August 21, 2022

How to make your Eyes look bigger with makeup

How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

Large eyes give a feeling of youth, alertness, and health. Despite the fact that not everyone is born with huge eyes, this is where some creative cosmetic techniques can be used. It is possible to use cosmetics to give the appearance that your eyes are larger and more open. Even though it might seem impossible, there are quick and easy makeup tricks that make your eyes look bigger.

10 vital tips on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

Beginning with skin care

Your eye area may appear smaller overall if you have dark circles that resemble a shadow. Use a brightening concealer under the eyes to balance out the skin tone and help the entire eye area look lighter and more light.

The appropriate skincare products can help you achieve brighter eyes even before you start your makeup process. Find an eye cream or under-eye patches that reduce puffiness, moisturize, and lighten dark circles.

Put some highlighter on your brow bone

The brow bones and eyebrows can be used to help you get the desired look. One method, according to Dickson, is to highlight the brow bone with a highlighter. She likes using simple tools to contour the area behind the brows.

Blend the eyeshadow all the way to the brow

According to makeup artist Lennie Billy, “My go-to trick to make eyes appear wider is taking eyeshadow very close to the brow.” Especially if you have hooded eyes, this provides the appearance that your lid space is larger and opens the eyes more.

Use bright makeup colors, speaking about eyeshadow, the colors you choose can significantly affect how open and bright your eyes appear.

  • Soft colors
  • Light brown colors
  • Light brown colors 

Look for an eyeshadow palette that includes variants of the abovementioned colors for a variety of eye-opening eyeshadow alternatives.

Make your waterline shiny

Dark brown or black eyeliner tightening the eyes is fantastic for adding drama, but it may also make your eyes look smaller. Try replacing dark eyeliner with white or neutral eyeliner, for an eye-opening effect. Billy claims that for wider-looking eyes, she adores drawing a nude eye pencil along the upper and lower waterlines.

Streamlight the eyes liner corners

To restore light to the eyes, Makeup artist Billy advises using a trace of shimmer or a light matte color to the brow bone and inner corners. Whether you’re wearing neutral eye makeup, it’s essential to add a tiny bit of an illuminating shade to make the eyes stand out.

Put on fake eyelashes

A strip of natural artificial lashes will make your eyes pop out without having to go overboard. This works especially well if you have a hooded eye since it visibly lifts your eye off the brow bone.

Curl your eyelashes

Although curling your eyelashes may seem like an extra effort, you won’t regret doing it. It helps spread them out and gives you a more alert appearance. It’s important to know how to use a lash curler and to buy a high-quality one. Your eyes will look wider and more attractive as a result,  Apply lots and lots of mascara after this. Swipe up and out while applying a lengthening formula to the lower and higher lashes. A second swipe in the middle of your top lash line will help direct attention upwards

Avoid using thick eyeliner

If you want to achieve an eye-opening makeup look, using extremely thick eyeliner lines could not end up helping you. Instead, use a sharpened pencil eye pencil or a fine-tipped liquid liner to create ultra-thin eyeliner lines that will let those bright, luminous eyeshadow colors show.

Shape your eyebrows

A small amount of brow shaping can have a significant impact. By forming an arch, you are effectively raising the eye area’s ceiling, making it appear larger and more open. Try laminating brows or use a brow gel to keep your brow hairs raised throughout the day to further open up the area via the brows.

Put a strong spotlight toward the end

Yes, highlighters are the solution to all of your problems. Apply a glossy eyeshadow or highlighter to the brow bone, the inner corners, and the middle of your lids. Your eyes will pop and appear wider and more lifted as a result of this.

Does eyeliner give you bigger eyes?

Depending on how you apply it and the color you pick, eyeliner may either make your eyes look bigger or smaller. Your eyes will appear smaller than they are if you line them in an inky black liner.

What colors enhance the size of your eyes?

Use just colors on your lids. Darker shades will conceal the lids, while brighter ones will brighten and enlarge your eyes. As opposed to yellows, grays, and whites, which can sometimes appear dull or ashy, go with pink and peach tones.

Does white eyeliner broaden the eyes?

White eyeliner is a method employed by makeup artists to brighten the face and give the appearance of larger, more open eyes, especially when applied to the bottom waterline. It can make eyes appear smaller and attracted to the use of a dark color on the bottom lash line, whereas white has the opposite effect.

How can I widen my eyes?

Typically, laser surgery or cataract surgery are used as treatments. Making an iridotomy—a tiny hole in the iris—during laser surgery often results in the angle becoming less sharp and the eye opening up more.


  • You’ll note that I didn’t use eyeliner for this look. I like to skip the liner to make the most of my lid area. Especially if you use artificial lashes and mascara to lengthen your own lashes, it’s not absolutely necessary. Overuse of eyeliner can make eyes look smaller, in my opinion.
  • If in doubt, go with a lighter shade of shadow for an airier appearance.
  • If you have allergies or persistent redness in your eyes, eye drops can be quite helpful. Your skin looks better when the whites of your eyes are bright.

How to Care for your Eyes?

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