How to make a gift basket?

One of our favorite presents to give is a basket stuffed to the brim with goodies. What else is more adaptable, after all? Give your BFF a unique basket, or keep it straightforward for your boss. Gift baskets are also suitable for practically every event, from holidays to housewarmings. Read more to learn How to make a gift baskets to your loved ones!


Almost any occasion can benefit from a gift basket, but buying the ready-made variety for all of your loved ones’ special occasions can grow pricey. You can customise the contents to the recipient and save your spending by building your own gift baskets. For each basket, use the same basic procedure, but alter the contents to fit your selected theme. The instructions for making gift baskets that follow will teach you how to pack your basket for the best display, how to keep the contents visible and sitting straight, and how to quickly and stylishly decorate a gift basket.

Materials required


A basket or other type of container. Although baskets are portable and affordable, you can also include an unique vessel as part of the gift, such as a huge mixing bowl, shoulder bag, glass pitcher, tea pot, stiff hat or sleek garbage basket — whatever vessel best fits your specific theme.


To fill the huge space that many baskets and containers have inside, use newspaper, packing paper, gift wrap, or cellophane. To fill it to the correct height before adding the bedding, simply crumple it up.


To go beneath the contents, add decorative shredded paper or other chic bedding. Shredded paper, plastic, tissue paper, dried moss or a souvenir like a dish towel, tablecloth, shawl, placemats, baby blanket or bandana to mention a few, may be included in this.


Any items you decide to put in the basket, whether they are made at home, purchased from a store, or—my favorite—a combination of both. Decide on a theme before arranging the food, souvenirs, plants and other details.


These could be handmade or store-bought bows. There are many different kinds of ribbon, including wide, wire and curling ribbon. Silk flowers on wire stems and various decorative foliage.


Cellophane or a comparable wrapping material should be used to protect the contents. You can wrap your basket in tulle or another sheer fabric for a more luxurious appearance.

Tools required

  • Cut paper, ribbon and/or cellophane with scissors.
  • Ribbon, cellophane, and contents can all be sealed with transparent tape.

Making Gift Baskets: Steps to Follow

Prepare supplies and materials

To ensure that it won’t tip over once filled, choose a robust basket or container with a level bottom. Make a list of the components and supplies you’ll need to assemble your very own gift basket after choosing a theme and utilising the materials list above. Prepare your unique gifts and take any other necessary steps (i.e. make jam, decorate jars, attach tags).

Create the basket

Clean and, if necessary, spray paint an old basket in a well-ventilated place if you plan to use it (preferably outdoors). To fill deep baskets, lightly crumple filler paper and fill to about 1 inch from the brim (or as high as desired). Filler paper is covered with the decorative bedding of your choice.

Insert Contents

Add your chosen goods and treats. Keep everything organised and visible. Make an effort to place tall objects in the back, medium-height items in the middle, and short ones in front. Organize the goods till they seem appealing.


You’ll probably want to decorate in addition to following the basic instructions for making gift baskets. Actually, this is an undefined stage. Ribbon and bows can be added as desired. With artificial or dried berries, silk flowers and other embellishments, fill in any blank spaces. Wrap ribbon in a curl. Wrap wired ribbon around a pencil or another similar object to create spirals. Include a charming gift tag with the recipient’s name, the basket’s theme or any other information. Wrap the handle in a decorative ribbon. If you have any small decorative keepsakes, include them. Once more, secure items exactly how you imagined them using whatever tools are required (a hot glue gun, glue dots, tape).

Bundle basket

This step is not necessary. Your gorgeous handcrafted gift basket can be given just as is. However, if you wrap it up, there will be less likelihood of spilling because the gift basket will be more stable and safe. Cellophane, tulle, or sheer fabric are all options. Gift basket bags, which are now readily available in a variety of sizes and engineered to shrink around the basket with the use of a blow dryer are a practical substitute for a roll of cellophane.


The only thing left to do after completing the previous steps is to deliver the basket to your loved one. You may be sure that your thoughtfulness and effort will be noticed whether you deliver it personally or through a delivery service and that is all it takes to put together a gift basket that your friends and family will adore receiving! As you can see, you can create a fantastic custom gift for your loved ones by using a decent theme and a few thoughtfully placed objects.


  • You must first line the basket with something attractive, like tissue paper, shredded paper, or whatever you’re using for bedding, if you can see the filler paper through the edges of the basket.
  • If your items are falling over, keep in mind your things are straight and properly balanced, use tape, glue, glue dots, skewers, and whatever else you can think of. Use all of them to attractively secure goods. The experts work in that way!
  • Items may be fastened to one another, the basket, or even held up straight using a skewer inserted into the crumpled filler paper and affixed to the back of the object (or into floral foam for larger baskets).
  • Utilize additional content and aesthetic elements to mask such supports if necessary.

Ideas for substitute containers for basket

  • Slippers (for men or women)
  • lawn hose (wound into the shape of bowl)
  • Bucket.
  • metal bucket for the farm.
  • Drinking cup.
  • Canine bowl
  • Mason jar
  • Jar of cookies

Small, inexpensive gifts for friends

  • Notebook
  • Picture frame.
  • Plant life
  • A photo album
  • Baked foods
  • A home-cooked supper.
  • Goodie for self-care


From the convenience of your home, assemble a beautiful gift basket. It can take some time to decide what to put in a gift basket, especially if you want to include homemade goods. By ordering your gifts , you may avoid the additional trouble of needing to stock up on gift basket necessities. Simply put the items you require in your shopping cart, indicate any notes you may have for your personal shopper and select same-day delivery or pick up at the checkout.

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