How to dry a pixie hair cut?

Have you ever been curious about how to blow-dry a pixie cut yourself? It’s time to have knowledge. You don’t need to rely on your stylist to shape your hair if you’re thinking about getting this cut or already have one. As long as you have a solid blow-drying technique, pixie cuts are one of those hairstyles that don’t need a lot of maintenance. Well, you can accomplish the task without using any complicated blow-drying procedures. However, you may be interested in the following blow-drying techniques for pixie cuts if you want to keep your hair in top shape. Read on for our simple instructions on how to dry a pixie haircut.



  1. To begin, wash your head and quickly towel-dry your hair

There are a few points before we begin blow-drying our pixie cuts. If your hair is “hard” textured, it will be frizzy and unmanageable after a shower. The styling procedure can be simplified by selecting a good shampoo and conditioner that hydrates your hair. Furthermore, since pixie cuts have short hair, the hair products you use can really contact your scalp. Obtain if your scalp is delicate, stay away from those products that contains Sulfates.

  1. Ensure your hair is protected from heat

When your hair is thin or fine, a short hairstyle like a pixie cut is especially vulnerable to damage from excessive heat. Therefore, in addition to staying away from the blow dryer’s nozzle, you also require a heat protector.

Giving your hair a protective barrier to guard against excessive heat damage is only one benefit of using a hair primer. Some blow dryer protectors can also be used to style your hair because they hydrate your strands and make them easier to handle.

To create various hairstyles, some experienced stylists will combine a few products, such as smoothing spray, styling cream, etc. However, it’s better to keep things simple, so stick in using a heat protector.

  1. If Your Hair Is Kinky, Detangle It

Detangle your hair before blow drying to ensure that our pixie cuts seem smooth and sharp. You need a comfortable comb or brush to remove the knots. You can gently control your hair by brushing it all the way back. In order to prevent damage to your hair from the tension, you should start by using some hydrating hair products.

  1. Wrap the brush around the sections of your hair and blow-dry them

With your brush and blow dryer, you can now begin styling your pixie cut. You can start by taking a tiny part, placing your brush underneath it, and wrapping the hair around the brush. As you continue to dry, point the nozzle downwards. Continue until you have finished all of the hair sections.

  1. How to Care for Your Pixie Haircut

By using cool air to set your style once the blow drying procedure is complete. Consider purchasing styling tools for locking hair, like hair mousse and hair styling spray, to preserve your hairstyle for a longer period of time.

How to dry a pixie hair cut


  • Separate your blow-dried hair into two pieces.
  • Try adding some bobby pins in the shape of a fan by tucking one half behind the ear and securing with your pins to take it to the next level.


Step 1:

To avoid breakage and shield delicate hair from heat, prepare your hair with a blow-dry primer. To ensure a uniform dispersion, spray the product all over your hair and comb it through.

Step 2:

Divide your hair into four parts in step two (left, right, crown, and back). Each part is fastened with a little clip.

Step 3:

Take one section at a time, starting with the lowest sections. Position a small round brush beneath each section of hair around the roots, place the concentrator nozzle of your blow dryer over the hair, and slowly work your way down the hair shaft while spinning the brush Outward and Far from your face. Make sure your dryer is set to medium heat. To add shine, apply mild, consistent pressure with your round brush. Once the left, right, and rear areas have dried, repeat this process.

Step 4:

Take off the top clip and blow-dry the crown of the hair. For extra volume, raise the hair at the roots up and back with your round brush while rotating it away from your face.

Step 5:

Finish by blow drying your hair with a burst of cool air before applying a mild hold hairspray.

How to dry a pixie hair cut


How do you manage the volume of your pixie cut hair?

It all depends on how you handle the circular brush. You can exert extra pressure on your brush and roll it more vigorously to increase volume to your pixie cut. Some people enjoy giving their back hair a voluminous appearance while blow-drying, therefore they will additionally wrap their back hair around the brush to produce the desired effect.

Which types of blowdryers are best for pixie cuts?

When selecting a blow dryer for a pixie cut hairdo, there are no special considerations. Pick a device with strong hot airflow if you want your pixie cut to dry quickly. However, employing a cutting-edge blow dryer brush for short hair will reduce drying time. You should blow dry your hair using a nozzle attachment, which can help you style your hairstyle more conveniently as it can accurately control the direction of the airflow. The dryer should feature a cool shot button that allows you to instantly fix your look in order to lock the style faster.

Can a comb be used in place of a round brush?

Using a comb while blow drying a pixie cut is OK. Actually, using combs to untangle knotted hair will work even better. However, using a comb won’t produce a lot of results. Blow drying your hair with a comb is a really shrewd move if you have thin, fine hair and a spikey pixie cut haircut.

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Enjoy a gorgeous blowout right away instead of waiting until your next salon visit! You can improve your blow-drying procedure at home by using these tips and tricks. Preparing and sectioning your hair correctly before turning on the dryer is the secret to a successful at-home blowout. Your hair will be sleek and shiny by working with little parts of hair and applying tension with a brush.

Don’t worry if sectioning your hair, applying makeup, and handling a blow dryer and round brush seem frightening. Because it has done it countless times, your hairdresser makes it seem simple. You can blow dry your own hair like an expert with the correct equipment, high-quality products, and some experience.

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