Tape-in hair extensions are an excellent technique to add length and volume to your hair while also allowing you to style it in a variety of ways. There is a short strip of medical-grade glue at the base of each of these extension pieces. To place the wefts, your hairdresser will apply the glue to your natural hair. Tape extensions are available as wefts rather than single strands. Equal amounts of hair are distributed evenly across each weft. These wefts must be put properly for a natural appearance and lovely result.

Due to the wefts’ less tension on your natural hair compared to most other additions, tape-in hair extensions are advised for people with thinner hair because of this, you can wear them knowing that your hair is secure. Tape-ins are also easier to apply than fusion or beaded hair extensions.

Additionally, tape extensions look more natural because they stick completely flat against your head, in contrast to other extensions with thick bases that may stick out. Let’s look at how to apply tape-in extensions.

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Tape in hair extension

Applying Tape-In Hair Extensions: A Guide

It’s not too difficult to put tape-in hair extensions with a little practice. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before we begin.

  • Use a friend:

This is not required, but it will go more quickly and smoothly if you have a second set of hands and eyes. If you don’t have any friends, you can do it yourself if you use two mirrors to see the back of your head. Be mindful of where you position your extensions so they don’t show near your face or other sensitive areas of your head. Also, try not to position them too high concerning your section!

  • Consider placement:

You don’t want to place your extensions too close to your scalp’s edge (by your face and other things), lest they be seen. Also, try not to position them too high with your section!

  • Sticky to sticky:

A layer of your hair will be sandwiched between two extensions. For optimal adhesion, make sure the sticky portions of the top and bottom extensions are in contact.

  1. Shampoo your hair

Before attempting to attach anything to your mop, make sure it is clean. Before commencing, give your hair a thorough wash and dry.  Your extensions will last longer if you do this!  The wefts will come out more quickly if your hair is unclean while you’re trying to affix them, almost always at the worst possible time.

Like when you’re standing with your buddies and teasing your hair with your fingers then all of a sudden a huge patch appears in your hand.

  1. Section (Bottom to Top)

It’s simplest to work your way up from the base of your scalp. Start the first row a few millimeters above the base of your head. Part your hair evenly with a comb. The bottom half will hang down as you pull the upper part up and fasten it.

  1. Collect a Very Small Section of Hair

The word “extremely” is stressed throughout. Two extensions will be placed in between this segment of hair. For the top and bottom extensions to adhere to one another, their adhesive “tape” must meet. Get a smooth, even section with your comb that is the same width as one of your extension wefts.

  1. Add an Extension

Attach the bottom extension so that it is flush with your scalp to see whether your portion is thin enough. Use your finger to feel the tape’s stickiness through your own layer of hair after you’ve completed that. If not, gradually remove the portion of the tape from your hair using your comb. Attach the top extension once the stickiness is felt. Forcefully squeeze the top and bottom wefts together for 20 seconds. To prevent them from coming out when you’re taking a shower, just make extra sure they are firmly attached to one another. As you continue to work at it, you’ll get the hang of it.

As previously said, avoid placing the wefts too close to the edges of your scalp because everyone will be able to see where they attach and will therefore recognize you as a fraud.

  1. Continue!

Avoid leaving any gaps between the wefts by placing them exactly next to one another. You must take special care to avoid placing the wefts too high on your scalp, as doing so increases the likelihood that people will be able to see them.

  1. Cut and Style

If your hair is already layered and a little longer than mine, you shouldn’t have any trouble integrating your natural hair with your new extensions. However, you’ll need to do some trimming if you have a short, blunt cut. Short hair and lengthy extensions look ridiculous.

Pro Tip

Curling straight hair merges better with my extensions and worked so beautifully as a hairstyle. You’ll notice that part of your hair will protrude from behind your bottom layer of extensions if you have a short, harsh haircut, completely revealing you. To make sure that your longest layer of extensions won’t show through, grab all of these shorter hairs and bobby-pin them to your head.

Avoid doing your own tape-in installations

Do not attempt to DIY at home because it is very difficult to establish the precise quantity of hair that must be inserted between the wefts and to choose the level of alignment for each region. Additionally, keep in mind that fitting them on the back of your skull can be challenging. The wefts’ appearance will also depend on how they are applied, thus professional installation will produce far better results.

It is imperative to visit a skilled hairdresser because even a small mistake will be a dead giveaway that you are wearing extensions. Wearing the extensions can be painful due to poor installation. A flawless merging of the extensions with your hair is an additional advantage of having the wefts installed by a professional. Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing wefts thanks to a flawless mix.

Additional factors that affect how natural-looking and comfortable your extensions are include cutting and color. Make sure to select a color that complements the hue of your natural hair. The wefts’ length and volume must be consistent with your intended hairstyles. The easiest way to ensure that your wefts look natural is to distribute them evenly throughout your hair.

In order to conceal the tap extensions, it’s a good idea to leave a small bit of your natural hair exposed on the sides and crest. After installation, the extensions will remain permanently affixed to your hair for the following six to eight weeks.  After that, you’ll need to go see your stylist to have the wefts adjusted and moved up because your natural hair’s growth causes them to loosen up over time. The wefts can be used three or four times before they need to be replaced due to wear.

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