What is a double chin?

The region under your chin and around your jawline is referred to as a double chin (also known as submental fat). Even though losing weight can reduce the amount of extra fat under your chin, occasionally genetics prevent this from happening. The jawline can appear less defined and visually attractive if there is fat under the chin. Pre-platysmal fat is the common name for the most noticeable portion of double chin fat. Injections can be used to treat this, however there are further options to get rid of double chin fat.

The medical name for a double chin is “submental adiposity,” often known as “submental fat.” Diet and exercise are the greatest starting treatments for all extra fat. But even with a balanced diet and exercise routine, neck and chin fat can be difficult to lose. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get rid of your double chin for a thinner neck and face.

Why do people get double chins?

A double chin can result from a variety of circumstances, not all of which are related to weight gain, including:

  • Age: As we grow older, our skin becomes less elastic. A double chin can develop as a result of sagging skin around the chin and neck caused by the aging process.
  • Diet: Although weight is not the main determinant in the development of a double chin, it can undoubtedly play a role.
  • Genetics and facial structure: Genetics and facial structure may play a role in why your jawline won’t disappear if other members of your family have a lot of extra skin around their jawlines.
  • Poor posture: Poor posture can weaken the muscles in the neck and chin, which can add to the undesirable fat in the region.

What can you do to reduce your double chin then?

To get rid of the fat and give your neck its usual shape, there are many procedures available. The individual and how elastic the skin and deeper tissues are influence the type of treatment to some extent.

There won’t be an improvement in appearance if the fat is removed and the skin sags. Therefore, surgery is the best course of action for older people whose tissue elasticity has decreased as a result of advancing age because some skin can also be removed. Smokers more frequently need surgical therapy because heavy smoking can cause the skin to droop.

Younger persons with good skin elasticity have more non-surgical options for minimizing or getting rid of their double chin. There are now several non-invasive techniques available.


Kybella, an injectable medicine called deoxycholic acid, is the first non-surgical choice. This bile acid, which the body usually produces and aids in the absorption of fat during digestion. By destroying fat cells when injected into submental fat, Kybella stops the body from storing fat in the chin region. Kybella is exclusively recommended for injection into the submental area at this time.

It’s likely that more areas of the body will use Kybella in the future. The use of it for anything other than submental fat is currently regarded as off-label. Typically, Kybella injections follow topical chin numbing cream application. To calculate how much Kybella will need to be injected, a template diagram sticker is applied to the submental area.

The injection site will typically experience swelling, redness, discomfort, and stiffness as adverse effects with Kybella. Because the drug is eliminating the fat cells, patients might anticipate redness and swelling for a few days following therapy. While most patients need two to three sessions of therapy, some individuals have extraordinary, organic benefits after just one. Patients may need up to six treatments in rare circumstances. When more than one Kybella session is required, the treatments are normally spaced apart by around six weeks.


Patients can also think about CoolSculpting as a non-surgical alternative. This alternative makes use of a method called cryolipolysis, in which a machine freezes and kills fat cells by exposing them to subfreezing temperatures. Fat under the chin and in other problem areas, including the stomach, thighs, back, and more, can be eliminated using CoolSculpting. When solely addressing the submental region, therapy sessions last about 45 minutes. Sessions will take longer if more body parts are being treated.

The vacuum-applicator of the device needs to fit comfortably on the patient’s neck in order to determine whether the patient is a candidate for CoolSculpting. Patients might anticipate experiencing a strong cold, pulling, and mild discomfort in the treatment area. Patients may have minor bruising, redness, and swelling following therapy. Kybella injections and CoolSculpting both commonly need for a number of treatments.

Submental Liposuction

Submental liposuction is a surgical method for eliminating submental fat for patients searching for a one-time therapy. Local anaesthetic or a numbing injection can be used to accomplish this liposuction. Some individuals will also take an oral sedative in addition to this. A little incision is made in a covert skin crease behind the chin after the skin has been numbed.

Through the little incision, the skin is then separated from the fat, and the extra fat is suctioned away. For the best, most natural results, we remove fat from the neck and jawline at the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams. Sutures are then used to close the wound and are removed about a week following the treatment. Submental liposuction may potentially have a slight skin-tightening effect when the skin recovers.

Lower Face & Neck Lift

The three procedures outlined above work well to reduce extra fat in the neck and submental area. However, patients with troublesome extra neck skin are unlikely to achieve their desired outcomes without surgery. A lower face and neck lift may be an option for patients who want to get rid of both extra neck skin and submental fat. A lower face/neck lift removes extra skin while tightening the lower face and neck, making patients look considerably younger than they did before.

This facelift, which is carried out under general and local anesthetic and necessitates a 10- to 14-day recovery period, is also known as a weekend/neck lift. The greatest candidates for this surgery are those who desire a more long-lasting, single procedure that will get rid of both their double chin and any extra skin on their neck and lower face.

Moisturizers for the face

It might be possible to get rid of a double chin by incorporating skincare products into your routine that have been designed to improve skin suppleness and raise your collagen production. One of the best methods to preserve the firmness of your skin is to keep it hydrated and healthy.


By massaging your face and neck at home, you might be able to lessen the look of the looser skin around your jawline. Massage can reduce stress, improve blood flow, and raise your muscles, which can help you lose your double chin. Since the jawline contains several lymph nodes, by massaging from your lower jaw up towards your ear, you can reduce fluid retention.

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)

A non-surgical method of reducing body fat called cryolipolysis uses extremely low temperatures to destroy and eliminate fat cells from particular body parts. The greatest candidates for this operation, which can be employed on the chin region, are those who are in generally good condition. One session of this treatment can last up to an hour without the use of a general or local anesthesia. 

Cosmetic procedures

A common procedure for reducing extra body fat is liposuction. Incisions are formed in the skin during a surgical process called liposuction, and the excess fat is subsequently removed using a variety of techniques. In addition to liposuction, other cosmetic treatments that can be performed to remove extra fat include liposculpture and submentoplasty.

What is the sensation of receiving injections to remove double chin fat?

We have been utilizing an injectable made by Allergan that was created specifically to address double chin obesity since 2017. The areas that require treatment are covered with a temporary tattoo template. This guarantees that each injection location receives the precise volume needed. We apply topical anesthetic to the treatment region and administer local anesthetic injections to reduce any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. Ice is another option for numbing the treatment region.

You’ll endure swelling and perhaps soreness after getting fat-dissolving injections for your double chin. This may be quite a bit on the day of your treatment, but it’s an indication that the procedure is effective and that your body is eliminating fat cells. Despite the fact that this is a non-surgical procedure, we advise scheduling your appointment so you can leave right after. Bruising may develop in some patients over the following few days. This typical adverse effect can linger for up to three weeks.

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