How to tie a cravat? Traditional style.

A cravat is a brightly colored piece of fabric tied around the neck for decorative purposes. It originates from a style worn by army members known as the Croats in the 17th century and is the trendsetter of the modern necktie and bow tie. Day cravat is an informal cravat style worn under the shirt collar, while a formal cravat, also known as a wedding stock tie or Ascot, requires a cravat pin to secure the knot and is worn over the shirt collar. With our simple tips on tying a cravat, you’ll be ready to wear this sophisticated tie confidently.  

Steps needed to tie a day cravat

Follow these simple steps to tie your day cravat. 

  • It does not matter if you wear the pleats up or down. The most important thing is that pleats must overlap the knot, so the knot stays tighter, and you will look great all day. 
  • Position a cravat around your neck so that one end is slightly longer than the other.  
  • Secondly, grab the right longer end and goes over the left lot. Wrap the long end of the cravat around the short end to complete one loop. 
  • Holding the cravat tightly as you wrap it will help make it more secure to make the knot more secure. 
  • Wrap the longer end to make a second loop, then move up through the center of the cravat. 
  • Pull the long end of the cravat down in front of the circle. It will not lie flat if you twist the fabric during pulling. 
  • Tuck the cravat ends into your shirt or waistcoat. Make sure the fabric is flat against your chest as you tuck it in to fasten the cravat securely. 
  • Adjust as needed. 

Steps needed to tie a cravat? A simple knot.

  • It is a straightforward method to tie a cravat. You have to secure a single knot to finish the procedure.  
  • Position a cravat around your neck so that both ends are of equal lengths. 
  • Just create one knot and tuck both ends in your shirt collar. 

The drawback of this knot

You really have to adjust this knot, and it’s a very loose knot, so over the day, it will become lax. 

Steps needed to tie a cravat? Four-in-hand knot: 

  • Hang a cravat around your neck, so the right end is 2 inches longer than the left. 
  • Grab the longer end and get over and around. You can come over again and go through the back. 
  • Now go through the knot you created and push it through the knot. 
  • This method has the advantage of adjusting it, and it’s tight around your neck, just like a regular tie knot. 
  • Unlike the tie knot, the front end will be shorter than the rear end. 
  • Bring the longer back end from the backside to the front, so it comes over the front end. 
  • Adjust it to get some lovely creases, and then put them in the shirt. 
  • Adjust the knot until you like the look done. 

Plus point of this knot:

The great thing about this knot is that even if it comes loose, you can quickly tighten it, and it will stay intact all day long. 

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