How to store clips in hair extension?

If you wear hair extensions, you should take the best possible care of them. After all, they can be expensive and do a lot to give your hair a great, full appearance. You can store your extensions with a little extra care so that they are less prone to tangle or become frizzy and that they are simple to locate when you need them. The best and quickest approach to modify the way you look is using clip-in hair extensions. They are easily clipped and groomed, and you may take them out whenever you like. You must learn how to correctly preserve your clip-in hair extensions if you want them to look beautiful every time you wear them. Otherwise your hair extension will become excessively knotted and frizzy. To learn how to store clips in hair extension  please read the following article.

How to store clips in hair extension


  • Make sure all of the clips are closed after removing your clip-in hair extensions.
  • With your Loop Hair Extensions, brush each weft. Brush with caution, beginning at the ends and moving gently up to the roots.
  • Put your extensions in a storage case or a box for storage.
  • Always be sure to keep your extensions in a cool, dry location away from the sun (like a closet, cabinet or dresser drawer).
  • When storing your extensions, make sure they are totally dry to prevent the growth of mildew and other microorganisms.


Option 1: Storage Box

The box that Hair extensions come in is made to be kept and used again as a storage container for your extensions. To preserve your extensions, you can also use a shoe box or an container prior to putting them in the box, make sure they are totally dry. If not, mould and other microorganisms could develop.

Option 2: For simple browsing, hang your extensions from hair extension bags

If you dedicate a little amount of closet space to your extensions, finding what you need will be much easier if you have a lot of hair extensions. Any beauty supply store will have hanging hair extension bags for sale. Simply sew the weft to the hanger, place the hanger inside the bag, and zip it up. You may also use a shirt or pant hanger to achieve the same appearance if you don’t want to purchase something new. Put the hanger in a garment bag to keep your extensions clean and shield them from dust and maintain them from becoming entangled.

Option 3: Keep your extensions in a cool, dark area to preserve their color

No matter how you store your extensions, make sure they are out of the sun, like in a drawer or closet. One thing you definitely don’t want to happen is for the colour of your extensions to fade in the sunlight.

Option 4: Make Your Own Extension Storage

Use any extra boxes you may have to store hair extensions. Additionally, you can put it in a drawer to preserve the beauty of the hair extensions. However, be careful to avoid storing the hair extensions in a container that is tightly sealed.


The step-by-step procedure for storing hair extensions is as follows:

  • Girls must locate a drawer where they can store their hair extensions. They must make sure the drawer length perfectly matches the length of the hair.
  • To make sure the hair extensions stay clean, they should put a towel at the bottom of the drawer.
  • Care must be used when laying out the extensions in a U shape.


Girls would undoubtedly want to bring hair extensions on their trips so they can look fantastic. However, people must be aware of the safest methods for storing hair extensions.

  • The following is how to pack hair extensions:
  • The extensions should be stored in a box.
  • Place the box in a luggage that has room for it.
  • Buy a compact travel bag, particularly if you have hair extensions, if you can’t fit it in the suitcase.


Girls must keep a few things in mind to properly care for their hair extensions, even though it is crucial to store the extensions carefully. Here are some things girls should do to maintain their extensions properly:

  •  After washing the extensions, let them dry naturally. Girls who use blow dryers to dry their hair extensions  should take precautions to prevent tangling.
  • Use a hair iron to straighten the extensions before combing them.
  • Make sure the extensions are totally dry before storing them because wet extensions can quickly absorb dirt. Bacteria are easily drawn to wet extensions. It is not recommended that you put hair extensions in moisture area.
  • When not in use, keep the extensions out of the sun’s UV rays.

How to store clips in hair extension

How To Make Hair Extensions Live Again

The hair extensions won’t survive very long if they are applied carelessly because there will be lots of tangles. The girls don’t need to be disappointed, though, since they can restore the shine to hair extensions. The best approach to revive hair extensions is as follows:

  • Dispense hot water into the sink. Add a little conditioner to the water.
  • Place the tangled extensions in the water after that. Give it a night.
  • Utilize cool water to clean the extensions. The extensions should air dry naturally. The extensions can occasionally be detangled by spraying some oil on them.
  • Make sure you are not damaging the extensions as you gently brush them.
  • Apply natural oil as a last step to restore the shine to the extensions.

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1 – Extensions Can Still Be Worn

The hair extensions will be more wearable if you store them appropriately. Girls must store their extensions when not wearing them in order to maintain their beauty.

2 – No Detangling Is Necessary

There is no need to later deal with tangled hairs when storing the extensions. It can be annoying to have a knotted mess of hair if you don’t preserve the extensions later.


  • You shouldn’t experience any discomfort when wearing your extensions. If they do, you might need to reposition them or seek advice from a stylist.
  • Find a storage solution that suits your needs! You might want something that makes it simple for you to view all of your options, or you might be content to keep your extensions hidden.


We hope that you know that if hair extensions are not properly maintained, they might gradually lose their quality. Girls therefore need to understand safe storage techniques for hair extensions. We have no doubt that they will adhere to the guidelines for storing extensions properly.

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