August 7, 2022

How to style basics and not look basic

How to style basics and not look basic

Simple clothing is a simple approach to look and feel nice without exerting too much effort or stress. Anyone willing to make the necessary adjustments can accomplish it. Try cleaning up your closet, using fewer cosmetics, and going with a classic, maintainable hairstyle. A character can tell a lot about in just a few sentences by the clothes they are wearing. Also, you can learn details about age, social standing, financial situation, personality, and other aspects. The beauty of style basics and not look basic is that, like a blank canvas, you can build several looks around them. We’ve all used the term “basic” to describe someone’s appearance, but for those of you who don’t know what it means, think of a plain t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops to get the idea. Wearing your fundamentals but avoiding looking basic is key.

How should one dress simply and traditionally?

A basic, classic dress that is typically one solid color and may be altered to fit a variety of events. When it’s hot outside or you just want something comfortable to wear, everyone turns to the basics. So why not give them a bit more style? The fact that your clothes are simple doesn’t mean that your outfit has to be uninteresting or unattractive. 

To improve the basics and dress up your daytime attire, go for color, texture, and print.

Improve your sense of style by learning how to dress any item in your closet

  • Make use of your wardrobe capsule.
  • Make sure your apparel perfectly suits you.
  • Learn to balance proportions well.
  • Find your own style.
  • Boost your shopping abilities.
  • Put a belt on.
  • Play with color.

How to make your wardrobe less basic

  • Change the way you assemble the items.
  • Leave the box’s boundaries.
  • Put an end to heating up your hair.
  • Refine your sneaker selection.
  • Buy a special pair of jeans.
  • Possess more than you show.

How can I look basic without being overly plain?

  • Dress in one color (Like all-white and all-black)
  • Simple jewelry (like thin necklace)
  • Black and white clothing works best simple jewelry, which you should limit to one piece (Like black pants or jeans with white basic tee)
  • Any basic jean outfit
  • Choose dresses with simple designs, timeless cuts, and in one color.
  • Simple haircut or simple bun hairstyle
  • Funky sunglasses

Making your face look fresh

Rinse your face with cold water to have a clean slate and a fresh start. Apply a moisturizer if your skin is dry. If you opt not to wear makeup, this may be the only step you need.

The night before you want a basic appearance, use coconut oil as a facial moisturizer. It is greasy to wear all day, but it absorbs into your skin overnight.

If you choose to wear makeup, use toner

Toner will clean your pores more thoroughly than simply washing your face with water. Apply a few drops of the solution on a cotton ball, being careful to keep the area around your eyes clear.

For men, toner is a decent substitute. It can stop pimples or acne from shaving and has a lovely smell. Just keep in mind that toner, which contains alcohol and might burn, shouldn’t be used straight away after shaving.

Using tweezers, shape your eyebrows 

Shape your eyebrows for a neat, appealing appearance even if you don’t do anything else. An eyebrow pencil can be used to fill in and define the low areas of your eyebrows.

Consider using color

Start with one piece in a neutral color and work your way up if you’re hesitant to add color to your outfit. As you get more familiar with color combinations, you’ll discover which ones best suit your fashion sense.

Combine textures and patterns

The practice of matching your bags and shoes is no longer acceptable. Colliding textures and designs create an eye-catching fashion statement. Prior to adding sequins and paisleys, start with simple patterns like stripes and discreet materials like knit and leather.

Be who you are. Your personality will be highlighted more because of your understated appearance than your physical attractiveness.

Get better at shopping 

It will be easier for you to avoid stuffing your wardrobe with clothes you never wear if you know how to buy exactly what you want. When you have items in your wardrobe that you adore, styling an outfit will come naturally.

Include a belt

One of the simplest ways to make any outfit look more put together is to add a belt to it. It’s also a fantastic strategy for creating harmony in an outfit, such as when wearing a long cashmere sweater with a billowy midi skirt that might not otherwise work.

Layer your essentials by wearing a turtleneck over a button-down shirt

Layer a blazer over a basic turtleneck over a pointed-collar button-down, as Victoria Beckham did for her S/S 20 catwalk show. If you use contrasting colors for each layer so they really stand out.

Put a floral dress underneath your staple puffer jacket

This is the perfect basic outfit as a floral dress appropriate for spring. Choose a midi or maxi length that will show through the coat to quickly brighten your appearance.

With lug-sole boots, you may add a cool-girl touch to your basic midi skirt

Even though a pleated midi skirt is a year-round stylish choice, the shoes you choose can completely change the way it looks. Consider wearing thick lug-soled boots instead of the chic basics.


Try a front tuck or cuffing your sleeves as an alternative to wearing a button-up shirt and pants. Consider innovative ways to design your essentials to add more appeal to them.

Everyone needs the essentials in their clothing; the challenge is identifying the items in your closet that fulfill those functions. Remember to choose garments that you will wear frequently, fit your lifestyle, and have a variety of uses, such as jeans or slacks, when choosing what to include in your wardrobe as essentials. 

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