines a lighter shade of eye shadow with a line across the crease of your eyelid. The look makes your eyes appear bigger and attracts attention to the colors on your lids on its own, but you don’t have to stop there. Cut creases add Adele-level drama and retro ’60s vibes when coupled with cat eyeliner or fake eyelashes. It’s a great yet simple method that will elevate your eye makeup to new heights.

How to do a cut crease

Step by step guidance:

Step 1: Apply eye shadow primer

When it comes to eye shadow primer, use it gently and sparingly: a little makes a big difference. You’ll want an eye shadow primer with maximum lasting power and enhancing capabilities.  Squeeze the primer onto your ring finger and carefully pat it all over your lid. Allow to dry for a minute or two before applying your favorite eye shadow.

Step 2: Begin by applying your base eyeshadow colour

The tone and party vibes for your makeup look will be determined by your foundation eyeshadow. Choose an eyeshadow colour that is just a shade lighter than your skin tone for a conventional cut crease, Pat the colour over your whole lid with the eyeshadow brush, softly pressing an even coating of your base colour onto your skin, beginning with the inner corner of your eyes and going outward.

Step 3: Create a crease

Choose a dark hue for the crease outline. Make things easy on yourself by applying it with a slim eyeshadow pencil brush or a brush packed with bristles that come to a soft point.

Draw a thin line along the crease in the middle of your eyelid, gradually increasing pressure as you move to the outer corner of your eye. Make a second line that connects the lines broader outside corner to the outer edge of your eyelashes, forming a sideways “V” shape on your lids.

Step 4: Combine your colours

At this stage, your eye makeup will look like a work in progress, but a few strokes of a blending brush will instantly improve the look.

Eyeshadow’s with a Cut Crease

Crease with Glitter

Using a little glitter in your eyeshadow and experimenting with a cut crease will result in a fantastic evening look that will make your eyes stand out. When it comes to glitter, the trick is to apply it directly on the eyelids. This means that the eyeshadow above the crease should be glitter-free and well-blended. Match the glitter colour to the shadow colour above your crease for a truly stunning appearance. Simply use a slightly darker version of the colour for the cut crease eyeshadow to add depth and make the sparkles stand out. However, if you want to be daring, you can use a neutral shade of glitter and a darker shade of glitter.

Apply your preferred liquid eyeliner first, then follow with a deeper eyeshadow colour along your upper lash line. Make a “V” shape with your eyeshadow by winging it out from the outer corner and blending it into your cut crease. As usual, apply your mascara and brow products.

Add a darker shade of shadow above to achieve a lovely two-toned effect. While metallic sparkly lids look great on everyone, they look especially stunning when coupled with hazel eyes.

Crease in Gold

This season, make a statement with a gold eye swath. This shade will make you glow by bringing out any golden flecks in your eyes. A gold cut crease, which can be dressed up or down, is the ideal formal look for a black tie occasion as well as a lively,  If you want to go for glitz, pair this look with contoured, bronzed cheeks and barely-there natural lip gloss. A smooth slicked-back haircut or voluminous, gentle waves will complete your opulent look. If you want to keep things casual, keep your face makeup dewy and natural with natural hues, and let your hair flow freely.

Crease in Purple

Purple is known as the colour of magic and enticement all across the world. As a consequence, a purple cut crease will be an eye-catching addition to your makeup. This look works particularly well on women with olive or deeper complexion tones. This colour is ideal for folks with greeny-blue, green, or hazel eyes since it naturally highlights any glimmers of green in the eyes. Furthermore, the dreamy hue will have a mystical effect on frosty blue or grey eyes.

Natural Cut crease

A natural cut crease is for you if you want a simple, gorgeous technique to define your eyes . This look will draw attention to your eyes by defining them and emphasising your features. The steps to obtain this look are simple with a little practise.


Apply primer to the region around the eyes.

  • To define your crease, apply a warm neutral shadow.
  • Cut the crease with concealer or foundation.
  • Before putting nude eyeshadow to your lids, set the concealer with a neutral powder.
  • Apply a coat of mascara to the upper eyelid and line it with brown eyeliner.

Crease with Ease

While a cut crease is a great way to play with colours and sparkle, it can also be toned down for a more subtle, elegant effect. A natural cut crease is a quick and easy approach to highlight your eyes. Then, add a touch of glitz with winged eyeliner.


  • Apply a warm, neutral eyeshadow over the crease line and prime the eyes from the lids to the brow bones.
  • Apply foundation or concealer to the crease and set with a translucent powder.
  • To the lids, apply a natural eyeshadow colour that suits your skin tone.
  • Make a sexy winged eye with a black liquid liner.
  • Curl your lashes and coat them with your favorite black mascara.

What is the significance of a cut crease?

A cut crease shapes and defines your eyes while also shaping them. It also offers the appearance of extra lid space, which is beneficial for hooded eyelids. It also looks impressive, and beautiful objects don’t always need to have a purpose other than to be beautiful.

What tool do you use to make a crease?

Use a darker eyeshadow (with the help of a plastic spoon for the right shape) or concealer to create the “cut.”

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