How to put a Hoop Nose Ring?

If you know how to put a hoop nose ring is fairly easy, but how do you begin and how can you be certain you’re doing it correctly? It takes some skill to insert a hoop ring into your nose piercing, but with practise, you may become proficient.   Depending on the style of nose ring you select, the steps will vary, but you should gently pull the ring apart and re-join it with ease using a bead, segment, or by pressing the ends together. Just be sure to wash your hands completely before handling it and use a recently disinfected ring.

Clean your hands completely 

Before touching your jewellery, make sure to fully wash your hands with antibacterial soap since they come into contact with a lot of surfaces during the course of the day. If you want to be extra careful and are not allergic to latex, you can also use disposable latex gloves.

Clean the piercing area and the nose ring

To accomplish this, use a saline wipe or piercing spray. Remove the bead from any captive hoop rings you may have so you may clean the jewellery more completely.

Pull the ring apart or take out the bead 

Tensile strength is how captive rings function; the only thing holding the bead in place is the pressure applied by the hoop’s two ends. The bead will come out if you pull the sides apart. Simply pull the hoop apart so that it opens up enough for you to work with if you’re not using a captive ring. This could be challenging to do with just your hands if the ring is thick. You can use pliers, but be sure to handle them softly and cautiously to protect the ring.

Insert the hoop’s one end into your piercing gradually

You can moisten the jewellery by immersing the end of the hoop in some antibacterial soap to make this process simpler.

Close the ring

Replace the bead and let the ends of the hoop hold the captive ring in place if you’re using one. Simply close the ring when wearing other types of jewellery to ensure that it stays put and has the proper shape.

Risks and Safety Measures

Even though installing a hoop ring is rather easy, there are still some issues. You should be concerned about bacterial infections and ripping as your two main risks.

If you don’t properly clean your hands or your jewellery, bacteria could be transferred to your piercing and lead to an infection. The skin around the piercing could be torn if the ring is pushed through when the piercing is not wide enough for it or if it is not correctly inserted. Not only is this unpleasant and painful, but it also raises your risk of infection by leaving an open wound near the jewelry.


How do you put a hoop nose ring on for the first time?

  • Installing a Hoop Nose Ring
  • Clean your hands completely.
  • Clean the piercing area and the nose ring.
  • Pull the ring apart or remove the bead.
  • Insert the hoop’s one end into your piercing gradually.
  • Ring must be locked.

Can I place a nose hoop on my own?

With your hands, twist the ring’s ends. Turn your right hand clockwise and your left hand counterclockwise until the ends of your hands gently spiral apart from one another. Only open  the hoop far enough to leave a space around the area of your nose that is pierced.

Is a nose piercing better with a hoop or stud?

For a first nose piercing, studs are a wonderful choice because they are secure, comfortable, and keep out of the way. The post on these studs is curved and fits into the piercing. Small nose hoops, like a captive bead ring, are ideal for newly implanted piercings.

Why won’t my nose ring fully round my nose?

It could be time to quit and give your piercing a rest if you’ve been trying for a while but still can’t get your nose ring back in. If you overstimulate your piercing, you can find that you irritate your nose, making it more difficult to adjust your nose ring.

How quickly does a piercing seal?

Your piercing may seal up quickly if it is still relatively new. You can anticipate it to shut up in a few hours or days if you’ve had it for less than a year. Even if you’ve had the piercing for a long time, the interior of the hole might shut up very rapidly

When may I get a hoop instead of a nose stud?

Make sure your nose piercing is fully healed before getting a new one. The healing process for a nose piercing often takes two to three months before the jewellery may be taken out. You can start switching out the jewellery after you’re sure the piercing has fully healed.

Why does my nose hoop have a space between the ends?

The hoop is not being opened and closed correctly if there is a space between the ends. If there is a gap, you are improperly twisting the ends apart from one another by drawing them apart from one another horizontally.

Is it better to open or close my nose hoop with tools?

For the majority of small gauges, using tools to open and close nose jewellery is not necessary (22 gauge, 20 gauge & 18 gauge). If you use tools on the hoop, you risk permanently damaging the metal by scratching or flattening it.


Here are some pointers to help you successfully insert your hoop ring the first time.

  • Before converting to a hoop-style ring, wait until your piercing has fully healed.
  • Ensure that every surface your hoop ring may touch is clean.
  • If the ring does not readily and comfortably fit through, do not force it.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate size.
  • Speak with your piercer.


It merely takes a few simple steps to insert a nose ring, and many people discover that hoop-style rings are more comfortable than the studs they originally had. Just make sure to purchase the proper size ring and to carefully clean it before beginning.

Follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions carefully if you want to make sure your piercing heals as well as it possibly can. You should also make sure to use a high-quality aftercare product to speed up healing. Good Day!

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