How to Tie a Hair Bow?

You could want to try a different look for a wedding or special occasion, or you might want to add more prep to your back-to-school ensemble. Whatever the reason, adding a charming hair bow can freshen up any outfit and provide a personal touch.  The following are two techniques on how to tie a hair bow:

What you’ll need 

  • Ribbon
  • Hair bands
  • Brad pins
  • Tool Topsy Tail or a homemade variant

Technique – 1

Pick out a ribbon 

Look for a ribbon that compliments your clothing or has an eye-catching texture, such as velvet or a raised pattern.

Divide the ribbon

Use around 12 inches of ribbon to create a bow that is the regular size. Use less than 12 inches or a little bit more than 12 inches of ribbon to create a smaller or larger bow, respectively.

Put some of or all of your hair in your hand

To ensure that your hair is held in place, you might wish to tie it back or up using a hair tie bow. You are welcome to additionally make two braids, one on each side of your head, and finish them with ribbons.

With one hand, wrap the ribbon over your hair

If you used a hair tie, wrap the ribbon around it so that it encloses the hair tie.

Take the opposite ends of the ribbon and loop them together to form a knot

To create a tight knot in the middle of your hair or the center of the hair tie, pull the ribbon on both sides.

Draw a bow

Make two loops, then join them to form a bow by tying them together similarly to how you would tie your shoelaces.

In the mirror, take a look, then tweak the bow

Make sure the bow rests straight on your head and that the loops on either side are the same size. To prevent flyaways and make your hair look neat and tidy, use hairspray or gel.

Using syrup or Jelly, secure the bow

Bows can be difficult to hold in place, especially if you’re dealing with a fussy child who detests having anything on their head. Try applying some jelly or syrup underneath the main tie to keep the bow in place. You might also try dabbing some jelly or syrup in the center of the knot before tying the bow.

Technique – 2

Create a bow bun

 This is a cute variation on a top knot or untidy bun. 

  • As a first step, gather your hair into a high ponytail and loop the ends through an elastic band or hair tie.
  • To make the two loops that will make up the bow’s two sides, divide the bun in half.
  • Wrap the ends around the two loops. This will give the impression that there is a bow knot in the middle.
  • Use bobby pins or hairspray to hold the bow bun in place.

Create a tiny hair bow

Let some of your hair fall to give off a more carefree vibe.

  • From each side of your head, take a short section of hair. Choose how big or little you want the bow to be on your head since the greater the sections are, the bigger the bow will be.
  • To make a half ponytail, join the two pieces using an elastic or hair tie. To avoid creating a loop at the tie’s end, avoid pulling the ends through the elastic.
  • Create two smaller loops by dividing the larger loop in half. Set one loop aside with bobby pins for the time being.
  • The unclipped loop should be fanned out using your fingers and pushed flat against your head into a bow form by flattening it on your head and spreading it out with your fingers. 
  • Put in two bobby pins, one from top to bottom and the other from bottom to top.
  • For the second loop, follow the same procedure.
  • You ought to now resemble a bow.
  • To conceal the hair tie, gather the remaining ponytail ends and wrap them around it. Bobby pins inserted under the bow are used to hold the ends in place.

Without bobby pins, create little hair bows

The nicest part of this style is that it doesn’t need to be pinned in order to produce two ponytails with bows. However, you will need to either make one out of the end of a fly swatter or have a gadget called a Topsy Tail on hand.

Follow these steps:

  • On each side of your head, divide your hair into two equal portions. Each part should be tied off with a hair tie so that the ties are just below your jawline and some hair covers your ears.
  • Make two equal parts of hair from one section of hair, with the middle section being thicker. The two side portions of hair will serve as the loops for the bow, so try to make them as even as you can.
  • Cut off a portion of one of the sides.
  • Put the stick end of the Topsy Tail tool—or your homemade equivalent—into the hair tie’s outermost layer. To make the tool’s loop portion face you, twist it.
  • Carefully thread a portion of hair from the side through the tool’s loop. The portion of hair should create a tiny loop. This is the bow’s other side.
  • To remove the Topsy Tail tool from your hair, just pull it through, and then tighten the hair tie around the portion of hair to keep it in a tidy loop.
  • To make the opposite side of the bow, repeat the same procedure on the other side’s hair segment. Place the Topsy Tail tool this time with the loop side facing away from your face.
  • Place the tool in the middle of the hair tie, then take a strand of hair from the front and loop it around the tool’s loop end to cover the hair tie. Remove the tool by lowering it. You ought to wear a classy center bow tie.
  • Follow the same steps to create two ponytails with two bows on the opposite side of your hair. To make both bows’ loops full, fan them out. To keep the bows in place, use hairspray.


  • Avoid tying the bow too loosely since it can come undone.
  • Because getting your hair trapped in the bow could hurt, try to keep it all together.

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