How to talk to your hair stylist?

It can be challenging to communicate with your hairstylist about the type of haircut you want. We would like to assist you in avoiding communication issues with your hairstylist in the first place before it’s too late. No matter how much you discuss length or layers with your hair stylist, it might be challenging to convey your specific vision for your hair. Even a regular hairstylist may occasionally misinterpret your instructions and give you a bob you never wanted. However, communicating with your hairstylist doesn’t have to be challenging or irritating. You can leave the hair salon with a look you’re proud to display if you use the appropriate procedures. Read the article below to learn how to talk to your hair stylist.

How to talk to your hair stylist

Prior to cutting your hair, make sure your hairstylist sees and touches it

Even though the shampoo step of getting a haircut might be the most relaxing, take your time. It’s vital for the stylist to observe how your hair currently appears, how you currently style it, and to check on your hair’s growth patterns before stylist starts cutting. If a salon employee offers to shampoo you before your stylist sees you, decline and ask to wait.

Conduct research before talking to your hair stylist

Make sure you research the haircut you want before speaking to your stylist. Take at least ten minutes out of your day to do some hairstyle research. Look at several iterations to see whether it complements your appearance, style, and head shape. Find out if any hair products are required to style it as well.

Keep in mind that the information you provide to your hair stylist is all that they have to work with. In order to make your experience getting your hair cut as beautiful as you want it to be, go halfway with your hairdresser and do as much research as you can. It’s a recipe for disaster to show up unprepared and with no clear idea of what you want.

Determine your desired haircut and appearance in advance. In this way, you may streamline the haircutting procedure when you walk in. Your whole haircutting experience will be more joyful if you know what haircut you want before you even get in the salon chair.

Bring photographs to talk to your hair stylist

Visual demonstrations are the finest approach to convey what you want to someone. It can be difficult for you and your stylist to communicate while sitting there (especially if it’s something beyond a basic cut). Find a photo of the hairdo you want by searching for it for 5 minutes. Use an old photo of yourself or go through various men’s magazines to get a decent notion of what is now in style. Look for a great photo on Facebook or Instagram if you don’t have an old photo.

Additionally, if you ever receive a haircut that you like, request that your barber or stylist take images of it right away using your phone. Make sure you have decent lighting and snap lots of pictures. Make sure you have decent lighting and snap lots of pictures. Don’t forget to take a side shot. This allows you to show your hairdresser whenever you like your haircut by simply picking up your phone.

It’s challenging to remember what your stylists have already given you because they cut so many clients. Have a visual reference at all times because they frequently forget the precise haircut they gave you.

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Speak up when getting a haircut

Feel free to talk to your hairstylist personally while getting your hair cut. Just strike up a conversation with them if the amount of hair they’re cutting makes you uncomfortable. Speak with them if their work is causing you any concern. When you have a valid concern, speak out. Even though it could be awkward to request a change when they’re almost finished, they are always open to doing so.

Express your worries and have faith that they will meet you halfway. For instance, you shouldn’t interrupt a discussion to remark, “Hey, make sure you remember to line it up in the back,” if you believe they have forgotten to line up your hair in the back. Befriend it by taking a more approachable tack. Your hair stylist is an expert who puts forth a lot of effort. Even if they do it for a living, they occasionally need a reminder, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you express yourself effectively. It’s crucial that you maintain a two-way conversation.

Ask numerous inquiries

Contrary to popular assumption, there are never any silly inquiries, particularly in regards to hair. Ask the stylist any questions you may have regarding your haircut, the equipment being used, or the products being used in your hair; that is why they are there. They want to provide you with outstanding service and ensure that you are as ease as they can be. That includes answering any queries or worries you may have, which is a significant part of it. One of the best sources of information about hair is your hairstylist. Anything that’s on your mind, ask them.

Be clear about what you want

Make sure you always communicate specific details to your hairstylist. Don’t just state you want your hair short, for instance. Tell your hairdresser to take an inch off the top and a 2 off the sides. Giving you an excellent cut is considerably simpler once you offer your stylist specifics. It’s always preferable to speak too much rather than not enough. Be specific about what you want from your haircut experience so that the stylist can deliver on your demands and you are happy with the results.

Request for a mirror

Regardless of how at ease you are with your stylist, always look over their work. To request a mirror in order to check their work is neither impolite nor malicious. This is an excellent moment to ask for changes if you see something that needs to be adjusted. In the end, no matter how well you originally communicate, things can become unclear or get lost in translation. Keep in mind that you are paying to receive the greatest haircut and service possible. It doesn’t harm to occasionally review their work. Both parties gain from it since you guarantee that you get the best haircut and that your stylist is giving their best effort.

Be sincere

A hairstylist’s responsibility is to deliver on your expectations so you’ll be happy with the result. Tell them that you want a portion of the haircut modified even if you feel awkward asking for something to be changed. It’s possible that after reviewing your cut, you discover a minor error. Tell them the truth, and be direct.

Alternatively, express your opinions if you experimented and ended up with a hairdo you don’t like. They can work with you to make the necessary repairs if you are honest with them while they are there. Instead of not seeing you or getting a negative review later, most hairdressers prefer to hear your honest opinions.

How to talk to your hair stylist


Your stylist is available to you. They strive to provide you with outstanding service and ensure that you leave feeling fantastic.

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