Self-harm scars may be permanent. You might not feel comfortable wearing clothing that displays your scars since they can attract unwanted attention or questions. The two most important elements in minimizing the visibility of scars are patience and time. However, there are further ways to lessen the prominence of your self-harm scars, such as over-the-counter lotions and gels, at-home therapies, and professional medical care. Even though the majority of these techniques won’t entirely get rid of self-harm scars, they will make you feel better about your appearance. Continue reading to discover how to get rid of self-harm scars.

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Following an injury, a scar develops as part of the body’s normal healing process. Your body creates collagen fibres to repair damage to the dermis, the second layer of skin, which leaves a scar.

Generally speaking, less collagen will be deposited and the scar will be less obvious when a wound heals more quickly. The intensity of the injury or damage usually determines how bad the scar will be. They develop differently depending on the age of the injured individual and the different sections of the body.



Making Use of OTC Medicines

Use a sheet of silicon gel. An adhesive patch called a silicon gel sheet is used to cover the damaged area. Within 2-4 months, they can be used to lessen the visibility of scars. Over at least 12 hours each day for the next two to four months, place a silicon gel sheet over the damaged area.

Apply Mederma

Use this topical gel to lessen the visibility of scars. It has a variety of components that are said to function in concert to restore skin and give it a smoother, softer appearance. If you are using Mederma on a more recent scar, apply it to the affected region once per day for eight weeks. Apply Mederma once daily for 3-6 months if the scars are older.

Consider Bio-Oil

To lessen the look of scars, this oil is applied directly to their surface. Additionally, it aids in evening out uneven skin tone, which is helpful if you have pink, red, or brown scars. You may buy a 2-ounce bottle of Bio-Oil online and at pharmacies. Use caution when applying to the delicate skin around your eyes.

Attempt different scar removal lotions or gels

Other scar treatment gels and lotions exist that could lessen the visibility of scars. Some brands include Selevax, Dermefface FX7, Revitol Scar Cream, and Kelo-Cote Scar Gel, which are offered in pharmacies and online.


Receiving Medical Care

Consult a dermatologist to determine the best course of action for your particular scar type. Your choice of therapy will mostly rely on the nature of your scar. Ask a dermatologist who has received board certification about your treatment options when you make an appointment with them.

Purchase dermabrasion

Similar to scraping your knee, dermabrasion is a process that removes the very top layer of skin. After that, the skin will recover much like a skinned knee would.  A local anaesthetic is needed for this treatment on a tiny patch of skin, or a more extensive anaesthetic on a larger patch of skin.


Applying Natural Treatments

Fresh scars should be covered in petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), a byproduct of the oil refining process, is applied to the skin to provide a water-resistant barrier. Because it keeps the skin protected and moist, it may assist to lessen scarring. Whenever there is a scar, apply petroleum jelly to the area. In regards to older scars, petroleum jelly does not appear to be effective.

Consider using Aloe Vera gel

The plant aloe vera has many health advantages, including calming irritated skin and hydrating skin. Aloe Vera gel can be obtained either straight from the plant’s leaves or in a bottle from a natural foods retailer. At the very least once every day, apply gel to the damaged area.

Use lemon juice

Due to its natural bleaching properties, lemon juice can help fade scars. After cleansing your skin, use a cotton ball to apply lemon juice to the damaged region. After letting the area soak for about 10 minutes, rinse it well.

Employ olive oil

Scars’ visual impact can be diminished with the aid of extra virgin olive oil. For several weeks or months, massage a small bit of 100% extra virgin olive oil into your skin once or twice a day.

Attempt different homemade remedies

There are numerous additional all-natural home remedies that can be used to lessen the visibility of scars. Lavender oil, chamomile tea, cod liver oil, baking soda, cocoa butter, honey, and cocoa nibs are a few of them.  Look up natural scar-reduction methods online.


Dressing Up and Accessorizing to Cover Scars

Wear long sleeves and long pants to conceal scars. Wearing garments to hide the scars will keep them hidden from others if you have any on your arms or legs.

Put on tights

Almost any time of the year, tights can conceal legs and be worn with dresses, skirts, or even shorts. Purchase lighter-weight tights during the warmer months and heavier-weight tights during the cooler months.

Wear wrist jewellery

Wear items that hide scars if they are on your wrists. Both wristwatches and bracelets have their uses. Using sweatbands while exercising can be beneficial.

Wear modest swimwear

You don’t have to wear a bikini that reveals a lot of skin if you just want to go swimming. Invest in a one-piece bathing suit or cover up with swim shorts. Swim shorts are also appropriate with a t-shirt or a surf shirt.

Method 5

Using Different Techniques

Put on sunblock. UV rays are particularly sensitive to fresh scars, which makes them take longer to heal. Scar discoloration can also be accelerated by the sun. When you’re outside and your scarred skin is exposed, wear sunscreen.

Purchase a tattoo to hide the scar

Your scar won’t likely completely disappear, but a tattoo can hide it and deflect attention from it. With the help of a tattoo artist, create a piece that is special to you and serves a practical purpose by concealing the scar.

Recognize your scars

Your scars could be something you wish to cover up or keep quiet about, but they can also serve as a reminder of your inner fortitude. Recognize that you have improved since going through a very trying time in your life. Those things that don’t kill you make you stronger.


  • Please get assistance from the Emergency Services if you are having suicide thoughts.
  • Consider telling someone you can trust, such as a close friend or member of your family, if you are still self-harming. You can also consider speaking with a counsellor about the underlying causes driving your self-harm.
  • Make sure to educate yourself on safe self-harm techniques as well.

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