December 7, 2022

How to Get the Smell of Weed off of Clothes?

How to get the smell of weed off of your clothes?

As a popular recreational drug, weed or marijuana is a greenish-grey mixture of the dried flowers of the plant Cannabis. The weed plant contains chemicals called terpene which give the plant a unique skunk-like smell. While smoking weed, the strong smell from burning dried cannabis can saturate your clothing and other fabrics. It can linger there the same way that cigarette smoke can. There are a number of quick and affordable ways to get the smell of weed off of clothes.

How Long Can Weed Smell Stay on Clothes?

It depends on different factors.

What type of clothes do you wear while smoking weed?

Weed smell is less likely to cling to clothes made of natural materials as they tend to be more breathable and dissipate smell more quickly as compared to synthetic fabrics. 

When and how do you wash clothes after smoking weed?

If you wash your smelly clothes soon after smoking and take proper steps for washing then it becomes easy to get the smell of weed off of your clothes. Otherwise, it will linger on your clothes for weeks or months.

How often do you smoke weed?

Even after washing the clothes, the smell can still linger. This is especially true if you use weed regularly. The more often you use weed, the stronger it can cause your clothing to smell.

Where do you smoke weed?

Smoke in a well-ventilated area is a great way to reduce the chances of a strong weed smell lingering on your clothes. While smoking in a closed area causes the smoke contents of the room to increase and so greater chances for your clothes to soak up more weed smoke.

Expert Ways to get the smell of weed off of clothes

Laundry hacks:

Before washing your clothes using the laundry hacks, double-check the care tag of each cloth. So that you can prolong the life of your clothes and can avoid damage.

Presoak your clothes 

It’s a perfect hack to remove the fresh weed smell from your clothes. Fill a bucket with warm water or run the washing machine on presoak mode with a warm water setting. Add detergent according to your batch of clothes. Let them sit for 30 minutes. Then wash the clothes in normal mode in the washing machine. Hang the clothes out on the clothesline to dry. 

Note: Double-check the cloth care tag before using warm water for clothes or hanging them out in the sun.

Weed smell removing organic laundry additive:

These additives are specifically designed to remove cannabis odor from your clothes. Add them along with your favorite detergent into the washing machine to get the smell of weed off of your clothes in a natural way. In case, you don’t have time for washing your clothes, then add weed smell removal solution in a spray bottle and mist as an air freshener on your clothes to remove all lingering odors.

Add baking soda with detergent 

Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator and can neutralize the stubborn acidic smell of weed. Add half a cup of baking soda along with your washing detergent and run the washing machine in gentle mode. Use warm water to wash clothes if the cloth’s care tag allows.

Use oxygenated bleach 

Oxygen bleach is a chlorine-free bleaching solution. It is used on clothing to remove stains and mask persistent smells, but without hazardous toxicity. To get the smell of weed off of your clothes, use this solution along with your normal detergent.

White vinegar 

One of the most effective ways to remove the strong smell of weed is to use white vinegar. You can soak your clothes in white vinegar solution by mixing a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water. Or you can use vinegar directly in the washing machine along with washing detergent. Afterward, wash the clothing using the hottest water setting that is safe for the clothing.

Try borax laundry detergent or use borax with normal detergent 

Being alkaline in nature, borax is effective in removing the weed smell from your clothes. Many household brands of laundry detergents contain Borax. Use any one of them instead of your regular detergent. For a strong weed, smell consider combining it with an additive like oxygenated bleach or baking soda. However, if you can’t find any Borax detergents, simply dissolve 2 tablespoons of powdered Borax in hot water and add to a load along with your normal detergent.

Other tips to get the smell of weeds off of your clothes 

Try body spray or perfume. 

Scented body spray or perfume can help cover the smell of marijuana on your clothes. After smoking, spritz a small amount of perfume or body spray over your outfit to try to cover the smell.

Air out old clothes.

If it’s not possible for you to wash your clothes right away, hang up your clothes somewhere with good ventilation for at least a day to get the smell of weed off of your clothes.

Use a sun-air combination.

If you have a sunny day, hang the clothing outside in the sun for a couple of hours. The combination of fresh air and sunlight helps get the smell of weed off of your clothes and freshen up the clothing without damaging it.

Spritz clothes with vodka. 

Fill a small spray bottle with undiluted vodka and thoroughly spritz clothes to neutralize the smell of weed. Afterward, leave them to air out for a few hours. 

Use cat litter to absorb weed smells off your clothes

Cat litter contains activated charcoal and is designed to absorb unwanted odors. Put your clothes in a plastic bag and fill it about halfway with cat litter. Close the bag so the garment is tightly sealed inside it and let it sit there for hours depending on the strength of the weed smell. Dust off the cat litter using your hand jerks.

Use a vinegar spray.

Hang your clothes up and spray them with undiluted white vinegar. The acidity will get the smell of weed off of clothes. Let the garment dry out completely before wearing it.

Dry cleaning with baking soda at home 

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda to cover all areas of your clothes. Place the garment in a plastic bag and close the bag. Let it sit for hours to get the smell of weeds off of your clothes. Afterward, remove the clothes from the bag and dust off the baking soda. Here you get fresh-smelling clothes.

Take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner.

Although this often costs more than the above-mentioned hacks to remove the weed smell of your clothes. However, it may be worth the money when dealing with garments that are expensive or extremely delicate and guarantee that your clothes will end up odor-free.

How to prevent weed smell from getting into your clothes?

Smoke outdoors

Smoking outside creates less scent because smell disperses in the air. So if weed smoking is legal in your area, smoke outside when possible.

Turn on a fan or open a window. 

It’s a smart move to smoke near an open window. If the wind is blowing the smoke back in, turn a fan towards the window and then switch it on. This will help blow the smoke outdoors and prevent your clothes from getting a stinky smell of weed.

Use a vaporizer. 

A vaporizer is a small, portable device that evaporates the active ingredients of marijuana, without having to light anything. Hence reducing the amount of odor caused by weed smoking. Moreover, vaporizers heat up the weed efficiently, which increases the amount of THC you get out of the weed.

Try a one-hitter. 

It’s a mechanical, portable, and reusable device designed to look something like a cigarette. You fill the device with a small amount of marijuana and then smoke it like a cigarette. One-hitters, like vaporizers, produce less smell than other methods of smoking.

Consider edibles. 

A number of baked items can be made by cooking the weed or marijuana in butter. You can also buy a variety of edibles at a local dispensary. If you want to reduce the smell of weed from your clothes, consider purchasing edibles over smoking.

Purchase weed strains that produce less smell.

As some strains of weed produce a less pungent odour. For example, Indica strains produce buds with less prominent odors.

Use a homemade sploof. 

It’s a homemade device to mask the smell of weed while smoking. To make a basic spoof at home, simply wrap a dry cloth sheet over one end of a toilet paper roll, securing it with a rubber band. Stuff the tube halfway with toilet paper. When taking a hit, exhale the smoke into a sploof.

If you want to know how to remove the weed smell from your home, please click on the link mentioned below. 

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