Your lips are extremely important, without them, talking, kissing, and eating would be difficult. However, coping with dry, cracked, or irritated lip skin can be excruciating. If you want to increase the health of your lips because the skin of your lips is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body, they can get chapped, cracked, or dried. This is typically caused by environmental exposures that cause irritation, such as saliva and licking your lips, spicy meals, cold, dry weather, or cold and sun damage. There are a few things you can do right now to achieve smoother, silkier lips. Continue reading to find out more about How to  take care of your lips.

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Exfoliate your lips once in a week

Apply a good quality lip balm that promotes healing, hydration, and protection before going to bed, and gently remove any dead or dry skin with a damp washcloth or a toothbrush; this is also a very effective exercise to stimulate circulation to the area.

Avoid licking your lips

This can actually make them drier. Use a lip balm instead of your tongue if your lips are dry. When saliva evaporates from your lips, it takes moisture with it, leaving your lips drier than before. You should also avoid biting or picking at your lips, especially if they are dry.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water   

One of the most prevalent reasons of dry skin is a lack of water. Getting eight glasses of water per day will assist your health in a variety of ways, including fuller-looking lips. Avoid dehydrating beverages such as coffee and alcohol.

Look for lip moisturisers and hydrators

The appropriate components can protect your lips and keep your skin from becoming dry and cracked. Look for goods containing these ingredients while shopping for lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm.

  • Ceramides, dimethicone, hemp seed oil, mineral oil, petrolatum, shea butter, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and white petroleum jelly are all ingredients.
  • Most “hypoallergenic” products contain some or all of these components.

Lip balm is necessary

Lip balm also encourages healing, so if your lips become cracked, applying natural organic lip balm will help the skin on your lips recover faster and more readily. It also seals any skin cracks, making chapped lips less susceptible to infection and discomfort. Furthermore, many lip balms contain sunscreen, which not only keeps your lips soft but also protects you from sunburn and other sun-related damage.

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Make use of vitamin E

Vitamin E increases circulation and may help develop new skin cells, softening your lips, putting the lotion directly to your lips is also a smart option.

Sun protection for lips

It’s general known that the skin on your face is vulnerable to UV damage. Even on gloomy or cold days, using SPF 15 or higher on a daily basis can slow the effects of ageing. UV radiation from the sun or even sunless tanning beds can harm your lips.

Make sure you’re using a lip balm that contains SPF. Make lip protection a part of your morning, sleep, and outdoor routines. Purchase a few balm or ointment sticks and place one by one. Purchase a couple of balm or ointment sticks and keep one beside your bed and one in your purse or car so you always have it on hand, reapply it hourly to your lips for the greatest results.

Reduce your exposure to poisons

Polluted air, smoke, and chemicals can prematurely age skin, giving it a dark or wrinkled appearance. Smoking, for example, can exacerbate this impact and cause your lip colour to disappear. Avoiding cigarettes and secondhand smoke can help your lips look better. Wearing a scarf to cover your lips may also protect them from sun damage.

Avoid lip cosmetics that contain scents or dyes

Harsh chemicals have the potential to irritate or dry out your lips. When looking for lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss, choose natural, fragrance-free items.

Use your nose to breathe

Excessive mouth breathing might cause your lips to dry out. Try to inhale and exhale as much as possible through your nose. If you have a cold or allergies, breathing via your nose may be out of the question. To compensate for your mouth breathing, hydrate and moisturise your lips as much as possible.

Avoid putting anything metallic near your mouth

If you have sensitive lips, metal can aggravate them even more. When possible, keep jewellery and other metallic objects away from your mouth. Zippers, paper clips, and pen caps can all irritate sensitive lip skin.

Remove your makeup before going to bed

Sleeping in your makeup is bad for your skin, and this includes your lips. Even if you don’t have any visible lipstick or product on your lips at the end of the day, give them a gently swipe with a makeup-removing wipe before you go to bed.

Install a humidifier in your bedroom

Lips might become irritated by dry air. Install a humidifier in your bedroom to keep your lips hydrated at night.

Aloe Vera is excellent for your lips

Aloe Vera gel can be purchased at any pharmacy. Get a bottle for your lips and apply it regularly to see a noticeable difference over time. If you can’t find a container, you can extract the gel from one aloe vera leaf and store it in an airtight jar. Aloe Vera is a natural healer that can help soothe your lips in a matter of minutes.

Scrub your lips with lemon juice

We’ve discussed the benefits of lemon juice numerous times. Apply lemon juice to your lips on a daily basis to keep them bright and pink. Lemon juice can aid in the removal of dead skin from your lips. Make sure not to get lemon juice on your split lips. The juice may sting and induce discomfort and allergy symptoms.

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The following are some lip problems that must be treated

Your lips might easily get chapped

Chapping does not have to wait for a season or a month. When your lips are dry and lack crucial protection from vitamins, they might become chapped. A good lip balm is necessary to restore the life to your dry lips. Make sure to use a vitamin A and K-rich balm.

Lips with cracks are extremely prevalent

When lips come into touch with dry air, they can easily fracture. To avoid this, apply balm to your lips before going to bed. This will cure your lips quickly.

Your lips may begin to bleed

Lips might bleed when the skin that keeps them together loses their suppleness. This is a prevalent condition among the elderly and those who smoke frequently.

Lips with blisters

Lip blisters are caused by viral infections. They are terribly painful, and the blisters disfigure the lips. It is usually suggested to see a doctor for such infections and follow their recommendations.

This is how you can look after your lips

Now that we are fully aware of the problems that our lips can encounter if we do not take care of them, our lips start facing irritation, you have probably heard the phrase, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Because of the sensitivity of the lips, the preceding fits wonderfully. Take all care with your lips so you don’t have to battle to discover a remedy when they’re completely ruined and injured.

Take control of your lips!

Whatever you do, remember to appreciate what you have. Love and own your lips, whether they are thin, thick, dark, or pink. Only then will you feel compelled to provide complete care for them.

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