A singular approach to skin care that works for everyone may sound like a pipe dream. But for the time being, it is still only a dream because every skin type has varied needs, some additives may actually do more damage than good to your skin. Perhaps your best buddy loves a certain ingredient, but when you try it, you develop acne the next day.

Finding a productive habit will undoubtedly require some effort and patience. However, you’ve come to the perfect place if you need assistance getting started. The article provided below will help you identify your basic skin care needs, establish some skin objectives, and choose reliable products.

What Is A Custom Skin Care Routine?

Let’s get right to work. A customized skin care regimen, sometimes referred to as a personalized skin care routine, is one that is specially crafted to meet your individual needs. In order to give your skin the Attention it need, your customized regimen considers your skin type and skin care concerns rather than the general routine that is advised to the masses. Now that you are knowledgeable about customized skin care regimens, it is time to create your own plan.

Skin needs and type

Everybody’s skin type and skin issues are unique, according to dermatologists. She notes that

“Although some people might choose to concentrate on pigmentation, others could prefer to concentrate on redness, sensitivity, or pores.”

What works in your 30s might not work in your 50s since your skin type and needs can alter over time. A practice that is effective for a 40-year-old might be too demanding for a 20-year-old.

Skin type examples include:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive
  • Acne-prone
  • Rosacea-prone

For Oily/dry/combination skin


1: Cleanse

  • Oily: For people with oily skin, cleaning in the morning helps to get rid of extra oil and dirt before the day even gets started. Use a mild cleanser that will awaken your skin, get rid of extra oil, and not too dry it out.
  • Dry: Dry skinned people frequently hesitate to wash their faces twice daily, but if you use a mild, hydrating cleanser that doesn’t remove your skin’s natural oils, you shouldn’t notice drier skin. Choose a cleanser that will delicately eliminate pollutants without dilating the pores.
  • Combination: A cleanser for combination skin must not only prevent dry skin from losing moisture, but also prevent excessive amounts of oil from being left behind. Find a nice cleanser that does both deep cleaning and moisturizing. Every morning, gently wash your face to get rid of any impurities picked up while you slept.

2: Tone

  • Oily: After using a mild cleanser, a toner is an excellent addition because it tightens your pores and gets rid of extra oil. Find a toner that contains salicylic acid to effectively combat that oil. But take care—it might also cause your skin to become dry! Simply squirt a tiny amount onto a cotton pad and apply to your skin. Try witch hazel or another alcohol-free toner if you prefer one without it.
  • Dry: Not all toners dry the skin. Some toners are hydrating, so you can get rid of those extra-deep pollutants without drying out your skin. Choose a toner with hydrating ingredients like rose water or aloe that is alcohol-free.
  • Combination: You need a toner that balances your skin and isn’t overly hydrating or overly drying, just like you did with your cleanser. Witch hazel-based toners can help remove oil without causing your skin to become dry, unlike salicylic acid. Pick a formulation that includes calming and hydrating ingredients, such as aloe or cucumber. Apply a dab to a cotton pad and rub your skin in a gentle manner.

3: Hydrate

  • Oily: Although moisturizing oily skin may seem contradictory, you must hydrate and restore your skin, especially after cleansing and toning! Use a mild moisturizer that won’t leave your face oilier in the morning, but be sure it has SPF!
  • Dry: The most crucial component of any dry skin routine is hydration. Pick a moisturiser that won’t clog your pores and will keep you hydrated all day. Whether you choose a heavy cream or a thinner but still hydrating lotion, ensure sure it has SPF!
  • Combination: Select a moisturiser that feels light on your skin yet seals in moisture all day to keep the dry areas of your skin moistened. Ensure that it has SPF!


1: Cleanse

If you want to completely eliminate the oil, filth, and grime that accumulated on your skin throughout the day, feel free to apply a tiny bit of a more abrasive cleaner in the evening. A cleanser with salicylic acid will remove oil more gently than one with benzoyl peroxide, which has a stronger composition. Open your pores by rinsing your face with warm water before using your cleanser to gently scrub your skin. For dry and combination skin use the same morning method.

2: Tone

Toning your face at night removes all the oil and grime from your skin’s deep layers, giving your skin time to rest and regenerate without those bothersome plugged pores. Apply the same toner you used in the morning using the same method. For dry and combination skin, use the same morning method.

3: Treat

Make sure you feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy because your skin will be relaxing and recharging during your beauty sleep.

Pick a serum with tea tree oil for an antimicrobial impact, is water-based (not oil-based), and has vitamins A and C. Put a small amount in your palms and gently pat your entire face with it.

4: Hydrate

The best time to deeply moisturize your skin is at night! After washing and toning your skin, replenish it with a thick cream to restore the oils that were lost. Additionally, your moisturizer will seal in your serums so they can perform at their peak!

Apply nutritious eye cream underneath your eyes as well. You’ll shield your skin’s most delicate region while avoiding fine lines and wrinkles! For dry and combination skin use the same morning method.

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Skin care routine

Regardless of your skin type, the most crucial aspect of any skincare regimen is to follow it every single day.

Despite the fact that you are late for work. Even if all you want to do is sleep after a late night out. Even if you don’t use any makeup.

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