Create a Personal YouTube Channel

You can follow the below instructions to create a personal YouTube channel using your Google account.

  1. Sign in to YouTube on your mobile or computer
  2. Click on your profile picture > Then click on Create Channel
  3. YouTube will ask you to create a YouTube channel
  4. And you are done

A new Google account with its own preferences and YouTube history will also be created when you create a new channel name, as you can see from the options at this stage. This account is integrated into your primary Google account and is completely controllable through Google settings. It’s really helpful since you can participate in YouTube as your brand and use this new account to like and comment on other people’s videos on the site.

You’ll have the opportunity to further tailor your channel after this step. Options are available for:

  1. Adding a profile photo
  2. Adding a channel description
  3. Adding links to your websites, such as personalised links to a website or blog or social media links to Twitter or Instagram
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