How to fake a fever

You forgot to study for the exam today or get ready for that important presentation, so you need to know how to fake a fever to get out of it. Don’t worry! We’ll show you exactly how to easily induce a false fever. Continue reading to find out how to inflate your temperature on a thermometer, give yourself a feverish flush, and play up your “symptoms” so you appear to be sick. It’s really simple to pretend to fake a fever, so why would you do it? For students or kids who wish to take a day or two off school and spend time with themselves, making up a fever is pretty typical. Simply pretending to be ill is what you want to do to convince your parents to give you the day off from school.

Why do you want to pretend to be sick?

The following reasons are the main causes of someone pretending to have a fake fever.

  • Kids and students essentially fabricate illnesses to get out of school or high school.
  • People who work in offices frequently pretend to have a fever in order to obtain the day off.
  • Spending time by oneself is something you occasionally need to do.

There are various reasons why you might wish to make up a fever. Although you can never truly fake a fever, you can always pretend to have the signs of a fever to fool people into thinking you do.

What are some fake fever symptoms?

You can simulate a number of fake fever symptoms. The signs and symptoms include

  • Cough and the common cold
  • High body temperature
  • Sneezing without stopping
  • Headache and persistent perspiration
  • Low energy and a stuffy nose

Six simple ways to fake a fever

  • Use onions to fake a fever

Onions help you increase your body’s temperature. Considering that all you need is an onion, this technique is incredibly easy. The onion should be sliced (2-4 slices are enough). Slices of onion should be placed under your armpit and left there for 5 – 6 hours. 


  • Put a blanket over you and pretend you have a fever.
  • Remove any evidence and get up before your folks.
  • So that the heat remains in your mouth as well, drink hot water.
  • At your own risk, try this.
  • Use garlic to simulate a fever

The simplest approach is to inflate your body temperature and simulate a fever. You only need minced or whole cloves of garlic. If you are using minced garlic, a spoon will do if you cut the garlic clove in half vertically. Put garlic cloves or minced garlic under your armpits for 6-7 hours. Place the garlic before going to bed if you want to pretend to have a fever in the morning.

Your body temperature rises as a result, and your thermometer registers a high body temperature. By using garlic in this manner, you can create your own fever.


  • Put some blankets over you to increase the temperature.
  • Don’t overdo it because the temperature will rise if you do.
  • At your own risk, try this.
  • Use the thermometer-rubbing method to create a fever

On this list, this is the one that is easiest. A digital thermometer is all that is required. Due to the fact that this method has nothing to do with your body, it is safe. The thermometer’s reading will change, which will assist you persuade your parents that you have a fever.

You must repeatedly rub the thermometer back and forth on your cloth to do this. After that, take your temperature while the thermometer is on. The result will reveal that your body temperature is at least higher than 101 degrees.


  • Put on a blanket to appear feverish
  • Do this right before you want to show your parents the body temperature.
  • You take the risk by doing this.
  • Use hot water to stimulate the body’s temperature

This is an additional risk-free way to raise the temperature. A thermometer and hot water are all that are required. Take a cup and put hot water in it. The thermometer should be turned on and its tip should be placed in some hot water. Take your body temperature after that. You can raise the thermometer practically immediately thanks to this. This typically happens because you are changing the reading by dipping the thermometer in warm water.


  • Do this right before you prove you have a fever because the temperature reading will drop quickly.
  • Never submerge the thermometer tip for longer than 3–4 minutes.
  • Avoid dipping it for too long because the outcome will be absurd.
  • Utilizing blankets effectively will also cause you to get hotter

Try this approach with two or three blankets. The more blankets you use, the better the outcome. Be careful not to choke yourself.

Avoid using a fan the previous night, and sleep with as many blankets as you can. Severe perspiration will cause your body temperature to increase. When you wake the next morning, cover your face with the blanket and breathe out. By stroking the blanket against your face, you can warm it up. As a result, you will have a fever-like symptom.


  • Do not forget to take off the additional blankets and get up before your parents.
  • If your parents take your temperature with a thermometer, you can try technique 4 right away 
  • At your own risk, try this.
  • Make yourself vomit to indicate that you’re not feeling well

Leave the door open, enter your bathroom, and try to vomit. Here are a few quick and simple ways to make yourself sick. The forced vomiting will show that you are sick, and your parents will approve of the day off. However, refrain from doing any actions that could land you in the hospital.


  • Do this after inducing a false body temperature because it will serve as more evidence.
  • Act only at your own risk.

Eat hot meals 

To naturally raise your body temperature. Jalapenos, chilies, and peppers are examples of spicy meals that can raise your body temperature. If you have something similar on hand, try eating a little to naturally raise your body temperature. But don’t go extra.

Induce sweating

Apply a washcloth to your skin or spritz water on your face. For a few minutes, submerge a washcloth in warm water. Place it over your face after it’s warm, let it in place for a few minutes, and then remove it. Make sure your face isn’t soaked—you only want the appearance of sweaty, clammy skin.

Put on a sleepy face

If you’re trying to pretend to have a fever, you can’t be hopping around and acting OK. You should be lazy and appear to lack energy.

An example would be to Sit so hard you can hardly keep your head up, and lean against your arm. If you’re standing, let your body tilt forward. Even a slight bend over and stumble could occur. Try lowering your gaze to partially close your eyes. As a result, you will appear to be too heavy to fully open.

Fake a cold, sneeze, cough, or snuffle. You may spice up your act with a few sniffles, a cough, or sneezes as cold symptoms and fever frequently go hand in hand. To make it seem more plausible, scatter some tissues around your bed or room. Additionally, eating spicy food can cause a runny nose.


Never attempt to make up a fever. Naturally rising fever is a sign that something is very wrong with your health. Your parents become concerned if you fake this fever. Therefore, it is preferable to persuade your parents that you require a break that day rather than fabricating a fake fever. Your parents care about you and will undoubtedly comprehend your situation.

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