False eyelashes are an easy, entertaining method to change up your usual look and draw more attention to your eyes. Although it could take you a few tries to get the hang of it, putting artificial eyelashes is very simple and should only take a few minutes once you do.

Learn how to apply false eyelashes by reading on +some suggestions for keeping your false eyelashes looking good!

Individual, cluster or flare, and strip lashes are the three main categories of eyelashes.

Individual lashes are exactly what you’d expect them to be, one false eyelash applied at a time.

Cluster lashes are tiny groups of a few lash hairs and  a quick and easy technique to add a touch of volume or length to the lashes,

Strip lashes are made out of a full strip of lash hairs that are designed to run along your upper lash line. However, they can easily be overdone and can come out as quite dramatic.

Lengthen the lashes

You must check the lashes are the proper width for your eye before gluing them. To fit the eye as well as possible, some lash types need to have their band and lash lengths adjusted. Trim the lash strips on the sides while holding them up against your eyelid.

  • If the lashes are too long for your taste, you might want to consider shortening each individual lash for a more natural appearance. The outer corner of the eye should have longer lashes.

 With an applicator or small brush

With the help of a tweezer, hold the eyelashes in place while applying a small line of glue with a cotton swab to the lash band. Apply the lash glue to the eyelash strip’s outer line. Before applying the glue to your lashes, give it a moment to dry. As an alternative, you might apply lash glue in a thin line on the back of your non-dominant hand. Then, delicately slide your finger over the eyelash strip’s outer seam.

A tip on color:

Dark glue will blend better with your eyeliner. You’ll be alright because the common white substance dries clear

Put the strip on your eyelid

As near to your natural lashes as you can. Instead of lowering the strip from the front, do it from above. In order to get as close to your lash line as possible, do this. Use a curved lash applicator or tweezer to fuse the lashes together after applying the glue to them. To help them stay in place, all you need to do is lightly press over the area where you applied the lash.

When you’ve finished applying all the lashes, stand back and check to make sure they seem as even and natural as you can. One or two medium-length individual lashes placed on the outer corners of the eyes will offer your lashes more extension if you are wearing individual lashes and want a more dramatic appearance. If you selected strip lashes, give them a tiny cut to improve blending.

Keep in mind the glue dries naturally

The strip does not require pressing or holding once it is in position. As the glue dries, don’t be afraid to repair any lashes that are uneven. “You can simply use your finger to straighten lashes that are tilted to the left or right,” as said by Makeup Artist

Make sure to apply mascara to your lashes

For the final effect to look natural, you must use mascara after you finish attaching your eyelashes. you can achieve a more natural look by blending your real lashes with the fake ones. Use mascara in shades like black, brown, or dark grey.

Use liquid eyeliner to highlight the top of your lids

To make the artificial lashes appear more natural, be sure to fill up any spaces between them and your own. Use a dark grey, black, or brown eyeliner.

Remove artificial eyelashes with makeup remover

Apply eye makeup remover to a cotton swab, then rub it down your lash line gently. After giving the remover a minute to settle, gently take the strip off.


Do’s and Don’ts for applying false eyelashes

Here are 10 additional dos and don’ts for applying artificial eyelashes .

  • Try out a few different pairs of fake eyelashes

One size does not fit all when it comes to false lashes. If each and every set of lashes were uniquely designed for you, that would be AMAZING. But regrettably, that’s not always the case, so you’ll need to take out the scissors. Open your eye after placing it (without using glue!) over your natural lashes. This can help you decide how much of the lash to remove and how the lash will sit on your particular eye shape. They become more comfy to wear and don’t pop up as a result of trimming.

  • Use halfsies if possible

Who says the entire strip needs to be used? Nobody! Actually, beauty experts suggest half the lash and applying it solely to the outside corners of your eyes.

  • Pay attention to Band Width

We often purchase lashes based on their length and fullness. A thin band, however, is something else to watch out for because the thicker the band, the quicker it lifts up! Whenever I can, I like to wear the invisible band lashes. I use more lash glue when working with larger bands to ensure that they won’t move, as said by Makeup Artist

  • Make the band curvy

The band of your eyelash strip has to be shaped. Makeup Artist says: “I like to take the lashes out of the container and wrap them around the handle of a medium eyeshadow brush.” This makes it simpler to apply the lash by reshaping it to fit the contour of your eyelids.

  • Applying eyeshadow and eyeliner before applying eyelashes

One of the last steps in your eye makeup procedure should be applying eyelashes. They can have eyeshadow fallout on top of them if you do them first.

  • Individual false lashes should be added

Because they tend to look more realistic. Strips are a lot of fun and can really glam up the eye. However, you should re-curl them after applying false eyelashes.

  • Curling artificial eyelashes

Even if you curled them beforehand, is another way to make them mix naturally with your own.

  • Avoid using eyelid glue

Although it may seem obvious, there is a simple trick to prevent glue from getting near your waterline. When applying, keep your eyes open at all times.

  • Eyeliner should be used as a guide

Use a black pencil to draw a line along the lash line if you’re having trouble deciding where to lay your eyelashes. This will serve as a precise instruction for positioning your eyelashes.

  • Cut your lashes

Feel free to shorten the eyelash strip before applying it if your fake eyelashes are overpowering your eyes. For a false eyelash strip with a more natural appearance, you can also cut the individual lashes inside the strip to varied lengths.

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