How to get Hair Dye Off Counter?

Are you interested in finding out how to get hair dye off of a counter? With hair color, the issue is that such obscure splats don’t show up until the dye has fully formed. By the time you clean up the mess, it is too late. But don’t worry, with these 9 incredibly easy tips, you may quickly and effectively remove hair dye off from your bathroom counter.

Nine Easy tips on how to get hair dye off your counter

Here are 9 simple ways to get rid of hair dye using materials and ingredients you probably already have around the house.

  • Use dish soap and water to remove hair dye from your counter

This is the most popular and easy method. Simply combine dish soap and water to make a wet surface and then use a sponge or cloth to apply it to the affected areas. Gently scrub the dye off your hair until it is gone, then rinse with fresh water. 


    • 3 tbsp Baking Soda, 
    • 4 tbsp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    • 1 tbsp Dish Washing Soap
    • Shower Cap/Plastic Bag
  • Make use of white vinegar

This is a second effective method for removing hair dye from countertops. Use a sponge or cloth to apply white vinegar directly to the stain, then gently clean the area until the stain is removed. After that, rinse with fresh water.

  • Use baking soda

Baking soda is yet another method that effectively gets rid of stains from hair dye. Simply combine baking soda and water to produce a paste, and then use a sponge or cloth to apply it to the stain. Gently work the paste into the stain before rinsing with fresh water.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide

You may also use hydrogen peroxide to get hair dye off of your counter. Simply rub carefully until the hair dye is removed after applying hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain (while wearing gloves to protect your hands). After that, rinse with fresh water.

  • Apply rubbing alcohol

Another effective method for eliminating hair color stains is rubbing alcohol. Simply use a sponge or cloth to apply rubbing alcohol to the stain, then scrub gently until the hair dye is removed. After that, rinse with fresh water.

  • Make use of nail polish remover

Hair coloring stains can also be removed using nail polish remover. Use a sponge or cloth to apply nail polish remover to the stain, then scrub gently until the hair dye is removed. After that, rinse with fresh water.

  • Hair spray

In addition to securing your hairstyle, hairspray has other uses. In fact, you can use it to prevent furniture stains caused by hair dye. If you promptly spot the hair dye mess, spritz the stain with hairspray and wipe it away with a rag or paper towel. Because hairspray also contains alcohol, this works.

  • Toilet cleaner

Try your standard bathroom cleanser first, especially if there are stains in the shower and tub. These cleaners, which are frequently made with bleach, could be able to get rid of the stain if you notice it in time. Use a porous sponge to scrub the cleanser into the damaged area and then remove it.

  • Bleach 

As we noted, bleach is a common ingredient in bathroom cleaning solutions. It works well as a cleaning agent and can be used to get rid of stains left behind by hair color in your bathroom. Bleach and water should be combined in an equal amount, then applied to the stain and left to sit for approximately 10 minutes. The stain should disappear when you wipe the bleach away.

How to clean hair dye off laminate countertops

When it comes to removing hair color stains, laminate counters might be a little challenging to work with. 

  • The first thing you should do is use a moist cloth to wipe up any stray hair dye.
  • Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, you must dab the stain with a little hairspray or rubbing alcohol and scrape it with a sponge.
  • Use an Eraser or pad to see whether the stain comes out.
  • Just keep in mind to use delicate pressure, since using too much force with these products can easily damage laminate surfaces.

How to get hair dye off granite countertops

Any surface can be tough to remove hair dye off, but granite is particularly challenging. This is so because granite is a weak natural stone that readily absorbs hair color. You must therefore be extra cautious when cleaning up spills as a result. Here are some pointers to assist you in finishing the task.

  • With a clean cloth, begin by blotting off as much of the hair dye as you can. Try using a little dish soap if the stain is still moist.
  • After applying the soap to the cloth, carefully rub the stain with it. After cleaning the area with clean water, pat it dry. It will take a little more work if the stain has already dried.
  • A clean cloth should first be soaked with warm water. A few drops of dish soap should be added to the cloth before you begin to gently scrub the stain. This procedure might need to be repeated numerous times before the stain starts to disappear.
  • Rinse the area with fresh water after the stain has been removed, then pat it dry. All done!

Best methods for removing surface stains caused by hair coloring

  • Dishwashing soap. You can use this procedure if the stain is fresh or still somewhat damp.
  • Remover for nail polish, put some nail polish remover on a clean cloth and soak it.
  • Vinegar and baking soda 
  • Use WD-40 to get rid of dye stains.

Conclusion and advice

Check the material of your bathroom suite before using any cleaning chemicals to ensure that they won’t scratch or otherwise harm the affected area.

Here is some pre-dye advice to help minimize any staining in your bathroom and on your skin before you dye your hair at home:

  • Put on an outdated t-shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • If the dye leaks, cover your bathroom furniture and the floor with towels or sheets.
  • Be prepared with cleaning tools in case dye accidentally gets on something.
  • Always put on safety gloves.
  • Vaseline applied around the hairline and ears can help prevent skin stains.

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