How can I suggest Daily Deviations?

Each day, a group of Community Volunteers or staff members selects an assortment of pieces to showcase to the community at large—these are the Daily Deviations!

A Daily Deviation is intended to provide an opportunity for an artist to be seen by a large portion of the community. Because not everyone has the same tastes, you might not like every piece chosen as a Daily Deviation.

If you disagree with a particular Daily Deviation feature, DO NOT leave your criticism in the piece’s comments. It is disrespectful to the featured artist, the person who selected it, and the person who suggested it.

If you must express your displeasure with a particular feature, please contact Moonbeam13. It is highly unlikely that the image will be removed unless it violates DeviantArt’s policies.

Daily Deviations are selected from a pool of suggestions, including those submitted by deviants like you. If you believe that a particular type of artwork is being overlooked or under-represented, please let Moonbeam13 know.

Suggestions for Daily Deviations

  • There is a “6-month rule,” which states that an artist cannot receive another DD if they have previously received one.
  • Daily Deviation selectors can only make one selection per day. This was implemented to emphasise quality over quantity.
  • If no one is assigned to an area where you want to suggest a DD, please include a note to Moonbeam13 with your DD suggestion.
  • Please only recommend ONE person. Sending the same suggestion to multiple people causes a lot of confusion.
  • Anyone can propose a Daily Deviation, and self-promotion is not only permitted but encouraged!

To whom should you send your DD suggestions?

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