How to create Star Nail Art?

Elevate your manicure with timeless and enjoyable star nail art. Achieve professional-looking results at home by hand-painting stars or creating custom nail polish decals. Enhance your star manicure by experimenting with glitter, adjusting star sizes, and placing them creatively on your nails. If you’re looking to switch up your nail style and learn a new technique, give star nail art a try. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to create star nail art, and feel free to add your unique touch by using your favorite colors and letting your creativity shine. How to create star nail art? Let’s dive into the unlimited possibilities!

How to create Star Nail Art

Method 1: Painting on a Simple Star

Step 1: Assemble your resources

It’s considerably simpler than you may imagine drawing simple stars on your nails. Just the correct equipment is required. You’ll require:

  • Your choice of color(s) of nail polish
  • A paintbrush or nailbrush with a fine point
  • Topcoat in clear

Step 2: Let your nails dry after painting them

Start by painting your nails with your preferred color(s). When deciding what colour to paint your nails, take into account the colours you will be utilising for the stars. For instance, if you decide to go with navy blue nails, pick a lighter shade of blue, white, or yellow that will stand out against the navy blue. To achieve good coverage, apply a couple of coats of paint. Before beginning to paint the stars, let the nail polish completely dry.

Step 3: An “A” should be drawn

Incorporate the nail polish into your brush. Next, start shaping one of your nails into a “A.” Your first star will have this as its basis.  Make sure to leave space on the “A’s” sides so that you can draw the star’s arms. If the shape is not perfect, don’t worry. You can always go back and make adjustments afterwards.

Step 4: Insert a line in the middle

Paint a line horizontally through the centre of the “A” form to make the star’s arms. The “A” shape should have two arms protruding from each side.

Step 5: Star in a crisscross pattern, heading towards the lower legs

Paint a line from the tips of one arm to the tips of the other leg to finish the star by filling in the remaining spaces. Then proceed to the opposite side. The intersection of these two lines will complete the star’s legs and arms. Your first star will be completed by this. On the same nail and other nails, create as many more as you want.

Fill in any gaps when the nail paint has dried. Let the first star completely dry after you’ve finished it before modifying it further. The star can then, if necessary, be corrected or any gaps filled in. Add a coat of topcoat to your nails to extend the lifespan of your stars. Additionally, it will offer your nails a beautiful finish and chip resistance. Before doing anything that can smudge your nail polish, let the topcoat completely dry.

How to create Star Nail Art

Method 2: Making Decorative Holes with a Punch

Step 1: Assemble your resources

If you don’t like freehand nail art, you can create your own stars to paint on your nails. To accomplish this, you’ll need:

  • Your choice of color(s) of nail polish
  • Wax paper
  • decorative hole punch for stars
  • Topcoat in clear

Step 2: Put nail polish on

Start by applying nail polish to every one of them in the color(s) of your choice. To guarantee an even finish, apply two layers, and let the nail paint dry fully.

Step 3: On the wax paper, paint a section

To make sure that the star shapes will stand up when you pull them away from the paper, apply a thick layer of nail paint. Apply three coats, letting each coat dry completely between each.

Step 4: After the paint has dried, punch out the stars

Use the ornamental hole punch to create some stars after the paint has dry. Punch out however many you would like to use on your nails. You must first remove the stars from the waxed paper before sticking them on your nails. To prevent ripping the nail polish shape, proceed with caution. It’s possible that you need to use extra nail polish if the stars appear to be fragile.

Step 5: Place stars after adding a clear topcoat

Paint a layer of clear topcoat over your nails before adding the stars. Then, carefully press the star into place on your nail. After you have finished decorating your nails with all of the stars, add a second coat of clear topcoat and allow it to dry fully.

Method 3: A Better Way to Make Stars

Step 1: Embrace sparkle

Your stars can be improved by adding a little glitter to them. Apply glitter nail polish to your entire nail or try painting some over a final star shape.

Step 2: Create stars of various sizes

Another technique to spice up your star nail art is to draw a few stars of various sizes on each nail. Draw one giant star and two lesser stars, or the opposite.

Step 3: Incorporate a shooting star

A few swoops of nail polish behind a star can turn it into a shooting star. To achieve a shooting star appearance, experiment with using a few different colors or a glittering nail paint.

Step 4: On the corner or edge of your nails, paint a star

On your nails, your stars don’t have to be entirely visible. You can simply draw as much of a star as you can after beginning it close to the edge or corner of your nail. This method works best for drawing larger-sized stars. On one side of your nail, try painting two larger-sized stars. You may even split a star shape in half and position it close to the edge or tip of your nail.


  • When you’re through, don’t forget to moisturise the skin around your nails with cuticle oil to make your cuticles appear nourished and healthy.
  • To prevent harming your furniture and other surfaces, always paint your nails over a paper towel or old newspaper.

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