How To Make an Envelope

Origami Fold from a Sheet of Paper

Find out how to fold a piece of paper into an envelope. It’s quite simple!

Why make one when I can just buy one, you ask?

because handmade envelopes are great and regular ones are boring. Making your own envelope allows you to use whatever colour or pattern you like. For example, you could create a Christmas-patterned one from of paper from the holiday season.

For my friend’s baby’s “moon party,” a Chinese celebration for when a newborn reaches one month old, I created the red envelope on this page. Giving money as a present in a red envelope is customary. Making an envelope came in really good because I didn’t have any red ones but I did have some red paper.

Why else?

You might not feel like going to the store because you’ve run out of envelopes. Anyway, let’s quit speculating and start figuring out how to fold an envelope, shall we?

Can I post an envelope like this in the mail?

I’m going to use a sheet of paper to create an envelope for the greeting card I have (on the left) (right). The paper should be roughly 2.5 times as tall and slightly wider than the card. Although I’m using plain red paper in this example, you may create incredibly vibrant envelopes by using wrapping material or scrapbooking paper.

Step 2:

Place the card in the lower-center of the piece of paper, then fold the sides inward to cover the card’s edges.

Step 3:

Along the top edge of the card, fold the paper up (while the card is still inside).

Step 4:

The two upper corners are folded down. Make sure they almost, but not quite, touch the edge of the portion you folded up in the previous step.

Step 5:

To close, lower the top flap.

Step 6:

To keep the flap in place, use glue or a sticker. It is worthwhile to glue or tape the sides of your envelope close if you plan to ship it in order to ensure that your card is particularly secure.


Here is how it appears from the front. I drew the lucky Chinese symbol on the paper!

How did it turn out for your envelope? I trust my directions were clear. You can get in touch with me using this helpful form if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi.

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