December 8, 2022

  How to get rid of brassy hair without toner

Blonde hair comes in a variety of enviable colours, including buttery, strawberry, and platinum. Brassiness, on the other hand, isn’t one of those gorgeous hues that any blonde likes to wear on their head. This post will show you how to get rid of brassy hair without toner.

Find out how to get rid of the unwanted tones at home. There are natural solutions to tackle this problem with brassy hair home remedies that may be found in most kitchens. So, let’s get started.

How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair Without Toner? Quick Fixes - Lauren+Vanessa
Brassy hair without toner

What Causes Brassy Hair Color?

The main cause of yellow and orange tones appearing in blonde hair and highlighted hair is oxidization, which occurs when the hair is improperly neutralized after bleaching.

As a result of the chemistry and molecule size discrepancies between dark and blue hues, dark hair typically has greater problems with brassy tones. Natural chemical exposure from shampoo, water supply, and air can also cause lighter hair to turn brassy.

What Can You Do To Prevent Brassy Hair?

Let’s look at strategies to avoid brassy hair now that you know why blondes develop it. Of course, when it comes to your environment’s air, especially if you live in a smoggy area, avoiding things that can produce undesirable tones can often be easier said than done.

When preventing those unwelcome warm undertones, there are several things to avoid.

Don’t swim in chlorine pools:

The summer pool season can be relaxing but highly bad for the cuticles of coloured or natural hair, especially if your hair is enhanced blonde. In addition, swimming pool water frequently strips hair colour while accumulating chemical deposits, giving hair unwelcome tones like green, orange, and yellow.

Use a shampoo without sulphates to wash your hair:

Sulfates cause each strand’s shaft to become incredibly dry. Frizzy, unmanageable hairstyles may be the result. Sulfates have also been connected to hair loss in the past. All hair colours, especially blonde hair, may become discoloured by the residue left behind by sulphate shampoo. Brassy hair can be lessened using a sulfate-free shampoo that keeps the hair moist while also keeping it clean and light.

Avoid using hot water to wash your hair:

It’s true what you’ve probably heard: cold water is great for hair maintenance. Your strains will live longer if you stay away from hot water, especially blondes who work tirelessly to keep the brass at bay.

Stains will set more readily in hot water, much like with laundry. Therefore, washing in cold water will hydrate and shine your strands while preventing the chlorinated shower water from discolouring them.

Keep your hair healthy:

Your daily habits have a big impact on how healthy your hair will be on a regular basis. What occurs from the inside out is influenced by healthy eating, getting enough vitamins, and maintaining good hair hygiene.

Additionally, avoiding the severe burn caused by heated styling equipment will maintain your hair in better condition. Also, it’s crucial to refrain from overwashing, but always use conditioner and utilise weekly or monthly hair masks.

By avoiding specific substances, you can keep your hair looking brighter between colouring and highlighting appointments. While, when maintaining healthy hair, limiting chemical treatment appointments is crucial. Spacing out hair appointments will help prevent dryness, frizz, and undesirable tones in over-processed hair. Even if it’s not possible to avoid everything that can result in brassy hair, avoiding harsh chemicals can have a significant daily impact on the colour and health of your hair.

3 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Brassy Hair without Toner

You’ve thereby avoided all you could outside of staying inside a bubble. Unfortunately, those brassy tones have still formed in your blonde hair. You can control it by attempting these wonderful natural cures for brassy hair. Let’s examine the most frequently mentioned home cures to determine if they will benefit you and your hair.

  1. Drench your hair in virgin olive oil

It is definitely worthwhile to try using virgin olive oil on your hair rather than a toner to get rid of brassiness. Olive oil has the ability to remove chemically induced hair colour, whether it originates from a dye or natural components.

This treatment works best on brown or darker blonde hair. Although you can use this technique on dry hair, moist hair may provide more coverage.

  • Warm up 1/4 cup of olive oil. Be careful not to burn your skin if it gets too hot.
  • Working your way down the hair shaft, apply the oil to your hair.
  • To encourage blood flow and hair growth, massage the scalp.
  • Work the oil into the strands, being sure to completely coat each area.
  • Give it an hour to sit in your hair. The heat can then be trapped by using plastic wrap or pins in your hair.
  • After a thorough rinse, wash your hair as usual using a shampoo and conditioner without sulphates.
  1. Experiment with Apple Cider Vinegar

An excellent probiotic that easily removes orange and yellow tones is apple cider vinegar. Vinegar works well with all shades of blonde hair. A wash with apple cider vinegar will be beneficial for unclean and ash blonde hair.

Since, some home treatments for brassy hair include blending vinegar with blue and red food colouring until it turns violet (producing a purple food colouring). The incorrect combination, however, might lead to purple skin and hair. The good news is that vinegar has the ability to eliminate brassy tones all by itself.

  • After shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo, use two cups of apple cider vinegar.
  • Give it a minute or two to set.
  • Rinse the vinegar out, then condition your hair.
  1. Utilize purple hair products

The greatest toner alternatives for removing undesirable brassy hair tones quickly and effectively are purple shampoo and conditioner. It is as easy as brushing your hair. Purple shampoo has the ability to lighten hair simply by washing it, albeit it can take a few applications to get the desired level of brightness. Purple hair can brighten too much if used more frequently than twice a week, especially on ash blonde hair.

Using food colouring, you may create your own purple shampoo and conditioner. Since you don’t have the same control as with commercial purple hair care products, it can be really messy.

  • Fill a mixing basin with a few drops of the red and blue food colouring.
  • To attain the right consistency, start by adding half of the shampoo or conditioner from the bottle to the mixing bowl.
  • Add the shampoo or conditioner back into the bottle with the remaining shampoo or conditioner and give it a good shake after the colour in the mixing bowl turns violet.
  • Use caution since if the mixture is off, it could discolor your skin or hair. Wash your hair as usual, but don’t let the shampoo remain on your hair for too long before washing it off.

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