How to Shift?

Would you like to travel to the universe of your favorite movie, television show, or book? Perhaps you would want to live in a world that you have entirely invented. You can truly take pleasure in both of those situations when you change reality. Look no further if you’re interested in reality shifting, the entertaining and exciting new trend on websites like TikTok and Instagram. Here, we’ll provide you with directions on how to shift to your preferred reality and discuss the most effective shifting techniques.

Shift for beginners 

Look for a peaceful, quiet location

You can focus better on shifting in a peaceful environment. Take a trip somewhere with some privacy, like your bedroom. Put some upbeat music on when the door is closed to foster creativity. Get rid of all the noise so you can concentrate just on your ideas.

  • Make a “changing playlist” or listen to music from your preferred shows and movies.
  • Light a light that makes you think of a wonderful location you’d like to go, like a forest.

Write your reasons for shifting

Make sure you have sound reasons for changing. Open a word document or get out your journal. Consider what you aim to achieve when you shift; perhaps you seek comfort, joy, or pleasure. Consider your motivations for moving with remarks like these: 

  • “I need some entertainment because social isolation is making me bored.”
  • “I simply want to relax for a little while because I’m stressed out from school.”
  • “I want to experience what becoming a Firebender would be like!”

Pick your desired reality (DR)

Create your own world or take inspiration from your favourite franchise. Perhaps you should visit a well-known location. You can create your own dimension if you like; it can be fantasy or realistic.

  • Think of breathtaking locations from movies that made you gasp.
  • Combine worlds—for instance, use components from a book and a television programme.

Imagine a unique DR. Think about what your ideal world would look like.

Describe the person you want to be in your DR

Create a new image for yourself or maintain the one you currently have. Consider your ideal appearance and skills; for instance, you might want purple hair and telepathy. Create a name for yourself and list all the characteristics your ideal DR would have. It’s also entirely acceptable to just be yourself without making any changes; perhaps you just need a change of scenery.

Create a character bio that provides information about your history and habits.

Use an easy portrait builder like Art breeder to draw your “DR self.” Keep hold to your best qualities, such as your sense of humor or your kindness.

In your DR, make a list of the relationships you want

Think of the loved ones, friends, or SOs you desire. Think about the people you want to hang out with and be close to. They could be fictional figures you adore or real people you wish existed. 

Make a list of the details about anyone you want to interact and bond with frequently. To get you started, consider these instances:

  • “I want to go with a prince who can befriend dragons,” she said.
  • “I’m seeking allies who will stand by me as I face every obstacle!”
  • “I want to join a clan that defends its planet,” you say.

Choose how long you want to remain in your DR

Make the most of your trip—perhaps you’d like to stay a month! Utilize a “time ratio,” a mechanism that determines how much time passes while you are in your DR compared to your current reality (CR). One hour in your CR, for instance, can be equivalent to a week in your DR. 

Make time ratios in your CR work with your schedule. For instance, experience a month in your DR for an hour in your CR before returning for dinner.

When you have more free time in your CR, treat yourself. For instance, if you’re on spring break, you can travel in your DR for a few hours each day.

To find other “shifters,” use hashtags

Make new friends while taking advantage of your moving community. Go to a social media platform such as TikTok or Instagram and type several keywords into the search bar, such as #shift, #shifter, #shifting, or #shiftingreality. 

Watch videos by clicking on those that catch your eye. You can exchange ideas by noting down details that inspire you and interacting with other followers. 

Look up other terms from fanbases you enjoy, such as #harrypotter or #anime.

Respond to other shifters’ comments and offer your own viewpoint.

Make a note of exciting facts, like the prospect of meeting a fictional character.

Complete the script

It is simpler to enter your DR if you have a plan for your trip. You write out a “script” for your DR so that you know exactly what to expect when your reality shifts. Write in your journal about the relationships and identity you have already chosen for yourself. Next, sketch up the regulations for the new dimension. You’ll be able to reach your DR more quickly if you can clearly picture it. Plan your trip to your DR for the summer if you want to see the Shire.

In your script, say what you don’t want to happen, like running into Voldemort. Select the activities, such as adventures or friendships, that you would prefer to leave to chance.

Try some grounding techniques while lying down

You should relax to achieve enhanced consciousness. Do a “body scan” while lying on your bed, concentrating on letting all of your muscles relax. When you’re through, you ought to be sleepy and nearly ready for bed. It’s more likely that you’ll be hypnotized, which is excellent for going to another dimension. Turning off the lights and playing some calming music may also be helpful.

Guided imagery and constructive visualization are supported by grounding exercises. You can concentrate more on your DR when under self-hypnosis rather than your CR.

In your mind, say affirmations repeatedly

You can reach a different reality by hypnotizing yourself with positive words. Short, impactful statements known as “affirmations” teach your mind to believe a certain way. Create affirmations about how you are totally capable of teleporting to another dimension in order to access your DR. Here are some inspirational, humorous quotes to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • “I make a shift to enter an ideal setting.”
  • “My thoughts can influence my reality.”
  • “I welcome my craziest fantasies.”

Shift realities with your selected technique

Try some of TikTok’s preferred methods. These have a propensity to be quite successful. Test out the most common shifting techniques available to input your DR as a starting point. They’re quite simple, and many other shifters who have tried them have experienced success: 

  • The “Raven Method” involves counting to 100 while you repeat your affirmations while lying down in the starfish position.
  • The “Alice in Wonderland Method” is to pretend to be leaning on a tree while waiting for someone from your DR to pass by, at which point you should chase them like the White Rabbit.
  • The “Pillow Method” Before going to bed, write affirmations on a piece of paper and tuck it behind your pillow.
  • “The Heartbeat Method” involves visualizing yourself resting on the chest of the person you’re dating while listening to recordings of a heartbeat.
  • “The Train Method” Close your eyes and visualize traveling to your DR by train.

Pay attention to the indications that you have entered your DR

Pay attention to physical indications such as weightlessness or heaviness. These changes are referred to as “symptoms” by those who are shifting, which are indications that you are about to shift. One shifter’s experience could not be the same as another’s. Here is a list of some typical signs you might experience:

  • You might sense gravity pulling you if you picture yourself falling down a rabbit hole.
  • You might feel as though you are floating if you imagine cosmic projecting, which involves sending your awareness elsewhere.
  • You might see a brilliant light as an indication that you are getting close to your DR.
  • Your excitement for your vacation may cause your heart to beat quickly.
  • Consider the angel number 999, which can indicate that you are called to help others. This is a sign from your DR.

Enjoy your time at the DR

Enjoy every aspect of the trip, including the people you meet and the places you see. Utilize your five senses while immersing yourself in your DR. Listen to the wind rustling through the leaves or the conversation of School students while admiring the lovely environment or checking out your crush! Put your attention toward making unforgettable moments and developing new acquaintances. Even after you’ve left your DR, you’ll have much to pause for and smile about. 

Enjoy exploring your additional senses, such as your sixth sense or any others you can think of.

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