How to measure hair length?

We’ve all had moments when we daydream about having gorgeous, extra-long hair like Rapunzel. After all, long hair is frequently quite desired. So it seems to reason that you would want to regularly monitor your hair development. Unfortunately, due to the twists, turns, coils, and kinks in curly hair, measuring the length of curly hair with any degree of accuracy can be challenging. So, regardless of your hair’s structure or kind, we’ll tell you how to measure hair length in this post.

How to measure hair length

Different Hair Length Categories

  1. Short length: A buzzcut to a chin-length bob are typical examples of short length. Short hair typically has a length of between 10 cm and 20 cm.
  2. Medium length: which can range from just below the chin to a few inches past the shoulders, these hair lengths range from 20 to 40 centimeters.
  3. Long length: Long hair is often seen at the armpits and can be as long as you desire. It displays between 40 and 55 cm. However, if you had exceptionally long hair, it would be between 55 and 75 centimeters long.

How long your natural hair should be measured

The length of your hair can be measured in a variety of ways. They can include utilizing a ruler, measuring tape, or comparison photos. The latter entails documenting your hair throughout time with photos. You might photograph your hair and compare the length afterward. This procedure also works with photos taken over a period of six months.

Sometimes it could be too difficult or imprecise to use the aforementioned techniques. The use of your own body as a measuring tool is undoubtedly the simpler method. In this method, you can monitor your progress toward achieving your hair length goals and use your body as a hair length chart.

Divide hairs in portions

  • You’ll be measuring a few middle layers. Create a portion starting at ear level to section off your weave hair. That should be a little more than half an inch below the ear tip.
  • Clip the top portion of your head’s hair part in place.
  • Measure the head’s nape with a measuring tape for apparel. That would most likely be from one ear’s back to the other ear’s back. This distance should be between 5 and 7 inches overall.
  • Purchase two hairpieces with a track width of 5 inches or 7 inches that will clip into your genuine hair. This is the width, not the length, of the hair strands.

Use measuring tape to meaure hair length

  • Additionally, you will also measure the upper layer.
  • Keep your hair divided, then slide the measuring tape so that it is about an inch past the tallest point of your ear. Make careful you measure this space with the measuring tape raised 1 inch above the ear tip.
  • However, you want the dimensions to go beyond the ear as if they were wrapping up toward the junction of your hairline and face. This measurement ought to fall between 8 and 11 inches.

Measure the bottom layers of hair

  • Additionally, measure the bottom later by holding the measuring tape at a 1.5-inch distance from the back of your neck’s hairline.
  • Your tape should start about an inch behind each ear and go to the opposite ear.
  • The width of this dimension should fall somewhere between 3 and 5 inches.

Start taking measurement of the width

  • Finally, you can measure the side parts that are slightly thinner. Organize your hair bundles into sections such that the first section is heaped up.
  • The bangs on the crown of your head and a small bit of your hair would be that.
  • Now you must take a measurement of the width in a straight line beginning at the point where your hairline meets your temple and ending at the beginning of your ear area.
  • It usually ranges in size from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches.

How to measure hair length

How Do You Choose The Best Hair Length?

You should first think about your hair texture and facial shape before cutting your natural hair or purchasing a hairpiece.

Hair Texture

You are aware by this point that the texture of the hair affects how long the natural hair looks. Remember that not every hairstyle is appropriate for every type of hair. All of the hair varieties can be found in straight, wavy, or curly textures and in a variety of lengths (8″ to 30″) and haircuts.

Visit a hair salon and ask the stylist for guidance if you want to modify your hairdo but aren’t sure what to do. A nice alternative is to try a hair wig or real hair bundles.

Facial features

Your facial structure is just as important as your hair textures. On square faces, some specific haircuts and lengths seem better, although they don’t suit round faces, etc.

For instance, if you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. Most hair lengths look good on this facial form. Use the hair length chart in inches to choose whether to cut your hair short or let it long. If women want short hair, go with a bob wig. If you enjoy wearing your hair long, choose a style that has few layers and adds waves or curls to enhance your beauty.

Here are some pointers for taking photos that effectively compare hair lengths:

  • Keep your hairstyle consistent between the two photos.
  • Make sure your background, attire, and hair colour are in contrast.
  • Take two photographs from the same vantage point.
  • Give yourself adequate time between the first and second photos.

Here are some pointers to increase length longevity:

  • Keep the moisture in your hair.
  • Utilize hair care solutions that feature water as one of the first three ingredients.
  • Systems that add moisture.
  • Frequently deep-condition your hair.
  • Don’t constantly touch your hair.
  • Keep the moisture inside.


Due to the fact that it is entirely flat when we measure, straight hair is typically longer than curly hair. The optimal length to choose if you want a curly hair weave is one size longer than usual. Additionally, when worn, virgin curly hair tends to look heavier than straight hair. Purchase the desired size of straight, virgin hair that is true to its length.

Straight hair typically measures 1.5″ shorter than hair that is curly or 3.0″ shorter than hair that is wavy. If a consumer wants a curly hair look, we frequently advise them to get hair that is 2″ longer. If you have very short natural hair, you should pick a length under 18 inches to avoid feeling uncomfortable. It is recommended to wear long hair weaves this if you have medium to long hair.

How to fix over toned hair

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