How To Wear White Boots – Complete Guide

White Boots stand out and are bold. These shoes are almost neutral and can be worn in many different ways. If you want to know how to wear white boots in a modern and stylish way, you don’t have to look any further.

When You Should Wear White Boots

Unlike their black counterparts, white boots depend on the weather a lot more than black boots. Trust me, you don’t want to get your brand-new Tory Burch boots dirty at the beginning of winter. Most of the time, they are worn in dry weather to keep their quality and colour.

In terms of how often they are worn, white boots are often worn once in a while. This statement piece is used in several core styles, such as minimalism, streetwear, and Instabaddie.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear white boots to a formal event. Instead of Wellingtons, Oxfords and stilettos are the shoes to wear to weddings, graduations, and fancy dinners.

How To Dress With White Boots

White boots can be hard to style, especially if you usually wear black or brown. To go with their bright colour, you need an outfit that goes together, so now is not the time to skimp on statement pieces.

I’ll give you 12 outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) ideas to help you decide how to wear white boots. Let’s get started!

Types Of White Boots

There is also a trend for chunky white Chelsea and combat boots. Here are the best white boots I’ve found:

Ankle Boots:

White Ankle boots are great for special occasions, like your wedding, when they are made of leather or satin.

Cowboy Boots:

The Cowboy boots are usually tough and look good with casual clothes. They can also be great boots for a western wedding, though.

Chelsea Boots:

Chelsea boots with a lug sole and black accents are all the rage right now.

Combat Boots:

White combat boots can be any shade of white and can have a sole that stands out or not.

Knee Boots:

White knee boots can have a straight leg with a kitten heel and a pointed toe, or a block heel with an almond or square toe. The leather can be embossed or plain.

Winter Boots:

White Winter Boots are fuzzy hiking boots with Sherpas or puffy snow boots, like Moonboots.

1. White boots for a black-and-white outfit

Dress for winter in all white with white boots
Keep everything in the same colour family for a monochrome look. The boots are the only thing in my outfit that is completely white. Instead, I made sure that all the white tones were warm so that they would go well together. This is another one-color look I really like.

2. Light-wash jeans and white boots

A woman with ripped jeans, a trench coat, a white t-shirt, a brown bag, and white stiletto boots.
Try a light wash if you want to wear white boots with jeans. Light denim has white undertones, and an oversized sweater makes this winter outfit look chic but casual.

3. White Boots in an All Black Outfit

A woman in an all-black outfit wears white ankle boots and a sequin bag with a black velvet minidress.
No matter what your style is, we can all agree that black is always a good choice. Mix things up by wearing faux leather pants, which are one of my winter essentials, with a black turtleneck bodysuit and bright white boots.

4. White Boots That Say Something Coat

woman in plaid blazer with white belt, straight-leg jeans, and white heeled boots.
Your favourite winter coat, blazer, or moto jacket can stand out against a base of creamy whites. Your bag should match the colours of your outerwear.

5. Heeled White Boots with a Blazer

woman wearing grey blazer with gucci belt white dress pants and white booties
White boots look elegant when worn with white pants and a blazer or fitted sweater. This is a good way to dress for a business meeting or event.

6. White knee-high boots and a dress

a woman in a green dress and knee-high white boots
If your dress has even a little bit of white, you should wear it with white boots. On top of that, put on a white coat, and if it’s cold, put on some tights.

7. White Heeled Boots with a Sweater and a Skirt

Two women wearing a white oversized sweater, a white pleated skirt, and white boots in a street style photo.
Put a sweater over a midi skirt and then belt the sweater for a slightly dressier look with white boots. You could wear all black and white like in this street style picture, or you could try a patterned skirt like houndstooth.

8. Jeans and white cowboy boots for a girl

A woman in light jeans and a big sweater with white cowboy boots.
Try wearing your white western boots with skinny or slim-fit jeans and a sweater that is tucked in.

How to Get Tar Off your Shoes?

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