How to open a nail polish bottle?

One of life’s minor irritations that we could do without is having trouble opening a nail polish bottle. Even though we are aware that it is not a major deal, it is not enjoyable to feel as though you need to be built like a tank in order to paint your nails. Furthermore, it is a time waster. There are, however, simple solutions to every difficulty. The best of them are included in this article. Read this article to get information about how to open a nail polish bottle.

How to open a nail polish bottle

Methods to open a nail polish bottle

1: A bottle that is just barely stuck

A straightforward elastic band wrapped around the cap will improve your grasp if it isn’t overly stuck. Your hand will slide less, making it simpler for you to open the bottle.

2: The most popular method

Place the bottle in a pot of hot water and submerge it upside down. Give it five minutes or so to soak. You should be able to open it after the polish surrounding the cap melts as a result!

3: Utilizing nail polish remover

You are unable to open the bottle due to the dried nail polish that has gathered around the screw cap. Therefore, nail polish remover is the best option for removing the varnish. You can either let the bottle top soak in it or cover it with cotton wool that has been dipped in nail paint remover. You can alternatively pour the nail polish remover over the cap.

4: The “savage” method

Are you beginning to lose patience with a bottle of nail polish that is being especially difficult to open? Retaliate by whacking it against a hard surface to remove the dried nail polish. The bottle should be simple to open once it has been moved. Although cruel, this tactic is effective. However, take care not to crack the bottle.

5: The refrigerator

The nail polish will become more fluid and the bottle will be simpler to open when it is cold.

6: To stop it from occurring again

After each usage, clean the traces from the nail polish bottle’s neck to maintain its appearance. The solution should be a wipe of cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover. To make the bottle neck easier to unscrew the next time, you can also apply a little Vaseline to it.

7: Employ hot water

While the hot water is running, hold the nail polish bottle’s lid. While being careful not to let the water hit the bottle too much, the water must be as hot as possible. For 30 seconds, keep it submerged. The quickest and simplest method for releasing a stuck nail polish bottle is this. In fact, almost any glass container with a jammed lid will work with this technique.

The water’s heat causes the metal to expand and soften any crusted polish. This makes the lid more pliable and simpler to twist off. Additionally, thickened nail paint can be diluted in hot water. Put the cap in a dish of boiling water to prevent burning your hand. To prevent excessive water contact, hold the bottle upside down. Since most nail polish bottles are made of glass, boiling water may cause them to break. You must soak the lid of the bowl for around five minutes if you’re doing it that way. After removing the top from the hot water, gently dry it until it is cold enough to touch. Now you can turn the cap open.

8: Steps to Take If the Hot Water Doesn’t Work

The bottle might require a little more prodding if the hot water didn’t work. Put a rubber band around the slippery cap to give it more stability. You will have more leverage while twisting the cap as a result. If it doesn’t help, the dried polish may not have been sufficiently softened by the water. Try to wedge a Q-tip dipped in nail paint remover between the bottle’s cap and neck. Once you are pleased, repeat running the hot water over the cap for the allotted amount of time. Try turning the cap again after drying it.

9: Use tools for particularly stuck bottles

Use tools to help you gain a solid enough hold if you’re still having trouble taking the lid off. Be careful because if you use too much effort, heavy-duty metal equipment can easily break the bottle and produce a spill. There are numerous options; the following are just a few:

  • Grab the lid with a nutcracker and twist.
  • Turn the lid while holding it firmly in the adjustable wrench’s jaws and turning it with the help of the wrench’s lever.
  • In a vice, seize the bottle’s cap while holding it upside down. Turn the bottle itself, but be sure to remove it as soon as the resistance begins to decrease to prevent a leak.

Prevention Techniques

There are a few things you may do to avoid future difficulties opening nail paint.

  • The most obvious one is to wipe off any polish from the bottle’s neck before capping it. Since what causes it to become stuck is the dried polish between the cap and the neck.
  • The similar issue arises if nail polish is placed inside the cap.
  • Do you wish to avoid this in the future and are wondering how to clean a nail paint brush? The brush can be soaked with soapy water and nail paint remover. Let the brush dry a little after rinsing it with plain water.
  • Additionally, you need to be cautious about where you keep your nail paint. The ideal location for nail polish storage is a cool, dry area.
  • The cap will constantly expand and contract due to temperature variations, which will lead to a stuck situation. As a result, the nail polish will become clumpy and thick.
  • A cold temperature must be maintained at all times. Neither too cold nor too hot. The impacts of chilly temperatures are discussed in our article on can nail polish freeze.

How to open a nail polish bottle

Final Remark

It’s not difficult to open a bottle of glued nail paint. Hot water, an elastic band, and nail paint remover are all you need. Keep in mind to keep the bottle from getting too hot or it may crack. Also, take care not to burn yourself. Clean the bottle’s neck after each usage to stop further nail polish bottles from becoming trapped. There shouldn’t be any more issues as there isn’t any dried polish in the space between the bottleneck and cap.

Happy nail painting and good luck with your jammed nail polish bottle.

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