How to Join Clan in PUBG Mobile?

Venturing into the dynamic world of PUBG Mobile becomes even more thrilling when you join a clan. If you’re eager to connect with like-minded players, compete together, and strategize for victories, learning how to join a clan is the key. In this guide, we’ll unravel the steps, making the process easy for both beginners and seasoned players. Dive into the camaraderie, share tactics, and embark on a gaming journey that transcends solo play. Ready to amplify your PUBG Mobile experience? Let’s uncover the secrets of joining a clan – because victories are sweeter when shared. How to join a clan in PUBG Mobile? Let’s find out!

Steps to follow to Join Clan In PUBG Mobile:

A Clan allows players to work as a team for more exciting game experiences and rewards. Follow these simple steps to join clan in PUBG mobile.

  • Click on the Arrow Icon at the Right-Down Corner of your Screen and then go to Clan.
  • Here you will see the Recommended Clans which you can join as shown below:
    How to Join Clan in PUBG Mobile
  • Now Select the Clan which you like and Click on the Request Button to Join the Clan.
  • If you don’t like any of them, Click on the Refresh Button to get More Recommended Clans.
  • You can also join a Specific Clan by Searching it in the Search Bar. ( include Symbols).

Let me introduce you to more information about the in-game CLAN:

Member addition

1. Upon accepting the invitation, the friends of the Clan leader and co-leader will automatically become members of the Clan.
2. After receiving the leaders’ approval, Clan members can also request their friends to join the Clan.

Clan Energy

Clan members can acquire Energy via the appropriate techniques in accordance with the characteristics of their Clan; the acquired Energy will then become the Clan’s Energy. The Objective tab in the Clan menu allows you to view your Energy weekly, and seasonally, as well as the overall Energy of the Clan in real-time. Once you or your Clan reach the goal, members can claim awards. (At each level of every stage, a player can only acquire one award.)

*When you leave the Clan, your Energy will be depleted, but your contributions to the Clan won’t be lost.
*Within the first seven days of the season, the Clan leader has one opportunity to change the Clan’s trait. Once the attribute has been changed, the energy gained from the prior attribute will be drained.

The following steps can help you get more Clan Energy:

1. Playing the classic mode of the game can help you build up your competitive spirit; the better your battle performance, the more competitive spirit you will develop.
2. Finish each day’s Clan training.
3. Clan Energy acquisition has no upper limit.
4. Complement other Clan members to receive additional Energy bonuses.

Clan Tiers

When Clan members finish matches in any mode, the Clan Experience will increase. Once the Experience level reaches a particular quantity, the Clan’s level will likewise rise.

High-level Clans have extra privileges available to them:
1. Their Clan Size will Expand
2. Increase the number of advanced items available in the Clan Shop.

Clan Shop and Clan Points

By completing the Clan Training, supporting your Clan members in negotiations, or using Clan benefits, you can earn Clan Points. In the Clan Shop, you may exchange Clan Points for exclusive attire and avatar frames. More things will be available for you to redeem the higher your Clan level.

Clan Perks

Members have the option to send benefits to the Clan when they obtain specific high-quality items.

How to obtain benefits

Every member of the Clan is eligible to get the benefit, but each member may only use it once.
2. Each benefit has a maximum number of times it can be used until it can no longer be used.
3. Because each Clan can only hold a certain number of perks, we suggest members use them as quickly as possible.


Please take note that any active Clan member may seek to become the acting leader if the Clan leader does not log in for 30 days. The vice leader’s administrative privileges will be transferred if he is inactive for 30 days.

So this is the End of the Article and I Hope you will find it helpful, Thank you for Reading!

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