How To Organize Kitchen Drawers?

Since a noticeable shift toward using drawers for storage rather than the more conventional cabinets over the past few years, where everything from crockery to pots and pans are now housed in them, organising kitchen drawers has become more important.

10 Clever Ways To Organize Kitchen Drawers

The task of organising the drawers in your kitchen seems never-ending. We all have a junk drawer that seems to contain an endless supply of items, am I right? Here are 10 kitchen drawer organisation ideas to help you manage the clutter if you feel like your kitchen is too small or you can’t easily access your belongings.

1. Give Every Item a Place to Go

The first step to take to create a well-organized kitchen is to select a specific home for every item, especially if you’re the family member who is constantly pulling knives and forks out of the dishwasher and wondering where they go. Additionally, now is a great time to get rid of any extra or unused kitchen tools. You won’t need to ask where the citrus juicer or potato peeler belongs ever again!

2. Keep It Minimal

Making a plan, sticking to it, and keeping it simple are the keys to the organisation. Refrain from overstocking your drawers with Tupperware that doesn’t match and extra spatulas. Fill the room with things you know you’ll use, and refrain from bringing in more clutter later.

3. Label Your Drawers

Useful advice from Neat by Meg includes labelling your drawers with the gadgets or items that go in each category. Tongs, spatulas and spoons, and measuring cups are possible categories to use for a utensil drawer. There are useful labels on this cool kids’ cabinet for things like bottles and bibs.

4. Sort Items based on Use

Consider the item’s use when choosing “homes” for various kitchen tools and utensils, and arrange as necessary. For instance, it makes perfect sense to keep your measuring spoons and spices in the same drawer because both items are

5. Get the baskets ready

Storage baskets like those shown above can help you quickly sort foods and see everything at a glance, much like clear, plastic bins. Choose clear cubbies for foods like potatoes and onions that could leave dirt or debris for simple cleanup. While items in bags can be stored effectively in either baskets or transparent containers.

6. Make your own dividers

If store-bought storage bins aren’t the best option for your kitchen, make a personalised plan that accommodates your storage requirements and drawer space. To organise their belongings, this resourceful homeowner combined white plastic storage tubs and wooden dividers.

7. Break it down and affix it

Divide the area with bamboo or plastic dividers before throwing your ladles and slotted spoons into an open drawer. To stop your drawer dividers from moving around, the staff at A Fresh Space advises using adhesive dots on the underside of them.

8. Your refrigerator should have drawers

Fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other food items can accumulate in refrigerator drawers, which can get crowded. You can organise these drawers by placing a few smaller drawers on the shelves of your refrigerator so you can quickly sort and access ingredients.

9. Water Bottles Can Be Kept in a Drawer

While others have plenty of room, some kitchens may feel cramped in terms of drawer space. Use your imagination if this describes yours. For instance, this homeowner incorporated drawers with stackable water bottle holders.

10. Make cabinets into drawers

If you don’t have enough drawer space in your kitchen, think about installing drawers inside your lower cabinets. Stop sifting through chip bags and random Tupperware! Simply slide out the items from the drawer-equipped cabinet.

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