August 10, 2022

How to see who shared your Instagram Post

How do you see who shared your Instagram Post?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that enables users to share Instagram posts from their galleries in the modern, digital world. With millions of users, it is without a doubt the most popular social media site worldwide. It can post images and videos to the world’s tales and news streams. Posts last until you delete them, while stories are available for 24 hours. When someone who read your post showed interest in it. He wants to share it with his friends. Sharing someone else’s content can increase readership and attention for the piece. As a result, the real post gets a lot of interaction and reach. With each share, your post will reach new viewers and get followers. In this guide, we delve into the methods to uncover the identity of those who have shared your Instagram post. 

Dynamics of post sharing on Instagram

Instagram has an automated feature that enhances your post for free when it is shared and liked. On Instagram, there are primarily two types of sharing posts: 

  • Sharing stories
  • DMs with a share

If you’re simply posting for a small group of close friends, almost everyone uses the Instagram app to increase their visibility, be found by more people, and grow their social network. When you want to be noticed, it’s important to view Instagram. Users sharing your posts is one of the best ways to increase the popularity of both your account and your posts.

This tutorial will show how to see who shared your Instagram post, post insights, and post insights along with some more advice.

You must have a creator or business account so you can track who shared your Instagram. It should be noted that using this method, only you can see the total number of times your Instagram posts have been shared. There is no way to determine which specific user account or to whom the user posted your post due to Instagram’s privacy policies. However, you can anticipate how much interest there will be in your work.

You must go to Instagram Profile Settings > Account > Scroll down > Switch to a professional account

To view the Instagram followers of your post

  • Launch the Instagram app
  • Visit your profile page to view all of your published content, then click the post to discover who shared it.
  • When you click View Insights, a new interface with all of your posts’ insights will appear on the bottom left of your submitted image.

The total number of shares for your post is indicated in order to alter your account type to a business or creative account.

Who posted about you on their Instagram stories?

  • Go to your profile 
  • View a recent post (older posts are less likely to be shared on stories), 
  • Then click the three dots in the top right corner of the post. 
  • The “View story re-shares” option will display if at least one person has shared your Instagram post on his story during the last 24 hours; otherwise, this option won’t be displayed.
  • You may get an interface of shared posts on the story in grid view by selecting this option.
  • You can visit his profile and see his username by opening any story.
  • Check who shared it by opening it.
  • The total number of shares for your post is indicated by the icon like an “Airplane”.

Remember that if someone shares your story and the shared content is still accessible in his stories section, you can notice their post-re-share on the story.

Few advice for growing on Instagram 

You need people who are interested in your content to view your post shares. Here are some pointers for writing more effective Instagram posts. 

  • Use the search engine

Users can get Instagram material through the top search engine. Make intelligent use of it to promote and boost the finding of your content. This is where you’ll find the top, people, tags, location, and audio sections. The top page is sorted using captions. Include essential keywords in your captions so that people can find the information. You can add well-known music to your website’s audio section so that it will play whenever a user searches for a specific song.

  • Include location and hashtags in your postings

Important hashtags are necessary in order for a post to show up in a user’s search. Use hashtags that are pertinent to your topic only. Add location tags to your post as well so that anyone looking for a specific location can see them.

  • Make your username, name, bio, and profile picture attractive

Think carefully about the characteristics and preferences of your audience. Pick your names and profiles wisely to keep people from returning to them and wanting to see more of your work. Adapt your profile picture to the material you contribute. Everyone is attracted by a smile and the prospect of having fun.

How to use an iPhone to check who shared your Instagram post

  • Click the post you are interested in on your Instagram profile. Click “View Insights” 
  • You can see how many people shared the article by looking at the number next to the arrow icon.
  • Click the three dots in the post’s upper right corner.
  • Select “View Story Reshares” from the menu.
  • Doing so will display the number of people who have shared your post to Instagram Stories on the “Current Public Reshares” tab.
  • To find out who shared a post, click on a reshared story in the grid. You will then be sent to the user’s Story.
  • Currently, you can see their username. To find out who reposted your post, click the account.

How do I know if my Instagram post was shared in 2022?

If you move to a commercial account, you might have trouble publishing. To try to solve the issue in that case, you can view who saved your post. The amount of people who have saved your post is also visible. If your post gets a lot of likes, you can probably predict who shared it. You can, however, also see the sharer list for 2022.

Does Instagram let you know when a user share one of your posts?

If someone shares one of your posts on Instagram, you will receive a notification. You can find out who has shared a post by clicking “Share Posts” under the “Insights” tab on your profile. This will show a list of everyone who has shared one of your posts, along with how many times they have shared.

Why am I unable to view who shared my post?

For a variety of reasons, you might not be able to see who shared your post. The person who posted it might have hidden their identity in their privacy settings, according to one theory. Another possibility is that the person who shared the message utilized a third-party app or service and isn’t someone you follow or have added to your list of friends.

How can you remove someone from your photo’s sharing list?

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and look for the picture you wish to remove. The delete button will display when you touch the share button. Open the gallery app on your Android phone and look for the picture you wish to remove. After selecting the menu (three vertical dots), select Delete.


One of Instagram’s useful features is the ability to reshare. By carrying out the above-mentioned process. In his stories and DMs, you can see who is sharing your Instagram post. If someone has shared your post to someone else’s account, you cannot see that. Check to see if your Instagram app has the most recent update if you were unable to find these features.

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