Even while green hair is trendy in some Instagram circles, it might make you look more like a swamp monster than a trendsetter if you have brassy green hair or if your hair has been dyed green incorrectly. Here’s what you need to know, though, before using your go-to toner. Read on this article to learn about how to remove green tones from hair.

Green tones may indicate:

  • Your undertones did not lighten sufficiently
  • You applied hair dye incorrectly
  • You have oxidizers in your hair.

What Causes Green Hair?

Green hair can happen because of:

Minerals that have become oxidised, such as copper from hard water or chlorine from swimming pools, Underlying colour pigments that are visible or an unbalanced blend of tones caused by improper hair dye or toner application. Unwanted green tones are typically a sign that the hair lacks warm tones like red and orange.

Learn How to Get Green Out of Hair Quickly and Without Damage
Removing green tones from hair

Keep your hair from turning green

  • Dying, bleaching, heat, improper care—all of these put your hair under extreme stress.
  • The more dry and damaged your hair is, the more likely it is to turn green. Therefore, it is crucial to take good care of your hair. Apply a conditioner, a hair mask, and enough moisture to your hair on a daily basis.
  • If you’re out in the sun, use a sun hat to prevent your hair from drying out.
  • A swimming pool is not a good place to expose your hair to chlorine. Before swimming, cover your hair with hair oil or wear a bathing cap.
  • Have you attempted to colour or bleach your hair on your own before and failed? Then you’d better not risk trying any more trials and pass it off to the experts.
  • Your hairstylist will be able to remove the green colour from your hair.

These 5 home remedies will help you get rid of the green color in your hair

However, there are some natural solutions that might aid in getting rid of any unwelcome green in the hair.


Red pigments are visibly abundant in ketchup. Tomato paste can also be used for the ruse. Give your hair a heavy coating of ketchup and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then use shampoo to rinse.

Effervescent Aspirin plus C tablet

Many people rely on aspirin tablets to get green out of their hair. You should instead take the effervescent Aspirin plus C* tablets rather than the standard Aspirin! 2 glasses of water and 2 pills, dissolved (depending on hair length, it should be enough). Put some of the mixture in your hair. Wash your hair 20 to 30 minutes later because acetylsalicylic acid can harm your hair, apply a conditioner. After two applications of this home treatment, your pool-green hair will be gone!

Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Citric acid is a natural home treatment for the green colour in your hair. Your hair will shine once more when the coloured pigments have been eliminated. Simply squeeze one to three lemons, depending on the length of the hair, and distribute the juice throughout the hair. Apple cider vinegar can be used in place of lemon.

Baking soda

Baking soda works well as a home cure. The application is simple because you probably already have it at home. Therefore, you might attempt the following tip before going to the hairdresser: Mix two tablespoons of baking soda into the shampoo solution you want to use to wash your hair. Apply the shampoo and baking soda mixture to your hair. After two minutes, rinse with crystal-clear water. The drawback of using baking soda is that it dries out your hair. You can restore moisture to your hair with a nutritious hair mask.

Red hair shampoo

With shampoo made specifically for red hair, you may get rid of any little green tinge that exists in your hair. The green should then gradually vanish with continued use. You may also use the red shampoo on dry hair to hasten the process. After letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it with water.

How to get rid of green hair colour after colouring

But even after bleaching or colouring, green hair might occasionally appear. Whether you shift from being brunette to blonde or vice way, the green tones that result from dyeing are the result of missing red pigments. Your hair may turn green if you already have a cool hair colour and then treat it with a dye or toner that contains extra cool colour pigments. You need to use a complementary hue to offset the green tones in the hair. Red pigments are present here.

  • To achieve a light red shade on blond hair, mix a red semi-permanent hair colour with lots of conditioner. Apply to hair, then wait for an hour.
  • For nuances in medium to slightly dark brown colours, consider copper blond or autumn red; stay away from garnet red!
  • It could be best to colour the hair again if nothing else works. However, we suggest that you go to a skilled hairstylist who understands how to counteract green.
  • Simply go for warm brown or blond hair to ensure that you won’t become green.

How to Remove Green Tones from Black Hair

Black hair can become green, which may surprise you, but the sensuous tones naturally change to a green tinge for no reason. Green tints in black hair are typically caused by the difference in yellow and blue pigments between black and blonde hair, especially if you’ve gone from blonde to black. Thus, the colours yellow and blue can cause green hair.

To remedy it, either dye your hair again with the proper shade (closer to red), or start using shampoos or conditioners with warm red undertones to counteract the green.

Getting Green Out of Bleached Hair

For a variety of reasons, including coming into touch with pool chlorine or from a botched bleaching procedure, bleached blonde hair can readily turn green. Use warm tones, especially red ones, like hair day to try and get rid of the green tint in your bleached hair. Give red several times to completely eliminate the green tint as it will help to neutralize green. Additionally, you can go above and beyond by giving your bleached hair some tender loving care and washing it with lukewarm water.

In Conclusion

Shampoos are simpler to use than toners because you have less room for error with them and you don’t need to know exactly what you’re doing. Although the outcome is not immediate, it gradually tones the hue until the desired outcome is achieved. So if you want to see results quickly and you know what you’re doing, start with a clarifying shampoo, then use a red toning conditioner or shampoo.

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