When writing with a fountain pen, you may find ink leaking from your hands. Though fountain pens can be untidy even  they rarely leak unless there is an internal issue. Even the most seasoned connoisseurs have been known to mistakenly damage a newly penned sentence or leak ink during a refill. Even seasoned pen fans can become overwhelmed by an accidental ink spill or unsightly smudge, which is why we will go over a number of practical ways to clean fountain pen ink off skin. Ink stains can be removed from fountain pens and other writing instruments using a variety of techniques. Some products are easily accessible through online sellers, office supply stores, and stores that sell personal stuff. Others are conveniently available in office and home. Read on to learn about how to get pen ink off skin.


The majority of fountain pen inks are created using water and dye. When wet, they run more smoothly on a fountain pen nib than inks with an oil or gel basis. Because it could take longer to dry, there’s more chance that fountain pens will smear and get stained.

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You may prevent ink stains on your hands by writing carefully and implementing some safety measures. Some writers hold a sheet of paper in front of their hands while writing to prevent the permanent ink from getting on their hands. Before typing, one should apply a protective coating of adhesive to their palm and let it dry for a short while. During this time, you can put another piece of paper on the keyboard to prevent friction from making marks. Refilling is an inconvenient and perhaps hazardous activity. To avoid accidently spilling blood or other bodily fluids on the dry glue or paper during replenishing, gloves should be worn.


When fountain pen ink stains the epidermis, regular hand washing will eventually erase the stain when the skin flakes off naturally. The water-based ink will disappear after several tries as the skin’s epidermis gradually peels off. Fountain pen oil-based ink can be safely and effectively removed off hands and skin using a variety of home remedies. They include things you presumably already have at home.


Hand Sanitizers

Fountain pen ink can be removed off hands and other skin areas more effectively with isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizers than with soap and water. Especially, to make the stain simpler to remove, take a clean cloth and rub the sanitizer over the spot in a circular motion. You can simply wipe the ink away with a clean towel if the stain is really difficult to remove.

Baby Oil

Baby oil dissolves the oils in fountain pen ink. It makes cleaning fountain pen or rollerball ink stains much simpler because it may be used to remove stains from ink. After applying baby oil in a circular motion, just rinse with water. Additionally, utilize a paper towel, a clean cloth and a cotton ball to remove difficult stains.


Borax is a salt in the form of granules that can be used as an ink stain remover or laundry booster. Although it shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin, it can be combined with liquid soap or water to help erase ink stains from clothing and materials. Use of Borax for this purpose should be avoided by those with sensitive skin.

Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid works wonders to get rid of stains. Directly apply it on the ink stain and leave it alone for 15 minutes. Use water to rinse, then blot dry.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Oils from fountain pen ink are eliminated by Dr. Bronner’s, a mild soap made from natural ingredients. Babies and others with sensitive skin frequently use this castile soap. The gentle, natural formula is ideal for anyone with soap allergy or skin irritation. Fountain pen ink can be removed off hands using Dr. Bronner’s soap. Rinse well with water to remove any stains.

Hair Spray

A well-known pen-tenderizer is hairspray. It removes stains from contact with your skin and dissolves the ink in fountain pens. The tough stain can be removed using a hairspray-soaked cloth without harming the fabric of your clothes.

Lemon Juice and Milk

Lemon juice and milk both have natural stain-removing abilities for skin and clothing. Use a clean, dry cloth to gently rub milk or lemon juice into your soiled clothing until the stain is removed.

Shampoo and Shaving Cream

Fountain pen ink may easily be eliminated from hands, hair and clothing using shampoo and shaving cream. Use shampoo to wash your skin with it; it works well as an alternative to soap to remove stains from your skin. If you have ink beneath your fingernails, thoroughly washing your hands with clean water, Than use a hand cleaner to remove the stains, and then drying your hands can totally scrub the ink off.

Tea Bags

Recipes for cleaning the home frequently call for teabags. They are excellent for removing the buildup that frequently occurs in a tiny space and may delicately erase ink stains. Because tea oils cause stains on your clothes. Use a teabag and a cloth to get rid of them. Try not to be too rough with the cloth otherwise,  you will break the bag and waste the contents.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural solution that can be used to remove a variety of stains, including grease on textiles, ink spills, and tea stains. Afterwards few drops of the oil should be added to a dry cloth before you gently remove the stain. Than use a fingernail brush for those difficult-to-reach areas if the stain is difficult to remove. While removing the stain may require several tries, this technique is mild on skin types with sensitivity.

Baking Soda

The baking soda in toothpaste takes ink off of your skin whether it is gel or non-gel. Non-gel toothpaste should be applied to the entire stain and than rubbed on for a few seconds before being rinsed off with plain water to remove ink stains.

Butter and Vegetable shortening

Butter and vegetable shortening dissolve the oil in fountain pen ink, releasing a comparatively pure liquid. Rinsing will get rid of this liquid and your fountain pen’s remaining ink won’t be harmed. Apply soft butter or shortening to a moist sponge and gently rub the ink stain with the combination to remove fountain pen and gel pen ink from hands or any other skin region. By removing the excess with a clean, dry paper towel, the grease will then make it simpler to remove.

White Vinegar

One of the most efficient cleaners for fountain pen and ballpoint pen ink is white vinegar. It can assist in removing oil stains from paper without endangering the paper’s fibres.  Eventually, dampen the stain with a solution of white vinegar and warm water, scrub gently with a cotton swab, a microfiber cloth, or an absorbent towel to remove the hardened oil layer, and the surface will be left clean and stain-free.


Simultaneously, The same techniques used to remove ink stains from skin can also be used to remove ink stains from fingernails. Products for removing fingernail stains should often be able to manage the situation. So, The ink will dissolve and come out of your fingernails more quickly if you soak your fingertips in one of the kinder solutions, such milk or vinegar. You can keep your hands smelling well for longer by using tea tree oil or hairspray on a daily basis. But by gently buffering the skin from the stain with a nail brush, you can get rid of it in a few days as opposed to weeks.

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