How To Use Tiktok Lite

For those over 25, TikTok Lite is still unknown territory. TikTok, which is very popular among Generation Z, offers a glimpse of what it’s like to grow up in a contemporary, active atmosphere.

Early in August 2018, TikTok’s developers discreetly launched a simplified version of the application. The application was initially only available in a few Southeast Asian nations, hence the name TikTok Lite. It has been installed more than 7 million times and is currently available in several Asian and African nations.

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Tiktok VS Tiktok Lite

On August 6, 2018, It was initially made available in Thailand. It is currently available in a number of other, primarily Asian nations, including Indonesia, which is the most popular, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Since its launch in August 2020, this version of TikTok Lite has amassed 5 million instals. In the short term, this version was also accessible in Russia, Brazil, and India. However, a new Lite version (known as “Lite” with a “L”) that was launched on November 1st, 2018, now covers these countries.

There have been 15 non-Asian countries that have downloaded it so far. Even However, TikTok Lite is not currently being actively promoted, especially in comparison to the extensive advertising TikTok’s flagship programme has received.

You might sincerely wonder how TikTok differs from TikTok Lite. Is it only the app’s name and size, or is there more to it? Let’s investigate below to find out more:

  • Space and BatteryEvery software programme typically has a Lite version that is smaller in file size, has less features, and is designed for users of slow 3G or 2G internet networks.The TikTok app downloads with a file size of roughly 182MB and gains more storage as you use it. TikTok Lite, on the other hand, is less than 30MB in size. The file capacity of the app rises to around 125MB with the addition of app data and cache data. The Lite edition is therefore great if you have a phone with little internal storage. The battery usage is comparable between the two versions because they both support video replay.
  • Settings

With TikTok, you may configure your TikCode. The user’s manual search phase is cut down via TikCode. Instead, you can easily search and follow the code. Other than TikCode, there are a number of privacy options available to control who may share and view your content, preventing anyone from using your shared movies excessively.

You have the option to block users, make your profile private, and use other straightforward notification settings when it comes to privacy. There’s a lot of it there. The privacy options won’t be very beneficial if you don’t upload videos.

  • Interface and Loading

At first glance, the user interfaces of the two applications are identical. The home button allows you to see the videos, and the four options next to it are search, upload, notification, and profile. Unfortunately, Tiktok Lite doesn’t preload videos, which accounts for issues and delays. This saves data, power, and storage.

Another minor difference is the application icon. The lite version of TikTok features a square icon with a white background, whereas the full version has a circle icon with a black background.

  • Upload Way

The Upload functionality isn’t functional, despite assurances to the contrary in the TikTok Lite app review. TikTok Lite’s Upload option indicates that an upcoming update will include the upload feature.

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How to Download Tiktok Lite on iPhone

iOS devices, including the iPad, iPod, and iPhone, may access TikTok Lite. The TikTok Lite software is available in the Apple app store for iOS users’ smartphones.

To download TikTok Lite to your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your iOS device and launch the Apple app store.
  2. If logging into your iCloud account is required, do so.
  3. Type “TikTok Lite” into the search bar and click “Search.”
  4. Now just Click the download button to get the application.

• Configure the app.

Additionally, you might need to get TikTok Lite on your iOS device via TikTok Lite APK files if you can’t search for and download it from the Apple App Store website. such as,,, or another website.


TikTok Lite is a tool that enables you to add humorous edits to some of the current videos in your library. In addition, the application offers thousands of configuration options and unique features for customising settings. It’s really a bad that you can’t make fresh films using this app because it would make it more useful for viewers than for content creators.

FilmoraGo is the way to go if you’re looking for a strong TikTok video editor because it enables you to add sound, stickers, and filters to your videos. Your videos can be edited, and overlays can be used. You can upload as many videos as you’d like to FilmoraGo (from internet sources like social networking sites) and have them all combined into one high-resolution file. Remove or add custom backdrops to your videos using FilmoraGo.

Add filters, text details, text transformations, and video features using FilmoraGo. Additionally, it offers customizable, dark, and light skin interface options.

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